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Romantic Lunatic

Tricksy Panda

Lawl, pickle juice.


When I was a kid I would drink glasses of the juice from black olives.

I was a lil weird.



I seriously did the same thing.
I blame my uncle though. Lol.

@ Panda ::

I used to eat peanut butter on a spoon..
we can be weird together. lol <3

@ Gale ::

Nausea and pain D:
What from love?
Are you taking anything to help?
*cuddles* ; (
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Tipsy Lover

Enny: My older sister has the only other working car, and she's at work, so we're stuck here. ; 3;

Tricksy: Oh goodness. Really? That sounds really nasty, but that's coming from the person who used to eat handfuls of sand, so don't listen to me. xD

Also. I used to put Mayonnaise on crackers
and eat them. Delicious. xD <3

@ Alex ::

Could you not get her to stop at a store on
the way home from work? D:

Enny- When I make a PB&J sandwhich I always scoop peanut butter out with the knife when I'm done making sandwhich and eat some. xDDD Peanut butter is just that good.

Gale- xDDD It's salty goodness. Why, did your uncle get you hooked on the stuff? >A>

Tengu- I love... salty stuff.

LOL sand, that's nothing!

When I was a kid, this one time I took muddy water, added a bunch of salt to it and drank it. Originally I meant to try and get the mean brother of my one friend drink it, then I tasted it and was like "Mmmmm saaaalt" and drank it all myself.

Never even thought about it.


Ah kids.

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Romantic Lunatic

No, I should probably take some Midol or something.
Which means I need to get up and get something to drink.
And I just got all comfy in my seat finally too.

@Tricksy;; Yes he did.
He had put it into a cup and tricked me into drinking it.
I had no idea what it was, but he was drinking it.
Figured it wouldn't be too bad.
Which it didn't taste bad.
I also used to drink the syrup from canned corn. Lol.

That kind of reminds me of this one Candid Camera episode.

They were pretending to have "free taste tests" of a new drink, but they didn't tell anyone it was actually just vinegar.

Ironically the last person they had test it was this old guy and his wife.

The guy tasted it and just said ".... huh yeah pretty good"

And his wife said "Haha, he'll drink just about anything other than vinegar"


You're lucky though.

I had a friend who gave me an open can of Mt Dew, then I went to drink it and just as it went into my mouth it didn't taste right, and he said "HAHAHA I PEE'D IN THAT"

I spit it out in his face and was like "EEEUGGGHHHHHH AAHHH"

>A> Gawd, friends can be real assholes


@ Panda ::

Ew : /

@ Gale ::

I know what you mean then.
Have you got a heat pad?
They really do help for cramps.
/Sleeps on Rei

= A= kindofdrowsyhnng.
Hence lack of replies
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Romantic Lunatic

No, if we do the hubby can't find it.
We have a makeshift rice bag.
Can't find it either though. D=

I guess I have to get up and go to the store.
I shall talk to you all later. <33

@ Ryx ::

*combs hair with fingers as you sleep*

I'm feeling that way too today.
It's all gloomy doom outside too.

@ Gale ::

Aww : (
Okay hun. <3
Take care now.
Rei; I love the weather like this, but if I'm home, chances are I'm going to doze at some point..

/Yawns and crawls back under blankets

Ryx- *Sneaks up on* =u=

Gale- Alright, see ya

Enny- Yeah just a little ew.


Tricks; /Pulls into bed with/ = n= I am cuddly when tired..

But seriously, I'm gonna doze a bit longer.

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