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He stopped screaming to stare at Kimberly, Bob still nomming on his hand. "Yes, I'm perfectly peachy." Then Master went into a panicked rage mode. "Of course I'm not okay! Someone tickle my hat to make him let go!!"
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Jake walked into the ball with confused look on his face since he never knew what to do in a ball, so instead stood in the corner listening to his headphones
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Kimberly looked at him. "T-Tickle a hat?" She said quietly. She shrugged her shoulders and tickled the hat, making it let go. "You have one angry hat Mister...?"
Ashlee takes her puppy and rubs her fur on the hat. "Come on..off!"
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Laughing too much to help out the poor fellow with the slightly demonic hat, Sock's attention was caught by a young man, clearly at a loss for what to do. She sidled up to him. "Hey sugar. What're you stood here being a wallflower for, hmm?" She grinned at him, leaning against the wall next to him, making herself comfortable.
Ashlee spots Jake in the corner and walks over to him. "Excuse me, am I interrupting?"
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Smacking his hat with his cane, Master put it back on his head. Bob whimpered, sniffling a bit. "Ah, shut up Bob. You deserved it for acting like that. You're staying up there for the rest of today now." Brushing his clothes off, he walked up to the girls and winked, holding out a black rose for each. "Thank you both for helping me in my predicament, ladies."
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Jake looked up and took of his headphones "Well to be honest i don't really know what to do here"
Ashlee smiles as she reaches for the rose. "Thank you kind sir, do you have another name we may call you by?"
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Chuckling, Sock shrugged. "I suppose, chat, have fun... maybe dance. If there were music." She shrugged again, then winked at the others in the room. "Doesn't seem to be very swinging, though. Perhaps a good old drinking song? Oh no, not right for a ball..." She thought again, then beamed at Jake. "Well, since you obviously like music... any suggestions?"
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    "Shh, the guide speaks. Let us listen to her wisdom."

    This was probably the stupidest thing that she had
    ever done in her entire life. Correction, it was the
    most stupid thing that she had ever done in her life.

    Seriously though, cherry blossoms would indicate
    a Japanese/Asian theme... which this dance did
    not have. So much with hoping to fit in somehow
    ( which she doubted she ever would in her ridicioulus
    get-up ).

    "Guess I was going to have to face the facts
    somehow then, well, here goes nothing... literally.
    Smiling a soft and shy smile at the ladies she
    assumed were the hosts, "Hello, my name's
    Daisuke ... came here because I assumed that
    this was going to be some sort of oriental-themed
    dance, which it obviously doesn't seem to be, but
    I'd nontheless like to join you anyway."

    So she was blabbering a lot. Who could blame her?
    She just wanted out of the whole entire thing. The
    wig was itchy, the mist following her was starting to
    get annoying, and well... just everything about her
    outfit sucked in general.

    "Thank you, great guide, for imparting this knowledge."
-walks in- Hello everybody. How do you do this fine afternoon?
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''Well really don't know much dancing kinda music, so i'm kinda clueless here'' He shrugged and looked around at the the others
Ashlee stands in the middle of the dancefloor, hoping someone will ask her to dance. "I'll probably end up standing here like a fool."

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