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Enyo turned to Hades as he lunged at the creature again. "Honestly, noone needs to be eaten." She looked towards Ares, and back to Hades, "You know how he is, he's...easily provoked. I'd appreciate it if you could just stop him." She said.
Ares seethed. "He TRIED to defile you, my dear sister. Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY gets away with that." He then spotted Hades and pointed accusingly at Reon. "He tried to defile my precious little sister! HOW DARE HEEEEEEE?!" He would've clawed Reon's face right out if Enyo hadn't grabbed his cape and kept him in place.
The elf is tempted to ask about Charon's group rates....
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"I'm Rose DeWitt Bukater," she replied, having a much better understanding of the placement of gods and mortals. It made her think of the many men she met who thought they were simply lesser gods, which ended with her thinking of them being eternally damned in one of the rivers, or eaten piece by piece.

"Please forgive my ignorance, I... well, this is the first time I've been away from other people like myself. Mortals."
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ÞŁåñэ WåŁĸэR

Anthony smirked at the woman's question.

"Feeling magic... Involves all of the senses, and none. It's complicated. A feeling of redness from fire magic, a smell of rot from death magic, a terrible emptiness in the heart, felt from destruction magic... They may all be illusions, created by my small mortal mind to express something not to be understood." He looked back towards this Princess, fearing by the way she looked away that he might have offended her.

When she gave her full name and title, Anthony sighed inwardly. Now, he could do no less.

"Kallisto, huh? I'm Anthony Maestri, Heavy Knight of Krisna, and head of the Special Counter-Invasion Force... At least, I was. Now I'm just Tony, wandering magician."

Keel Kanrazi
In my heart lies a darkness so deep, It leaves my soul gasping for breath...

Keel quickly turned around and huffed. It was obvious that NO Divinity would have anything to do with a cyborg apparently. It infuriated him to no end. But then he noticed that someone had tried ro talk to him. Sighing, and letting his irritated subside, for the moment, he gave a wave to the woman, letting her know he noticed her.

...And yet I find light flickers within me, like a breath of fresh air.
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Dawn frowned slightly at being acknowledged by a wave. She scanned the man before her, expecting to see flesh under the metal armor. Accepting that she did not understand most of what was before her that night, she spoke, "I saw you waiting for the boat in, I thought maybe you'd want to grab a drink." She narrowed her eyes. "You drink, right?"
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Ares seethed. "He TRIED to defile you, my dear sister. Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY gets away with that." He then spotted Hades and pointed accusingly at Reon. "He tried to defile my precious little sister! HOW DARE HEEEEEEE?!" He would've clawed Reon's face right out if Enyo hadn't grabbed his cape and kept him in place.
Reon's mood had switched and his lips curled into a loud chuckle. He didn't want a thing to do with her, he was just kidding around. He rolled on the ground and cired out in subtle amusement.
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Shadow_demigod of death

"My father is the only one who is really known. So what's with these souls about you? The part of your collection or just pets?" Shadow raised an eyebrow at her wink.

"The few, are stronger willed souls made from hard working people. I like them, they keep my company and I do try to keep as many as possible before they are sent to either Heaven or Hell. Hell is my favorite what with being less bright." She chuckles and claps her hands together. "They have their useful purposes too, they bring bad luck to mortals." She grins. "From a black cat or a plague it depends on the bitterness of the soul.

Shadow smiled. "Sounds interesting. I too have a companion, but it is too difficult to bring him here, and he would cause many a problem."

"haha! That's a shame what kind of creature would this companion be? My love of chaos might only be rivaled by my love of animals/beast."
Enyo changed her mind. Now, would be the best time to hit her head against the wall. She finally had to admit it. Her brother was a nutcase. No doubt about it. Brilliant? Sometimes. Bloodthirsty? Most the time. Completely crazy? No. Duh.
Enyo is extremely strong to be able to hold him back...... of course they are siblings....... she's very pretty........ oh crap maybe I'm not straight.......
Saronda finally lost it. She bent over laughing, highly amused by the scene. Her dragon gave her a strange look, then ran and hid behind Hades.

He looked at the small creature behind him and sneered. "Remove yourself from my presence at once beast. Lest I skewer you and feed you to the guests." He warned.
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A heavy sigh escaped her, and she found herself shaking her head and rubbing the bridge of her nose with a suddenly free hand. "Vishnu protect them all," she muttered to herself. "They're all mad."
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Unable to perk the interest of the great Cerberus, the Drow noticed a shy young woman. Sneaking up behind her, she softly whispered. "Why, hello there delicious little morsel."

Quickly glancing around, Wings saw the owner of the whisper, and smiled disarmingly bright, "Hello dear it seems that this place might be a bit dangerous for one as 'shy' as I, hmmm?" She said as she gazed out at all the violence surrounding herself.

The Drow grinned, took the woman's hand and softly kissed it. "Then allow me to protect you. But first, I must know your name my lovely."

Laughing lightly she easily pulled her hand out of the confident woman's. "Forward are we my dear?" She glanced out again at the fights swirling, ebbing and flowing in the room, with a sense of desire, then focused back upon the one waiting for her name. "You can call me Wings. But now I must know what to call you."

((Gonna use a different name then my username, hope you done mind xD))

The Drow dipped into a formal bow and replied, "The lovely Wings may call me, Kyarae." She straightened her posture looking thoughtful. "Would you like to accompany me to speak with Cerberus? It would prove to be very interesting conversation"

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