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Hi My name Is Rosa Inverna

Rosa went into the palace striding with grace. Smiling she picked up a glass of champagne and sipped it. It was a lot better than most of the other champagne's she had ever bought and it had a sweet zing to it. Rosa smiled and took another sip looking at people who were walking in.

what do i like to do? Well party Of course!
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Usagi looks around as the hall starts to fill with people. She sees a boat ferrying what seems to be guests attending what seems to be a ball of sorts. By the way that she entered the hall she knows she wasn't exactly invited.

She doesn't care.

She guzzles more wine at a corner, her one hand at a sword. "If somebody bothers me for no significant reason then damned that person be." she mutters under her breath as she senses her surroundings for any hostile entities
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Luca Cantellano
A blush graced her features as she turned...

Taking her words to thought, he places his hand on his chin and laughs, and in a brief moment, it seems as if he changes his own structure before her very eyes, quick to display his abilities for any and all to see..

"Haha, silly me, I go by so many names, but the most raw of all, and as most of my diety cousins would know me by, Loki, avatar of discord and miscontent, at your service! I hope the atmosphere is to your liking?"
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The middle head sighs. "Don't listen to my other heads. They like to cause trouble. And my name is Cerberus, by the way." The right head leans close into Rallaa. "I hear Persephone is looking for a nice young man to dance with," it snickers.
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A loud noise caused some of the guests to momentarily turn their heads. A dark-haired youth swore and straightened up. They had overcorrected themselves as they came off of the boat and almost ran headlong into a rather vicious-looking stalagmite.

"Merda. Has it really been that long since I last was in Venice? I have to remember how to walk on boats again or signore will laugh at me..."

A guest snickered and whispered to his companion, "Did you see that boy? So clumsy..."

"Vacagare!" the youth retorted, glaring at the offender. "You weren't exactly graceful when you tripped coming over the side, either. And besides!" The youth drew up to their full height. "I'm a girl!"
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She coughed and spluttered as the fizzing drink spread a warmth to her throat and chest, and she glanced around to see if anyone had witnessed her blunder. There was a girl not too far away with a glass of the same fare as her own, but Ciera just looks away and shakes her head, she crosses to a corner and sits there, sipping at her drink some more as more people flood in.
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The young lady walked in with ghostly steps until her heels were heard clicking onto the floor. She looked around as soon as she walked to a certain stop, but then started to look at the rules and regulations. She said to herself in a soft voice. "..This ball seems more interesting than the others I saw..."
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*Slowly stepped out of the Ferry in complete awe at the darkness that surrounded her and as they entered the palace she stared curiously at everything. Looking at everything carefully and as she heard the Gods voice she lightly curtsied his way. Soon after getting distracted once more my the darkness*
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Blair turned to Charon before leaving, "Thank you for the transport, I hope you can join the ball." She smiled and waved before turning to enter the main ballroom. "Ah, it's beautiful." Blair whispered, admiring the inlaid jewels and stone carvings. The obsidian stone was carved into malevolent shapes, tortured souls and horrible monsters, and the attention to detail was stunning. Blair coughed and took a large intake of air, she had unconsciously held her breath for fear everything would fade away. Oh the convince, dieing in the underworld. Maybe she wouldn't have to pay the fare?
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Mew moved away from the bar and looked around the place.
After a short while he moved to a small group of females and asked:"Does any of the beautyful ladies care for a dance?"
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Still covering his eyes for fear of seeing Persephone and having his precious eyeballs plucked out.
"Ah, thank you, Cerberus."
Rallaa uncovers his eyes in time to see the right head lean in and speak to him. He flinches slightly.
"Well, then let it be some other poor b*****d. I'll not be losing my eyes tonight."
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User ImageUser Image
    >>."I apologize for the delay, but Hermes is quite a busy god. Click here to find out what's going on!".<<
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'Solafay' took a moment to glance at some of the other party guests that had arrived tonight. My, my. Some of them have absolutely no class at all. What fun! She smirked up to her 'cousin', who didn't seem to be sharing her enthusiasm...
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Hi My name Is Rosa Inverna

Rosa looked at the girl and smiled, but not in a mean way. " The drink is best if you sip it slowly, it tastes better and the flavor becomes more bold to." Rosa said looking at the girl and sipped her drink slowly. " Though they do make absolutely wonderful drinks here, don't you agree?" Rosa said as she walked past the girl and back outside to get some air.

what do i like to do? Well party Of course!

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