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King Vincent is throwing another ball and this time he has invited everyone. People from around the world are going to be joining the castle's inhabitants for yet another dance that they would remember forever.

Outsiders are welcome, though I mainly made this thread for my RP members. (:

Have fun and enjoy~

Chez made his way inside the ball room, as soon as he did he was surrounded by woman who wanted to be his partner. Pushing then aside, Chez quickly walked towards the balcony hoping to find some peace there until his partner arrived.
Tyki dragged Kyle down the steps and straightened the younger boy's outfit just before shoving him into the ballroom, then walked in himself and watched the younger boy carefully to make sure he didn't get himself into trouble. As expected, Kyle made his way to the least crowded place possible, which happened to be the balcony. Upon seeing Chez heading there as well, Tyki decided Kyle would be safe enough and went to go find someone else to talk to.

Meanwhile, Jake entered with Niko and... some other people.
((By which I mean my other OCs. I'm too lazy to list them all...))
Chez looked up at the sound of footsteps. "Oh Kyle. Long time no talk." He smiled at the younger boy.
"Good evening, Lord Chez." Ivory smiled politely at him as she stepped onto the balcony, dressed in a gown she was able to afford, at least. The deep indigo complimented her creamy skin. She blinked when she saw another there, a young boy. "Oh, forgive me. Am I interrupting something?"


Lucrecia glanced around slowly as she sat in one of the chairs off to the side of the huge ballroom. Vincent had made it pretty clear that she was to attend as well, the last time she saw him, and to dress the part as well. She was wearing a gown the same color of her eyes that hugged her petite curves. Still, even if she was dressed beautifully, she felt a little... out of place.
"Good Evening..." Chez paused and looked over at Ivory. "Ivory." The girl looked rather nice dressed in different clothes. You could say that he was tired of seeing Ivory in the maid outfit she wore all the time.

"Is that Lucrecia?" Chez squinted. He recognized her after staring at her for a while. "I seem to be right. What is she doing here all alone?" He frowned.
Kyle looked up at Chez and said, "Yeah, I guess. Which is kind of surprising since technically I belong to you."
He stepped back upon hearing Ivory and bowed courteously in her direction, then stepped back. "I hardly think there was anything to interrupt," he said, remembering to adopt a more formal manner of speaking to better fit the circumstances. Even if Ivory was just a servant, Kyle wasn't about to be caught slacking on his manners.

Tyki walked up to Lucrecia, then politely said, "Hello," as he got himself a glass of champagne. "You look a little nervous. Don't worry, I've been to dozens of these things and I still feel awkward every time I have to attend one."
Bree slips into the room mostly unnoticed. Immediately she gets the feeling that she has entered a private party. She leans against the wall trying to decide if she wants to stay and stare awkwardly at other people having fun or if she should give up and leave...
[[ Be back tomorrow (: Probably this time]]
Ivory glanced over her shoulder at Lucrecia. "I'm not sure. Perhaps she's waiting for the king, or just shy?" A moment later Tyki approached her. "There. She's not alone anymore." When Kyle bowed to her she curtsied in return politely.


Lucrecia blinked and looked up at Tyki, smiling sheepishly. "Yeah, but this has to be my first where I'm almost positive I can't sneak out." Vincent would be furious, and she'd never hear the end of it...
"That's where you need to learn how to entertain yourself at these things," Tyki said while looking curiously over at a girl who didn't seem to have been invited. "It's a bit harder to cause trouble in a place this crowded without either causing a panic or getting caught, but there are a few tricks I've learned over the years... you know, if you're interested."

Kyle let out a slight sigh of relief as he saw that Ivory's attention had turned to Chez. At least he could get out of this without embarrassing himself too badly...
Lucrecia looked up at him curiously. A few tricks, huh? Hm... Well, it wasn't like this thing with Vincent was public or anything. A few tricks from her wasn't anything out of the norm, was it?
A grin lit up on her face, a mischevious spark in her eyes. "Do tell."
Tyki smirked, then sat down next to Lucrecia and said, "Look straight ahead of you, there's a big group of nobles making polite small talk. If you say the right thing at the right time, you can start a ridiculous argument that'll end in a full-on cat fight between the two women. All it takes is a flattering comment to one person that implies you heard someone else in the group insulting them, which honestly is pretty common with that lot."
Lucrecia looked over at the group and cackled a bit. "Sneaky. I like it..." She stood up and went over to the group casually, listening closely for the right moment before politely interrupting. "Excuse me, Cassie?" She smiled up at her brightly. "Hi, nice to see you! Oh gosh... I don't know what they're all talking about, your nose doesn't look fake at all!" Quickly she left, just in time for a huge cat fight to break out.
Tyki laughed as he watched the ensuing commotion, and he grinned over at Lucrecia as she got away from the group. "Nice," he said once she was in hearing range. "See, it's easy to mess with people here since they're all so uptight."

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