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                        APHRODITE: Welcome, to the most beautiful room in the whole ball. We hope you enjoy your stay- but let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t enjoy their stay in a beautiful rose garden surrounded by lovely women and fabulous men? Please enjoy yourself, and revel in our beauty and love~

                        PRINCESS AURAI: We're very pleased to have you here! Please find a dance partner, take a leisurely stroll through the garden, or just relax among the roses.


                        As you enter the beautiful rose garden, you’d notice mirrors hanging from the trees and perched on all of the garden tables. A mixture of pink, red, and white roses coats the landscape, draped in every nook and cranny possible. Nymphs wander the room, tending to the needs of guests.

                        An aura of tangible romance is in the air, so enjoy yourself! Find romance, or take your significant other on a romantic date they’ll never forget. Or just party, and laugh at the shenanigans of the Gods and their companions.

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                        POST ONE: Romance Among Roses Introduction

                        POST TWO: Rules

                        POST THREE: The Beautiful People

                        POST FOUR: Plotline

                        POST FIVE: Compete With Passion

                        POST SIX: Rose King and Queen - Contest

                        POST SEVEN: Beautiful Art - Contest

                        POST EIGHT: Romantic Poetry - Contest

                        POST NINE: Events

                        POST TEN: Lovely Affiliates

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                        RULE ONE: Follow Gaia TOS.

                        RULE TWO: Be respectful to the other guests.

                        RULE THREE: Listen to the staff of this thread.

                        RULE FOUR: No cybering. No cybering falls under Gaia TOS, but I felt it was worth an extra mention.

                        RULE FIVE: Rules may be modified if you are naughty.

                        RULE SIX: Enjoy yourself!

                        Follow these rules or face...

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                        So who dwells in this odd garden party anyway? Here you can meet everyone from the star-crossed lovers to the mirror obsessed teen, from the arrogant goddess to the playful nymphs. Read their stories, and find out who is behind your favorite characters!

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                        ACCOUNT NAME: Rosey Aphrodite
                        PLAYED BY: Queenie Cee
                        PERSONALITY: Aphrodite is the Aphrodite. She is vain, cocky, and the envy of everyone's eye. She deserves her arrogance- just ask her! She is, afterall, the most beautiful woman to exist in all of Greece. Right now she's got her hands full running the most dazzling party in all of Greece and Gaia, and keeping an eye on Psyche. The girl is gorgeous... and Aphrodite hates it. She's got her eyes on Eros... because he seems to have his eyes on Psyche. All eyes should be on Aphrodite!
                        ODDFACT: Aphrodite's wrath can be pretty vicious. If you encounter it during the ball... compliment her. It will usually get you out of even the worst jams.

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                        ACCOUNT NAME: Princess Aurai
                        PLAYED BY: Princess Angelishia
                        PERSONALITY: Princess Aurai is the sweet side of love, and the Princess of Nymphs. She's a breezy, beautiful nymph. And a bit of a stereotypical 'blonde.' She rules over all the little fae like creatures who make nature as beautiful as it can be. She's happy to entertain, but a bit of an air head. She was extremely flattered when Aphrodite asked her if she and her nymphs would help her throw the party of the millennium.
                        ODDFACT: Princess Aurai is addicted to sweets. Flash some pastries in her face, and she'll be your best friend.

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                        ACCOUNT NAME: Eros of Unrequited Love
                        PLAYED BY: Princess Angelishia
                        PERSONALITY: Eros is just an all around good guy. He's got a thing for Psyche, but tries not to show it, since he knows Aphrodite is jealous of her. He is responsible for getting vengeance on heart breakers, and can't stand to see lovers in pain. He's a bit of a mysterious guy, but that just makes the ladies' hearts throb faster.
                        ODDFACT: Eros has an ungodly fear of bugs. Creepy crawlies make this god cower in fear.

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                        ACCOUNT NAME: Psyche et Amor
                        PLAYED BY: sup3rnovas
                        PERSONALITY: Psyche is shy. I mean, being a human girl amongst a dozen or so gods and goddesses, it's hard for a girl to feel confident, right? She's a kind soul, but right now, she's too heartbroken to go around tending to baby animals and orphans.
                        ODDFACT: It took five hours and one hundred and fifty-two bobby pins to get her hair the way it is.

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                        ACCOUNT NAME: VoirRouge
                        PLAYED BY: VoirRouge
                        PERSONALITY: Anteros is the God of Requited Love. He wants to see everyone happy- especially his brother Eros. He will do whatever he can to help him be together with the love of his life... Psyche.
                        ODDFACT: Once when Anteros was a lad, he accidentally shot himself with an arrow, and fell madly in love with his toy horse for several weeks.

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                        ACCOUNT NAME: Episcopi Narcissus
                        PLAYED BY: Ordon
                        PERSONALITY: Narcissistic. The word was specifically invented for him, after all. Narcissus loves himself, and assumes that everyone else is just as in love with him as he is. Narcissus has been spotted around the garden gazing at himself in mirrors. He rarely talks to guests, and instead has decided to spend these marvelous three evenings pampering and flattering the only person beautiful enough to gain his love- himself.
                        ODDFACT: Narcissus is afraid that one day he will look in the mirror and not see the most beautiful man in Olympus.

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                        ACCOUNT NAME: panda21
                        PLAYED BY: panda21
                        PERSONALITY: Erytheia is known as the red Hesperide. Like her friend, she is quite the beauty and does not partake in the dramas of the gods and goddesses. But as mentioned before, she and her friend Hespera just can't get enough of the gossip that spawns from it!
                        ODDFACT: Erytheia has an island near Spain named after her.

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                        ACCOUNT NAME: Hespera_the_Waterer
                        PLAYED BY: panda21
                        PERSONALITY: Hespera is your average nymph. Beautiful and uninvolved in the squabbles of the gods and goddesses. However, she and her friend Erytheia love to gossip about the happenings of Mt. Olympus.
                        ODDFACT: Hespera's singing voice is so beautiful that it can make the flowers bloom.
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                        Miss a major part of our juicy story? No problem. Plot updates will appear here as the drama unfolds.

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                        BEGINNING: The ball begins.
                        JEALOUSY: Aphrodite seems to be a bit jealous of Psyche! How can Psyche be almost as pretty as Aphrodite... when she's a mortal?!
                        SECRET CRUSH: It looks like Eros might have a crush on Psyche! He was following her around at the Beauty of Nature event!
                        TENSION: Aphrodite doesn't seem to approve of Eros' crush. Good thing people are keeping her plenty distracted with compliments, or Eros and Psyche might be in some real trouble!
                        RETURNED LOVE: Psyche seems to have a crush on Eros as well! She keeps asking where he is!
                        VANITY: Narcissus arrived on the scene fashionably late! When he arrived there he proceeded to check himself out in every mirror hidden around the room, and speak rudely with the guests! Apparently our lovely garden isn't good enough for Narcy! Hmph.

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                        ROYALTY: People begin to judge the 10 lovely finalist Queens and 9 dashing finalist Kings and decide who will be our Rose King and Queen.
                        SACRIFICE: Eros realizes that with Aphrodite around, his love for Psyche is dangerous! What if Aphrodite decides to make her fall in love with another, or cast some evil curse on her? After a romantic dance with the woman he loves, he has resolved never to speak to her again.
                        MIRRORS: Narcissus and Aphrodite's love of themselves finally got them in trouble! Eris, angry about not being invited to the 8th Annual Ball stormed in in an angry rage and sucked both of them into mirrors, trapping them in the mirror world! However, because she loves mischievous pranks and riddles, Eris is giving everyone a chance to get them out. She's leaving a set of three riddles to the ball-goers over the course of the ball. Supposedly the answers combined will get them out!
                        FIRST CLUE: Eris left the first clue on all the mirrors. It reads:
                        As day is to night,
                        And black is to white,
                        As still is to pulse,
                        I am to false.

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                        SECOND CLUE: Eris left the second clue on all the mirrors. It reads:
                        I am blind and fleeting,
                        And set the heart to beating,
                        I am about as fair as war,
                        But favored far more.

                        THIRD CLUE: Eris left the third clue on all the mirrors. It reads:
                        I have the power to quarrels fix,
                        And am often denoted by a simple ‘x,’
                        I have the power to join lovers forever more,
                        Have you figured out the delightful chore?

                        SMART GUESTS: The guests figured out that the answer to the riddles was 'True Love's Kiss!'
                        LOVE ALL AROUND: Guests began to kiss and embrace each other, and some even broke out in love songs! This was all in the name of true love, and trying to free Aphrodite and Narcissus.
                        DIVINE COUPLE: Then Eros and Psyche kissed with the blessing of the other deities and became an official couple~ and shared true love's kiss.
                        SET FREE BY LOVE: As Eros and Psyche kissed, the love freed Aphrodite and Narcissus from Eris' mirror prison!

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                        Passion comes in many forms. Some have the passion to compete, and feel the need to grind the virtual bones of multiple opponents into dust to make their daily bread. While we ask that you do not consume one another, we have a few friendly competitions for you to compete in. -Oh, and cheating will not be tolerated. If you do, we reserve the right to grind your virtual bones into dust for our daily bread. But please try not to cheat. We don't like dust bread very much.

                        All entries are to be PMed to Princess Aurai. Please see below posts for additional information before submitting.
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                        The avatar competition is one of the most famous competitions of the whole Annual Ball. Each thread crowns a king and a queen based on their own criteria, and then the kings and queens compete for ultimate king and queen of the ball! Our theme this year is flower or plant based avatars, since we're holding our little soiree in a magnificent rose garden! If you think you've got what it takes to be royalty, scroll down the 'Rose King and Queen' post and sign up!

                        ROSE QUEEN PRIZE: Cherry Blossom + 75k
                        ROSE KING PRIZE: Scarlet Rose + 75k

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                        Are you an artist looking to immortalize our beauteous forms forever? Well, we appreciate it. We think we look good too. If you can draw any of our characters in a way that either is so beautiful that it brings tears to our eyes, or so hilarious that we laugh for the next couple centuries, we will reward you! If you want to have a go, please scroll down the 'Beautiful Art' post for more details!

                        FIRST PLACE PRIZE: Rainbow Jubilee + 75k
                        SECOND PLACE PRIZE: 50k

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                        Oh. You're one of those 'mooshy-gooshy' types, aren't you? Does writing romantic poetry tickle your creative fancy? Try and woo us with your romantic verses, and we will reward you! Your poem can be about anything related to romance... as long as it follows TOS. We don't want any R-Rated poems burning our beautiful eyes out! If you really are the 'mooshy-gooshy' type, please see our post called 'Romantic Poetry' down below and make some literary magic!

                        FIRST PLACE PRIZE: Starcrossed Lover's Tradgedy + 75k
                        SECOND PLACE PRIZE: 50k

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                        Don't feel like doing all this 'work' stuff involved in the other two contests? We don't blame you. But you can still be a winner! Just stick around and hang out! No kidding. If you happen to post first on a few select pages, we'll celebrate you as a hero forever! All the glory, none of the work!

                        FIRST POST ON PAGE 25: 15k - Kazemon4zoe
                        FIRST POST ON PAGE 100: 20k - xConfuzzled_Cookiex
                        FIRST POST ON PAGE 200: 25k - Bloom09
                        FIRST POST ON PAGE 300: 30k - Yui-roks

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                        Oh lovely! Are you a beautiful person too? You'll fit right in here. Well we all know that you can't compete with us dieties~ but why don't you go ahead and try anyway! The most beautiful guests will receive fame, glory, fabulous prizes, and a chance to compete for the title of overall King and Queen of the ball!

                        PM your submissions to me, Princess Aurai. The hosts will select 10 [EDIT: 8 for King due to lack of Entries]finalists of each gender, and then you the ballgoers will vote for your favorite beautiful people! Remember, even if you aren't a finalist, you're all lovely.

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                        Dress your avatar in beautiful, beautiful garb. The challenge for our room is to make a flower themed or inspired avatar! Garden or plant themed is also acceptable.

                        -Avatar cannot be a tektek and must be your actual avatar.
                        -Must be forum sized. [120 x 150px]
                        -No backgrounds other than item backgrounds, and no enhancing your avatar with a photo editor.
                        -You must take your avatar's image and save it to your computer, and then upload it to an image hosting site like Photobucket. This is because if you just send us the image hosted by Gaia, the image changes if you change your avatar, and we might not see your beautiful creation!
                        -Must be related to the theme.
                        -Must be your own original work.
                        -You can only compete for one room's Queen or King title! So pick your favorite room. But that's us... right... right...? Who doesn't want to be the Rose King or Queen?
                        -Must be PMed to Princess Aurai by 11:59PM EST on Friday, July 23.
                        -During voting, please do not use mules to boost your votes, but you may vote for yourself once. ONCE.
                        EDIT: Rose King only has been extended until we get 10 entrants. Get your entries in quickly gentlemen!

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                        Rose Queen Finalists:

                        User Image - Toki Kumo

                        User Image - Kuroi_Kitsune_19

                        User Image - Hotarla

                        User Image - pure as snow

                        User Image - sexichyna

                        User Image - Sunless Geraniums

                        User Image - Phoebe-Sakura

                        User Image - xConfuzzled_Cookiex

                        User Image - || Anata-chan ||

                        User Image - innocent_anime_princess

                        Rose King Finalists:

                        User Image - Magesty Hakarui

                        User Image - mattyXzomg

                        User Image - General Smexy

                        User Image - Dosico

                        User Image - Con Vallian

                        User Image - IxIprince_alexanderIxI

                        User Image - Maury639

                        User Image - LUNA C

                        User Image-Hideous Grace

                        User Image

                        Rose King Voting CLOSED
                        Rose Queen Voting CLOSED

                        Voting will begin Saturday, July 24 as early in the morning as possible, and polls will stay open until Saturday, July 24 at 11:59PM EST.

                        Then on the final day, our two winners will compete in the competition for overall Ball King and Queen!

                        User Image

                        Rose King
                        User Image

                        Rose Queen
                        User Image
                        II Anata-chan II

                        Rose Queen
                        User Image

                        Runners Up

                        Rose Prince
                        User Image

                        Rose Princess
                        User Image

User Image
User Image
User Image

                        Immortalize our beautiful forms! Draw us your best art and stand proudly beside the great Greek artists.

                        Submit your art by PMing me, Princess Aurai, by the deadline. I will post the entries after the deadline is up, and you will all be able to vote for your favorite artwork in our poll!

                        User Image
                        Draw art pertaining to this room and it's characters! There are some very vain characters in this room who would love to be drawn!

                        -Art must be your original work.
                        -Art must follow TOS.
                        -No nudity.
                        -Art must pertain to the theme.
                        -Art must be submitted by the deadline, Saturday, July 24 at 11:59PM EST.

                        User Image

                        Magesty Hakarui

                        Sparkly Tiara of Death


                        Flippy Jean Jones

                        User Image

                        Beautiful Art Voting Thread

                        Voting will begin Sunday, July 25 as early in the morning as possible, and polls will stay open until Sunday, July 25 at 11:59PM EST.

                        The winners will be rewarded and announced shortly after that time!

                        User Image

                        First Place: Flippy Jean Jones

                        Second Place: Sparkly Tiara of Death

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User Image
User Image

                        You ARE the 'mooshy-gooshy' type! I just knew it! Write us your most romantic piece of poetry and submit it to see if you're a real muse!

                        Submit all entries to me, Princess Aurai, by the deadline and I will put them up for voting!

                        User Image

                        -Poems must follow TOS.
                        -Poems must not contain vulgar themes.
                        -Poems must pertain to the theme of romance.
                        -Poems must be submitted by Saturday, July 24 at 11:59PM EST.

                        User Image

                        sailor sunburst


                        Mika Odori

                        Hopeful Bliss



                        General Smexy



                        Toki Kumo

                        User Image

                        Romantic Poetry Voting Thread

                        Voting will begin Sunday, July 25 as early in the morning as possible, and polls will stay open until Sunday, July 25 at 11:59PM EST. Due to a massive amount of talented poems being entered, voting is on 10 finalists.

                        The winners will be rewarded and announced shortly after that time!

                        User Image

                        First Place: sailor sunburst

                        Second Place: Mika Odori

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User Image
User Image

                        EVENT: The Beauty of Nature
                        DATE AND TIME: Friday, July 23 7:00PM EST
                        LOCATION: Earth Day Forest Stage - Princess Aurai's Room
                        DESCRIPTION: Let's all enjoy the beauty of nature! We'll go to one of Gaia's gorgeous virtual environments and chat! A perfect way to mingle with your fellow ballgoers and hosts!

                        EVENT: The Glamorous Life
                        DATE AND TIME: Saturday, July 24 10:30PM EST
                        LOCATION: Virtual Hollywood Club - Hollywood 5 - Rosey Aphrodite's Room
                        DESCRIPTION: This time we're going to mingle in a little more upscale location! We're going to head to the club in Virtual Hollywood to hang out. Look for your hosts behind the counter! If you don't know how to get to the club in Virtual Hollywood, just keep following the arrows to your left until you see the bouncer guy~ he's hard to miss!

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*thrusts* :V

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