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Every year, the world gathers at an elegant ball. The Hetalian Masquerade, every one is in attendance, and every thing including love is always found threw it's giant halls. What remains a mystery is who you will be dancing with. You may only know who you are dancing with, if toy unmask the, or the party ends, If you unmask them before then there will be terrible consequences for the unmasked, for there are more then feet scurrying around the ball room, things much, much darker then even Russia could think of. So please take your invitation, get your outfit and Enjoy yourselves.ღ

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1. No God modding, it gets very annoying, if your unmasked and die a horrible death, well then get extra characters B3;

2. Only The Mods and I can decide what happens when some one gets unmasked.

3.Rated PG TEEN, just keep it gaia approved, and yes, this is a yaoi, Yuri thing. So if you have a problem with that,get out.

4. Be nice to your fellow rpers. I don't want any arguments.

5. What The Mods and I say go, you are to listen to them if I'm not available.

6. You can be more then one character, be as many as you can handle.

7. Please post a paragraph, try and make the first post as long as possible then go form there.

8. post at least once or twice a week, I understand the dangers of writers block since i to get that. Pm me if you have any concerns about that.

9.Pm me your profiles and i will accept or not accept you.

10. Have fun ღ

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Pm the profiles to me, sorry if it's not fancy Bl;

]]-enter any greeting here- My name is -name-. I am -enter age- years old even if I'm allot older. I am from -country goes here-, My life goes like this -enter any thing about them-. Oh and here's what i look like! -picture goes here-. That's me, so -enter any good bye-.
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Feliciano Vargas- Hola Espana

Honda Kiku- -King Of Pawns-


Alfred F. Jones- Teh Dumbass Spain

Antonio Fernandez- Carriedo- Teh Dumbass Spain

Arthur Kirkland- Arthur Kirkland The Great


Berwald Oxenstierna



Eduard von Bock

Elizabeta Héderváry

Feliks Łukasiewicz

Francis Bonnefoy

Gilbert Beilschmidt

Heracles Karpusi- Hola Espana

Im Yong Soo

Ivan Braginski

Liechtenstein- Liechtenstein020

Lovino Vargas- Tomato Chibi

Matthew Williams

Natalia Arlovskaya

Peter Kirkland

Raivis Galante

Roderich Edelstein

Tino Väinämöinen

Toris Lorinaitis


Vash Zwingli

Wang Yao

Hong Kong

Gupta Muhammad Hassan



Sadiq Adnan





New Zealand

Holy Roman Empire- Male Ukraine

(you can also be any ocs or the 50 states)
User Image Antonio picked up the neatly torn envelope and read the card, making sure he read the address right. The last time the masquerade had come around, he had forgotten the address and ended up 20 miles away from the party and ended up getting there close to the end. But not this time!

The Spaniard walked in front of the mirror, letting his green eyes do a double take over his outfit. He didn't have much nice clothes, so he had to settle for something rather plain. Antonio grinned and pushed his curly dark bangs out of his face before placing a mask over his face.

This is going to be fun! he thought cheerfully to himself as he headed out the door.

By the time he had gotten to the fancy building, he realized he got there quite early. Spain stared up at the doors blankly, pondering for a moment if he should wait around outside or just head in early. Finally, he decided to just wait inside, even if it was a little awkward. It might give him the chance to meet some people before it got incredibly packed.

Putting on his best smile, he stepped into the doors and looked around for someone he could maybe socialize with, even dance with.
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*~Alfred F. Jones~*

Alfred scampered about his house excitedly, throwing around various items on the floor of his room, looking for the tux he had tried on a few days ago. After finally finding it under a Pizza Hut box, he threw it on. It was wrinkled, but hey, it was fancy as hell and he was ALFRED ******** JONES. Not that anyone would know that. At least he thought. He had a habit of making himself known wherever he went, mask or no mask.

America fled to his kitchen, downing a bottle of coke in his fridge and stuffing a mouthful of burger into his mouth. He had to get SOME food in his stomach: The food at the ball was all weird and fancy. EW!

Attempting to flatten his hair antenna (and failing miserably I might add), he grinned and nodded approvingly to himself. Alfred, you look awesome. America told himself and hurried out the door.

With his show-offy super fast sports car, he got there in no time, actually arriving on time. By the time he had scurried into the building, there were already quite a few people there.

Alfred, being Alfred, eyed the snack table. He saw... SODA! In moments he was at the table, drinking the coke from the liter bottle. Did anyone else want any? Pfft, as if he cared. He was ALFRED ******** JONES and Alfred ******** Jones wanted a liter of soda, so he would get it.
User ImageEngland read the invitation over and over, wondering what to make of it. Eventually he decided he should attend. It wasn't like he didn't have proper attire for the occasion at anyrate. He slipped on a nice suit along with some over things to make it look a bit more flashy. Why not go all out on such an occasion? No one would even notice who he was anyways. After getting his outfit all ready he slipped on his mask. 'Alright Arthur Kirkland. Let's do this." he said to himself, stepping out side and heading to the party.

Stepping out of his car, Arthur looked around before entering the designated building. Not too many people were here yet, but enough that a party was already started. He wasn't hungry due to the meal he had eaten prior to the ball deciding it would be embarassing to get hungry in the middle of a ball. Arthur continued to scan the room before finding a nice spot on the wall, walking over and leaning against it, eyes continueing to scan the room, taking in everything and anything, analysing people as his eyes locked on them. Hopefully, this ball would be fun. He didn't intend on staying against the wall the whole time.

Spotting a man pigging out at the snack table he laughed a little, finding him horrible ridiculous. What kind of person goes to a ball and immediately goes to the snack table? That is a place where you go during a ball not at the beginning. What a git. He thought, smirking slightly, finding him sort of amusing.

((i'll make a nice format later. and I hope this isnt too short. small bit of writers block already. its very early here. xD))
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*~Alfred F. Jones~*

Alfred pulled away the empty liter bottle and set it on the table. He could feel a burp rising up in his stomach and he glanced around to see if anyone was close enough to hear if he let it out. Since he didn't want to come off as a total moron, he decided to just hold it in. Alfred covered up his mouth and let the burp go away.

After catching his breath-he wasn't exactly used to holding in burps-he felt eyes on him. He moved his bright blue gaze upward and looked at someone standing against the wall. He immediately felt his face heat up. Could that guy tell that he just held in a monster burp?! Alfred decided to just suck it up and make his way towards the guy. He'd make sure that no one thought of him as anything but the coolest guy at the party, and most certainly NOT someone who stayed at the snack table and held in his burps.

"Hello." He manages to get out of his mouth. Very dangerous, considering the burp still lingered somewhere in his chest. "You look lonely over here. Don't just sit in the dark! We're at a party, man!"

((XD It was fine. Longer than mine.))
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Liechtenstein found a note at the front door when she was going to feed the goats. "Mail...from who?" She opened it and read the letter. "Oh! It's that time of year again! Time for the ball!" Her brother wouldn't let her go to any other ones, but this year he finally agreed after seeing her tear up. She ran inside, in the small closet and searched for the dress that her brother bought her a while back, before she got the red striped one.

She slipped it from the hanger and ran into her room to try it on. It was a beautiful blue-ish color, one that matched her eyes. She slipped it on and admired herself. "Oh...I need a ribbon and something to go around my neck....and a mask!" She searched through a few drawers and finally found the matching items and put them on. She went to the mirror and admired herself. The mask was the same color as her dress. She smiled, knowing she was ready.

She arrived at the ball and looked around in wonder. It was nicely decorated and big. She looked at the few people that were there. Silently and shyly, she walked over to a chair and sat down. "I'll wait to dance when others get here..." she whispered to herself. "I wonder who's who? Well, I guess that's the point of masquerades..." she thought, adjusting her mask.

(...It keeps saying malformed url for my picture, what's that mean D: )
User ImageArthur continued to eye the man, noting that he drank alot... ALOT of soda. how disgusting.. carbonated drinks... he thought, continueing to analyse the man quietly, his green eyes locked on the other. He cleared his throat a little, noticing his awkward habits before realising he was trying to have some manners. Ah.. well atleast he can have some... ettiquette. He thought to himself yet again before noticing the other had spotted him. He quickly averted his eyes from the other, not wanting him to know he was staring because he was making a little mental profile of the man for the future.

Upon hearing the greeting he looked over again. who does he think he is? saying I looked lonely! I am perfectly content with what I was doing! he screamed on the inside. But yet, on the outside he cleared his throat and nodded. "Hello." he said, pausing in order to think of what to say so he wouldn't seem like a jerk. He wasn't here to make enemies.. or friends.. or anything.. was he?

Oh well... just play it cool Arthur. No need to blow your top off at him. He advised himself mentally. "I am quite aware this is a party. If it wasn't do you really think I would wear.. this?" he said in a somewhat snarky tone. Dammit Arthur! PLAY. IT. COOL. he scolded before speaking again. "Erm.. Well.. at anyrate... How are you this evening?" he asked, deciding that reply was ALOT better than the last one. Maybe he could make an aquatance?

((i need sleep. it;s 5:41 am in Oxford. haha night.. well morning! be on later))

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