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As you walk from the height of Mount Olympus, wondering at the beauty of the divine world that lies around you, you realize that you are slowly walking further and further into a forest with sunlight filtering in through the leaves. You feel drawn forward by a force you can't begin to understand. You continue to walk forward.

As you walk, the light grows dimmer, and you are walking in a world of twilight. Mist sits heavily on the ground like mounds of snow, and music resounds in your ears. There is so much beauty here, but it feels so sacred, you worry your presence may be unwelcome, despite the invitations from the Gods.

Suddenly a Centaur rides up. At first you are frightened, for Centaurs are known to be quite violent and easily offended. But as the Centaur approaches slowly you see he looks quite civilized, and holds his bow and arrows up in a peaceful manner when he sees the expression of terror on your face. Despite his kindly expression, you feel frightened and stutter, "W-w-where am I?"

Before he responds, a gorgeous woman with a royal air who also carries a bow and arrows steps out from behind a tree and says, "Another party goer, Chiron? Take them back to the pavilion," she indicates the direction from which the soft music seems to be coming from and moves further into the forest.

Another figure walks out from the greenery. A second lovely woman, this one somewhat shorter and less intimidating approaches you with a sword. Her eyes are milky white but she does not seem to be blind. Feeling more daring, you ask her, "What is this place?"
"Welcome to the Forest of the Divine."
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Ball has ended! Contests for the Forest Room closed! Winners announced! See you next year!

Join 9th Annual Ball Planning Guild here!
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Don't flame or troll. This is an event created to bring everyone on Gaia together, in a positive atmosphere to have fun.

Don't spam or bump. Within this thread I ask that you don't spam or bump. The purpose of this event is to come together and have meaningful conversations, RP and discussions. All "spam" found in this thread will be automatically deleted. As for bumping, this is a sticky, it's already at the top.

Don't cyber. I will only say this once. It is against Gaia TOS and could ultimately result in banning. All incidences will be reported.

Don't stretch the page. Do not post large images, long strings of words and/or emoticons to stretch the page. Why? because it's just annoying. This includes elaborate posting styles.

Do turn large signatures & aquariums off. So conversations can be followed clearly and with less hassle. Also cuts down on lag.

Do have respect. Please respect one another and your hosts.

Don't quote the first page. Do I even need to give a reason for this?

Do remember the ball is primarily Role Play, and try to keep it that way. RL comments should be differentiated in some way so we know they aren't related to the Role Play.

Do refrain from having long quote conversations. 3-4 quotes in a post maximum, please.

Do follow all gaia online rules. Yes, That's right, all gaia rules stated in the Rules & Guidelines and/ or Terms of Service still apply here.

Do have fun. Because that's what it's all about right?
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Friday, midday- Ball begins. Guests begin celebrating around the world of the Divine. All contests are open.

Friday evening- S'mores are eaten, much rejoicing, visit from Hestia and Zeus.

Saturday evening-
Quirinus has been kidnapped!
Can the partygoers find him before the ball is over?
*Scavanger Hunt has begun*

Saturday night- A partygoer has found Quirinus!
The party may resume and we can enjoy the festivities again!

Saturday night- Avi contest winners picked! See contest post.

Sunday- Callisto admits why she's been so down--she betrayed Artemis and got preggers!! Artemis turns her into a bear with a--a--a bear smite? See pages 167 and 168 for details!
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Click images for larger view. Art by blue-owl.
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Prince of the Centaurs. Like the satyrs, centaurs are notorious for being violent drunks, and generally uncivilized. Centaurs are also wild and lusty. Chiron, by contrast, is intelligent, civilized and kind. He was known for his knowledge and skill with medicine. Chiron's uniquely peaceful character and intelligence attributed to teaching by Apollo and Artemis in his younger days.

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Daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. Hellenic goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth, virginity and young girls, bringing and relieving disease in women. The deer and the cypress are sacred to her.

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Nymph of Artemis. Daughter of Lycaon, king of Arcadia. As all of Artemis' nymphs, she took took a vow to remain a virgin. Usually the life of the party, but seems a little bit down.

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A minor God of war. Party guest.

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Luna Verto_______Nana Etoile______Hunter Callisto_____Quirinus the Divine_____Eurydice the Dryad
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Your 2 hosts, 1 Room Moderator, RP Mule, And Funds mule. Whenever one of these staff members posts it will be in Dark Green with the bottom icons on the left and right of the type.

Rodent of Unusual Size-Room Reporter
DieKraft Fe-Amon-Moderator

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Writing contest-Poetry or short stories dedicated to the room staff. Can be humorous or serious, should show hosts in a good light though. Winner of the writing contest will receive a Gift of the Goddess, runner up will receive a Gift of the Gods.PM all entries to Eurydice the Dryad. 1 entries per person. CLOSED

Archery Contest- People will generate a random number between 1 and 60. Current winning number: NONE. Each winner of the Archery contest will receive 10k Once someone has generated a winning number, that number is no longer valid. PM Eurydice the Dryad with a link when you win please.

Page Contests- 1st person every 25 pages will receive a Nara.

Art Contest- Users draw a staff member(s) of their choice in any style. The art contest winner will receive a Spring Nymph. Runner up will receive a Pride of Hera. Judging will be done by each staff member picking their favorite, and then all the staff will pick their 3 faves out of all the art. Everyone who enters will receive 3k. PM all entries to Eurydice the Dryad. 2 entries per person. CLOSED Congratulations to winners LeeRii and Corrupted Symphony!


Avatar Contest Winners
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Just your typical 'white & black list' with some ball names.


Die-Kraft Fe-Amon for volunteering to moderate for us since we're a bit shorthanded.


~None Yet~

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We would like to thank blue-owl for doing the character art, and all staff, donors, and other people who helped to make the ball possible.
Thank you all for everything!

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~About the Ball~

The Annual Gaian Ball is an event made by and for the users of Gaia Online. It's about hanging out and having fun, RPing a bit and getting to know the other users in this huge community we call Gaia.

This isn't an official event from Gaia as it is user-run. We are merely supported by the admins (ie. the forums).

This years hosts are xTrueBlissx & Psycho Sabs.

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PM me a banner w/ link to be added to this list.
Maxia's Multiple Quest Thread
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~Writing Contest Winners~

ArionCrystal (1st place)

I can feel the soft soil beneath my feet as I walk, I look into the sky, what little I can see, tree's blocking out the light of the sun, little rays like the threads of a silkworm stream through and hit the ground and ferns like glittering fairy dust.
I look all around me and all I can see is rustic trees both young and old... the great oaks protect the young from the storms and wind so strong.
There are birds chirping in these tree's making beautiful nests for their little young ones, I can see one occasionally fly down and grab a twig and head for their nests to patch it up a bit.
In the distance I can hear a strong waterfall, its almost like thunder adding to natures beautiful song.
Soft clean smells from the sap of the evergreens mix in with the smells of wood and soil. Little furry animal scurry about the ground in search for berries, and others that might be around.
Everything comes together so beautifully and perfect, like a well written song we will never forget.

Kapow123 (2nd place)
In the forest dwells the gods of the realm --
Mighty and strong,
Designed to overwhelm,
For mortals to sing in song.

The great archer,
And trainer of the heroes of old.
The goddess hunter,
And leader of her followers bold.

The follower,
A part of the forest itself.
A war maker,
Object of much delf.

All residents for a joyous feast,
A celebration matched by none.
The great gods of the forest do hunt for beast,
But are more than willing to have some fun.
~Art Contest Entries~

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corrupted symphony
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animekittyninja-aka kiki
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