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"Yes, you're right. She's not alone anymore." Chez sighed his eyes moving across the room, flicking from guest to guest until he noticed one he fully didn't recognize. Turning to Ivory, he spoke quickly. "Shall we take a stroll?" He entwined his arm with hers before she could reply. Chez walked in the room, and approached the stranger. Bowing before her like a gentlemen would he said. "Have we met?"


Cake entered the ball room with her small puffy dress, eyes of the nobles landed on her she strolled past them. Of course none of them would recognize her even though she had literally made them. Smirking to herself, Cake walked to the refreshment table, where she picked up a cocktail.

back for a bit.
Ivory blinked in surprise as Chez suddenly whisked her off to the other side of the room. She looked at their new guest curiously. What brought her to their little ball?


Lucrecia snickered as she sat back down next Tyki. "Oh yeah. This will definitly spare some time."


"Cakey~" Kaname smiled brightly as she went over to her friend's side, poking her lightly. "How're you?" She eyed the cocktail in her hands. "Sneaking a few already, eh?"
Tyki laughed again and turned to watch the crowd for a moment, feeling generally happy at the turn of events.

Kyle sighed as Chez and Ivory walked off. Grateful as he was for not having to act like he wanted to be here, he was getting bored on his own. He leaned against the railing and stared off into space until he noticed something strange by his side.
"Not a big fan of balls either, huh?" asked a strangely wheezy voice, and Kyle jumped. Juno was standing right next to him, smoking a pipe and wearing an old-fashioned suit. She opened a flask and drank heavily out of it for a moment before gasping and closing the flask once more. "Hang on a minute. Need more booze," she said as she walked off towards the refreshments table, leaving Kyle noticeably stunned.
Cake smiled at Kaname. "I wouldn't say sneak. I've always wanted to try one. Curiosity always got the best of me." The girl chuckled and sipped on her drink. "So...anyone catching your eye?"


Chez smiled at both women, and looked around room once again. This time he gasped in surprise when his eyes landed on two girls. "Well, well. Unexpected guests." He mumbled to himself. How should he approach Cake and Kaname?

[[ god. I'm being dragged to a party. D: I'll be back tomorrow. so sorry.]]
Ivory blinked and followed his gaze before smiling in amusement and shaking her head slowly. "You're just having a field day with this, aren't you, my lord?" Being surrounded by quite a lot of women certainly had him running all over the place, dragging her in tow.


Kaname smiled and rolled her eyes, grabbing a virgin strawberry dackary and taking a few sips. "Hm..." She glanced around and blinked in surprise, quickly glancing away when her gaze met Chez's for a split second. "Hm, where there is Chez, who is staring at us right now," she mumbled. She couldn't help it! He was so fricken cute! "Darn you for making him look like Mukuro," she muttered, glaring playfully at Cakey.
Chez laughed at Ivory's comment. "Of course. These ladies can't help but be pretty. And I have to be there to-" he stopped talking, and just shook his head. His eyes met with Ivory's. "You know what i mean right?" He winked at her. "Shall we go greet them? Or Should I go alone?" he nodded his head towards Kaname and Cake.


Cake smirked. "He is a playboy, he needed somebody hot image. And Mukuro was the only that came to mind that moment." Knowing Chez he would probably make his way towards them any time...but it was then that she, Cake noticed the maid, Ivory, at his side. "I really don't like that woman."
"Why don't my boys got themselves a date? Ah'm tiyerd of of bein' that persuhn wih no... no... things..." Juno trailed off as she lost her train of thought, then smiled brightly as she saw Cake and Kaname. "Oh, hay girls, how you been?" she slurred, waving her flask around like a maniac.

Tyki noticed Juno after a moment and let out a sigh. "Why does it seem like she manages to get more and more annoying every time she gets invited to one of these parties?" he asked with a frown, partially speaking to Lucrecia but mostly to himself.
Upon hearing a drunken voice, Cake turned around. "Oh Juno. Drunk already? Party's just getting started." Cake laughed out loudly and put her half glass of cocktail down.
"Ah'm perfectctltyly sopber, lady!" Juno proclaimed as she refilled her flask with some questionable mix of liquors. "I want to parthyay all hingithght, so let's get athis mix-up statrted!"
((Juno's dialogue comes from me not editing my typing. I's too tired to post for more than like 20 minutes tonight...))
Cake sighed as she watched Juno. "You need to sit down and stop drinking woman." Pulling up a chair, the girl pushed Juno on the seat, and took away her liquor.
"Noooo don't take that from meeeee," Juno whined, then jumped up and stole the flask back. "Ha ha ha, you lose," she gloated before running off, giggling maniacally.
"Wait Juno-" Cake started, then stopped knowing it was impossible to catch up with her now. Someone needed to look out for her though...
Juno continued laughing until she ran straight into Chez and fell over. And then she started laughing again, because to her it looked like Chez was a bunny.
((Gonna head out now... g'nite...))
Ivory smiled in amusement. "I might as well. My arm still seems to be your captive," she said idly, glancing down at his arm still looped around hers.


Kaname glanced over at Ivory and sighed, smiling and shaking her head slowly. "I love her and hate her at the same time. I dunno, she may end up being an antagonist one of these days!"
She blinked when Juno staggered over, rugged and drunk like an old single man. "...Jeez, Juno, you need to lay off the alcohol." She watched as Juno reclaimed her booze and skittered off, giggling maniacally. "...Sometimes I wonder about her..."


Lucrecia followed Tyki's gaze and blinked slowly at Juno as she ran across the ballroom. "...Kinda reminds me of that lady, Bizen..."

"Is it now?" He raised an eyebrow at the maid. "Want me to let go?"

"Ugh-" Chez fell back as Juno fell right into him. "What the hell-" He was about to shout but stopped himself as he saw Juno. "You okay?"

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