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You are greeted by the sounds of crashing waves and wild neighing as you approach the ocean shore. The salty smell of the sea invades your nostrils as you break the crest of the hill and a cool ocean breeze ripples your clothing. As you take in the view, several things capture your attention.

First of all, there is music in the air. A sweet melody that the makes one who hears it believe at first that they are imagining it, when in reality, the mellow sound is originating from a giant clam shell, which is sitting in the sea. You notice a windy path, made of sand, that cuts through the sea straight to it. You want to walk into it, to listen to the sweet music, but you restrain yourself, and look closer at the odd shell.

From your view on the hill, you can see that the sand path turns into an oyster shell staircase that descends into the bottom of the giant shell. A rippling of water joins the heavenly chorus as a fish head, perched at the top of the shell, releases a steady stream of brilliant blue sea water into a pool below. The water gives you a tranquil feeling; like there is not a care in the world.

Behind the shell is an even odder sight. A life-sized sand castle is baking in the sun, complete with a draw bridge that is lowered to an entrance in the shell, several brightly colored blue flags bearing a golden trident, and four towers that are eye level with you. You start to walk forward towards this magical sight, but you stop when you hear whinnies to your right and left.

Looking around, you discover that where the sand of the sea ends, a field begins, and stretches up the hill and as far as the eye can see. In these fields are dozens of groups of wild horses, tossing their manes about and grazing on the green grass. They don't seemed bothered by you, and even seem willing be ridden upon. As you walk forward to stroke the blinding white mane of closest one, you stop to read a wooden sign you have just noticed jutting out of the ground.

“Welcome, landlubbers! Welcome to The Room by the Sea!”

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Post 1~ Fish Folk

Post 2~ Rules

Post 3~ Plot Updates

Post 4~ Messages From A Bottle

Post 5~ Reminders

Post 6~ Contests

Post 7~ White List ~ Black List

Post 8~ Credits
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Here are the members of The Room by the Sea and Poseidon's high class fish posse!

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Played by: Lectern

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Played by: Mousse Chocolat

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Played by: paulaterra

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Played by: Fallen Melancholy Rising

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Played by: captains bootie

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Played by: RosesLikeFallingRain

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Played by: Angelic iGirl
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Rule 1~ Follow Gaia Terms of Service.

Rule 2~ Please follow directions from the staff of the ball.

Rule 3~ No text speak, profanity, cybering, inappropriate language, or spamming.

Rule 4~ If you need to contact us, please do so through our mule account, The Nereid Amatheia, and not on our main accounts.

Rule 5~ Don't stretch the page. It's just annoying.

Rule 6~ Please turn off signatures to help things load faster.

Rule 7~ Have fun!
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Lost in a wave of confusion? Maybe you missed something! Check here every now and then for what happened recently.

Day 1
The party opened without a hitch, and guests arrived from near and far to experience the Room of the Sea. However, after a couple of hours, the hype started to die down a little. As some of the guests began to leave, one had the idea to start a beach volleyball game. The hosts got interested, and turned it into the most epic volleyball game ever seen, inviting the other Gods to join in. Zeus and Hestia arrived from Mount Olympus to help out with the game. Unleashing their awesome super powers and volleyball skills, the Gods were undoubtedly victorious.

However, Poseidon admired his trident more than his teammates, and even more than his wife, Amphirite, which put her in a bad mood. She switched sides, and after battling it out volleyball style, Poseidon accidentally hit his wife in the face, causing her to cry, and flee the scene.

Confiding in Delphin, Amphirite told her that she was coming up with a plan to seek revenge on Poseidon for loving his trident more than even his own wife. What will happen? Only time will tell, at this year's Room by the Sea.

Day 2
Day two in the Room by the Sea was calm until the end, where a crisis began. Amphirite, angered at her husband for his love of his trident, accidentally gave it to Eris! Using it's powers, he turned the husband and wife of the sea in mortals, and hid the trident away! As an added ingredient to the mixture of trouble that is being brewed up, Amphirite is flirting with other guests, to give Poseidon a taste of his own medicine! Will this conflict be resolved? Stay tuned tomorrow for the stunning conclusion!

Day 3
No major plot events have occured yet.
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Our delivery dolphin, Delphin, has some fun messages for us! Check back here to see what treasures she has found. She also posted her message bag in the ball. Follow this link to Delphin's Message Bag.

Poseidon wrote~
Welcome everyone to my wonderful room set up for you enjoyment! Whether it is taking a long walk on the beach to hunting for sea shells, please enjoy yourself. Fear not! Our room will clearly win the competition. We have my mighty trident after all! Please, enjoy yourselves and have fun!

theulis wrote~
The seas and oceans are full of your glory, O, Poseidaon, king of the waterworld ! Powerful brother of Zeus, victor over the Titans, you who on the water rules, and shakes the continents at your will...... receive this fan letter of mine !"

Amphitrite wrote~
To Poseidon of Sea, who has a wife that would even put up washing his laundry... STOP IGNORING HER!

Anonymous wrote~
User Image Good try, inferiors, you thought you had me found
But your attempt was fruitless, you'll never get me bound
Now I'm off to explore gaia, a pitiful seeming mound.
While I doubt that the apple falls far from the tree
I'll go hide in a charity and see if I can steal a fee
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The Gaia Annual Ball is a user run event meaning it isn't an official event from Gaia We are merely supported by the admins (ie. the forums). The point is to have fun and relax for a bit!

The ball runs from the 23rd to the 25th of July.

The ball starts on July 23rd at 12 pm EST and the ball Ends on July 25th at 2pm EST.

Monday the 26th serves as a wrap-up day.

The cast members of The Room by the Sea do need to sleep at some point, meaning we might not be on. Feel free to chat with the other guests, however!
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Note: All entries should be sent in a P.M. to our mule account, The Nereid Amatheia, entitled the name of the contest you are entering for.
Sand Castle Contest~
Bust out those plastic tower molds and water buckets, that's right. It's time to build some sand castles! Contest rules are simple; create your very own sand castle art using an art style. Bonus points for creativity or including characters from The Room by the Sea! The single winner will receive a Mizuchi's Jewels.

POEtry Contest~
Down by the sea, me and my Annabel Lee.
In honor of Poe's poem, Annabel Lee, we bring to you a contest of wit and mastery of the English language. All we require of the entry is to make the poem as sad, deep, and depressing as possible. We are talking about a poem that makes you think, a poem that gives you shivers down your spine. The first place winner receives a Yemaya's Pearls and the second prize winner gets a Tuna the Merfry..

Grab the Seashell~
We, the characters of The Room by the Sea, have hidden seashells containing 10,000 gold each on every 25th page. To win it, be the first to post on the page.

Splash the Sea Creature~
Oh no! Our aquatic little friend was drained of his color! We need your help coloring him! Using our provided creature below, return their color in any way. The winner receives an Aquatica and the runner-up gets a Bubble Power Transform.

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None yet

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None yet. Let's keep it that way...
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Special thanks goes to Stupid Psycho for our hippocamp line art for the contest!

The layout was done by User Image art shop, run by - Zilithion - who was great to work with.

The avatar art was made by the amazing nerdier PIANO of the Fireworks art shop.

An extra thank you to captains bootie for making our post styles.

Also, thank you to all those who donated gold and items to help out with the room!

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