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Zane jumped and froze up a little when one of the girls came up and bluntly introduced herself. "Er, um..." he mumbled, still surprised at how short of a time he spent in here before meeting someone. "I-I'm Zane," he stuttered, taking a few steps back after grabbing a couple more snacks. 'I bet I look like a pig, eating instead of talking...' he thought, smiling to himself. "N-Nice to meet you, R-Rosalie." he popped another cracker into his mouth, giving himself a moment to think of something to say. Looking up, he noticed the other girl he saw earlier walk off in some direction and disappear behind a door. "Uh, okay..." he said, blinking a couple times in surprise as the girl in front of him wandered off to find her friend.
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Rose giggled as she skipped through the half-way open doors that led to the ballroom. She stopped and stared in awe at how big the place was, how many foods and drinks there were, and at how few people had arrived. "You'd think with such a nice place, there'd be a huge crowd waiting to get inside!" she whispered to herself as she walked toward an array of wine glasses. "Should I? It doesn't seem like anyone else will..." she debated with herself, nervously taking a sip of the deep red-violet colored drink. "It's good~" she chimed, turning to see how many people were there. All she saw was a dark haired boy that looked slightly familiar, but she had this feeling like there was someone else there in the room. "Eerie, creepy..."

[ Hey Zane! ><
you don't mind me stalking you, do you? ;D ]
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charolette enters the room expectantly

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