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Well, if you want to go with a different theme than Silent Hill...

There's Fatal Frame, which I think would go nicely for a freebie thread. And Nightmare Before Christmas, which would be totally bad a**. Oh, and Sleepy Hollow would be fun as well. x3

I have a lot of idea's for this years.
I'm just not sure which way I'm going to take it.
I don't want to spoil it though.
So I won't splurge the details.
You'll just have to wait and see o u o <3
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Romantic Lunatic

*sneaks into thread and cuddle-attacks Rei* =]

Awwws Gale
*cuddles up to*
<333 o u o
How are you sweet heart : )
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Tipsy Lover


Ooooh, I see. ;3
Well, I'll just wait and see, then.
I'm sure that, whatever it is, it's going to be terrific.

@ Alex ::

Aww o//u//o

Anywho, what are you up to? : )

Yeah, it's fairly disturbing.


I own all the SH games, and the movie. Ironicly, the only Silent Hill game I don't care much for is SH1.

I guess it's because I played all of them except Shattered Memories before I played the first one, cause it's harder to get.

So when I finally played it I wasn't really impressed... the later ones seemed less tedious. Partly I admit it's because of the PS1 graphics... after playing the PS2 games where you see the grotesque environments in full detail, playing SH1 the environments didn't really seem very impressive. The monsters also weren't as interesting because of this.

If I had played SH1 when it was in its prime, before I played the others, I probably would have better feelings towards it. My first Silent Hill game was SH2... and it's definitely my favorite.

Shattered Memories is very different... my sister, for one, didn't really like how they changed it. I love it though. The whole "run, don't fight" thing works well for SH I think. It's called a "reimagining" of SH1 but it's really just a whole new game, with a whole new story, that has the same characters.... sort of like an alternate reality SH1.

I originally planned on buying it for the PS2, but I'm really glad I got it for the Wii instead... it's the first game I played where I really appreciate the Wii-mote motion control.

LOL long post my bad, I get all excited about Silent Hill xDD

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Oh, not a whole lot. Just dabbling on the internet and trying not to get any sicker than I already am by the weekend. ^^;
That and trying to work on this birthday present. ::Sighs:: I'm such a procrastinator.

I used to love watching my brother play SH1
(This was when it was in its prime) xD

@ Alex ::

Just drink lots of fluids and keep
yourself well fed and clothed and all will be fine : )

xD I know the feeling. I'm a serious procrastinator too
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Tipsy Lover

Enny: But the only fluids left in the house is a little bit of milk, some soda, pickle juice, and a bottle of beer. xD

@ Alex ::

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Tipsy Lover


Oh, well, I suppose we have that too. xD
But I want some juice! And not pickle juice! ><

Will someone not run to the store for you? : o

Lawl, pickle juice.


When I was a kid I would drink glasses of the juice from black olives.

I was a lil weird.


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I am good. *thumbs up*
Sorry. I got a little distracted.
I'm just a little bit on pain.
A little nauseous.
Other than that I'm good though. ^^
How are you Rei? =D

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