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You push open the saloon styled doors and walk into a dusty place, tumbleweeds blow across your path and cacti dot the area. You turn around to go back through the doors, but something calls you further in and you discover that you’ve stumbled upon a small city. You glance up towards a sign that reads: Welcome to Sacramento. Horses pass you as you walk further into the small dusty town.

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“Howdy there partner,” a tall, young man dressed in cowboy attire appears as he walks towards you. “Welcome to Sacramento, my names Dustin, Sheriff Dustin that is. I’ll show you around town.” He beckons with his fingers for you to follow him towards the saloon doors. Out of an ally way a pretty female in Native American clothing appear.

“I hope you do not mind me being here,” she spoke in sketchy English. “Welcome, my name is Namid. My tribe is the Cheyenne.” She bowed slightly towards you.

“Namid, anytime. Just showing my guest here around town,” he spoke in a deep voice pointing towards you as you glance around in awe of the town.

“I hope you have a nice stay,” a bright smile covered her face. “If you want take a ride to my tribe’s area.” Namid waved good-bye and made her departure towards the dusty trail that you left.

“If you need any help come get one of the Sheriffs or Deputies,” he spoke again. “Again welcome to Sacramento."

He turns around once more before leaving you all alone, " Before I forget, you'd best check out the Musuem of the West down the road a bit. Just so you don't go around not knowing about our little town."

Table of Contents
| Welcome & Updates | Rules | Hosts/Co-Hosts | Contests | Cowpoke Art | Jail House | Affiliations/Links | Reserved | Reserved |
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Vote for the King and Queen of Time

The Wild West Guild dedicated to this room.

7th Annual Ball Planning Guild
for all the users who want to assist with planning for the 7th Annual Ball.

Western Art Contestent winners have been listed in order acording to votes. It can be found in the contest senction under Western Art Contest
Categories for Mr. and Ms. Bow and Pistols are listed in contest section
Western Two Art Contest
Mr. Bows & Pistols Voting thread
Ms. Bows & Pistols Voting thread

Please only post one vote in each thread.
Voting will stay open through tommrow at noon? (This is subject to change!)

Billy the Kid (Security Officer1) is gathering a small army.
Who, or what, can save the residents of our humble town? It is up to the loyal townsfolk to put a stop to this, but can they. . . ?

Players You Have 4 Options
(A) Join the town in capturing Billy the Kid Alive
(B) Search for Billy on your own
(C) Join Billy in his quest to take over the town
(D) Ignore the plot and do your own thing

Sometime tommrow (the 13th) Billy the Kid will be posting hints to his waerabouts around town, follow the hints and you may just be able to locate the fammed outlaw.

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You walk up to a wooden building, on the side you notice an old piece of paper that seems a bit dusty. You walk up to it and squint a bit, at the top you notice the words Rules worn away. Below it states: Follow all rules or suffer a hanging then the rules are as followed:

1. Follow the ToS! This is a simple one partner, go against the ToS and become an outlaw.
2. No quoting the first page! Woah there! Don't play silly and quote this post or any other post that is part of the room.
3. No page stretching! Hold your horses now, no stretching any pages, that is just plain out rude. You'll get thrown in a cell if you do this.
4. Don't spam! Come on, chatting is what is called for here, not that mindless rattling like youngsters do.
5. Respect the Hosts/Co-Hosts. Remember what they say goes, they are the sheriffs and deputies of this room. Respect them, got it!
6. PG-13 partner.Hey there we don't need to see your inappropriate stuff, this might be the wild wild west, but keep it behind thee door and I don't mean the saloon door.
7. Do not Steal Art! Most of the graphics in this thread are done by me, Dolly14. Even though it might not have my name on it, it is. All other artwork is copyrighted to the owner. If I see any of my or others artwork stolen I or my other co-hosts will report you!
8. More to be added as needed.

All rules will result in a blacklisting now and that means a hanging. You won't qualify for prizes or contests and will be ultimately shunned as an outlaw of the thread. Remember the sheriffs will catch ya and throw you in jail. Yee-haw!
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You've finally donned some decent clothing and now that you can freely walk the town you come up a saloon. On a board near the entrance you look at some flyers. On a few of them you notice some ol' posters with WANTED across the top and pictures of your hosts and co-hosts. Now why would the sheriffs and deputies be here?
Chief Little Wolf
User Image
The chief of the room. What she says is law even though she is a Native American.

Deputy Wild Bill Hickok
La Patientia

User Image
The deputy of the room. He runs the show while the sheriff is gone. He'll be helping ya'all around!

Missy Kathleen Barr
User Image
The assistant deputy of the room. She serves the welcome and serves as a part-time saloon gal as well.

-Bandit Belle Starr-----------------------------------------------------Outlaw Billy the Kid
My NaM3 gO3s H3r3----------------------------------------------------security officer1
User Image-----------------------------------User Image
These two outlaws terrorize the peaceful town, so be on the lookout for them.
(Room assistants.)

Both the Host will be signified by a green holographic eyepiece and Co-hosts by rank can be determined by color by a sheriff badge or bandana. Gold is host, Silver is 1st co-host, Bronze is 2nd co-host, Blue Bandanna is 3rd co-host, and a Red Bandanna is 4th co-host. I hope that by doing this it will help our Hosts and Co-hosts stand out a bit.
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Mr. & Mrs. Bows & Pistols

User ImageUser Image

Howdy ya’all! Did ya here about the show? Ya the local town hall is holding a Cowboy and Cowgirl contest. The best get yurself a prize and move onto the next level. Whatcha waitin for? Go get ‘em.

Prizes: The top two will each win the July Sealed and 5k gold. The top ten will receive 2k ea. The two that win each category will each receive 1k gold and honorable mentions will receive 500 gold.

Rules: Girls create the gals and Guys create the gentlemen. The top male and female go on to try for Mr. and Mrs. Time. Sets won’t be allowed. Be creative! Think outside the box. Make the perfect couple to win the top spot! Post your tektek in the thread and message a host or a co-host your page number or sign up at the contestants website, I'll be getting the e-mail (best way to not lose your avvie). Only one tektek will be accepted! Make sure to put in your post some where, Yee haw!

Rules in Short
1. One avatar per person. Male or Female, take your pick.
2. Do not use FULL SETS to create your avatar. Pieces of sets are fine, but more than 3 from a single set will disqualify your avatar.

Near the end of the ball, the host and the co-host will be giving marks to all the tekteks sent in and picking the top 5 gals and top 5 gentlemen and then you as readers will get the chance to pick your top two! Other categories will be picked by hosts and co-hosts only.

Time Period: July 12th @ beginning of event to July 13th @ 12PM PST. Voting begins at July 13th @ 7PM PST until July 15th @ Time TBD (Possibly Morning)

Examples: User Image<--Isn't a Set! & User Image<--Is a set!
If you are unsure about your entry, send the PM anyway and we will tell you if it passes.

To sign up, please PM your Tektek to Namid the Star Dancer~!

Contestants: View Contestants Here!

*Mr. & Mrs. Bows & Pistols - Mihito AND Narcissa Amora*Unusual Pair
*2nd Place- Idiotic Assassin and Kiramay_Satsuki
*Honorable mentions- The Rocking Skater and LittleEcho12
*Western Pride - Idiotic Assassin, [+Zaeles+], and Kiana_Pryce
*Most Memorable- Milky327 and drummergrrl
*best villain-like look- rhisa
*Participation- Every one of our contestants!

Horse Races

Welcome one and all! The race is about to begin, place your bets on the winning horse and win a tremendous prize. Hurry up the race is about to begin!

Prize: Jackpot (3k)

    Sevati Damosel

Rules: The first six people to place a bet on a horse after the word “
GO” is posted in green are entered. Send your trade to the mule "Sheriff Dustin" with 500 gold. Once the trade is completed then the race will begin. Special 1k gold races will be held every now and then and they will be mentioned with the "GO" post.

(1.) I will post “GO” in big green letters in the thread.
(2.) When you see “GO” posted place a bet by telling which horse you’d like to bet on #1-6, then send a trade for 500g to Sheriff Dustin.
(3.) When all 6 numbers have been chosen by different people, I will announce betting it closed. All bets must be in before the race can start.
(4.) I will roll 1 6-sided die using Gaia’s generator. The number rolled will be eliminated.
(5.) This will continue until only one horse is remaining, this horse is the winner.

We'll be using Gaia's randomizer. ^^

Time Period: Randomly during the event.


1. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
2. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
3. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
4. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
5. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
6. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Hurry and grab a view. The sheriff has caught a bandit and he is sentenced to be hung, but not all are there just to watch, his fellow bandits are out there in the crowd trying to save him. Be quick though or he and the others might be lost souls.

Prize: Winner will receive 2,500 gold.

    Round 1: the-super-thing
    Round 2: Renee the Rabid Squirrel
    Round 3: Artificial Prosthetics
    Round 4: Vickicat

Rules: When a host or a co-host post the words "
Hanging", the hanging of the outlaw will begin. All are welcome to guess, post the letter that you guess. Be careful though because one can ruin it for all. Try to work as a team to goes the word, but only one can win the prize.

Each time a letter is guessed wrong the bandit will gain a body part. Each time a letter is called it will be marked off. You can only post a letter ever 5 min. Any sooner then that and the letter will be skipped and will move on to the next one. First one to guess the right words wins a prize.

Time Period: 8 times randomly during the event.

Next Theme: Indian Tribes

~ Letters~

Hung Letters: (Letters that cause the man to be hanged.)

Pony Express Scavenger Hunt

Woah there! A man has been lost and we need someone to replace him. Are you up for the challenge? Some letters have been scattered and we need you to find them. If you can find them all then you'll be the winner and be a member of the Pony Express. What are you waiting for? Get a move on it!

Rules: When a host posts "
Messages Lost" they'll prompt it with a hint to where the first message is. When you find the second one you'll click it and it will show you the clue, etc. The final one will always be on a different page of the room. Once they find the last one they have to quote that post and put what page you found it on. The first to do all this wins!

Time Period: Canceled

Prizes: 1k to the first to collect all the letters.

Winners: Canceled

Western Two Art Contest

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you have art skill? Well ye came to the right place. As country folk we love art and can never get enough of it, but why get it for free when you should be able to win a prize for taking your time to make something amazing. Check the below for more information.

Rules: Message all your art to Namid the Star Dancer! You can only send in one art. It either must be a drawing of Namid the Star Dancer, Sheriff Dustin, one of the hosts/co-hosts, or a couple picture of Sheriff Dustin & Namid the Star Dancer. Depending on which you choose you will be ranked accordingly. Art is judged in four areas---&Type, anatomy, likability, and personal style--other areas to be added to get 5 choices, from those 5 the hosts/co-hosts will choose the best and the rest that follow. Contest will be held with a voting process. If you do draw one of us, then we do have right to use it, but acknowledgment will be given if we use it!

Time Period: From July 12th @ beginning of event to July 14th @ 3PM PST. Winners announced July 15th @ Time TBD (Possibly morning or afternoon).

Prizes:10k + July Sealed; Top 5 receive 5k each.

1st Place: [ Innocent Doll ]
2nd Place: Jen-Goddess-Of-Evil
3rd Place: Christa_Rox_137
4rth Place: bit.butt.panda
5th Place: o_Koichi-chan_o
6th Place: Renee the Rabid Squirrel

Boot Scootin' Boogie Page Contest

Lookin' for a party. Check down at the nearest barn, stick around and maybe you'll get something special. Nah this ain't just anything special, but don't let me ruin it for you just yet.

Rules: First person every 25 pages shall win a special prize. Just stay and chat and you could have a great chance to win! If the first post on the winning page is a bump or pointless spam, the secound post will be declared the winner.

Time Period: Every 25 pages

Next Winner: Page 250

Prizes: 500 gold!

    Dark_Raven_Mist- pg. 25
    pyro-rockers- pg. 50
    Kurogane Shogi- pg. 75
    Christa_Rox_137- pg. 100
    the-super-thing- pg. 125
    LittleEcho12- pg. 150
    revolutionary samurai- pg. 175
    Renee the Rabid Squirrel- pg. 200
    BixShadette- pg. 225
    Vyen-Vyen- pg. 250
    Christa_Rox_137- pg 275
    revolutionary samurai- pg 300
    Anthropophobia54- pg 325
    Cow gurl yal- pg 350
    Lodestarc-pg 375
    ShutterBug69- pg 400
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Ol' Town Saloon/WANTED Pictures

User Image
User Image

Wanted Poster Prices
WANTED Poster: 250 gold
Different color: 50 gold
Add name: 50 gold

Saloon Picture Prices
Only one person will be pictured in it. Extra people cost extra, see the below.
Initial Price: 300 gold
Extra Person: 50 gold
Different saying: 50 gold
Different Color: 50 gold

After posting in the thread send a trade to "Sheriff Dustin" with the amount & page.

Order form:
[size=18][b][color=brown]Howdy Partner![/color][/b][/size]
[b]Wanted or Saloon?[/b]:
[b]Initial Price[/b]:

Note: All gold goes into buying prizes for the room.

Fan Art

User Image
Thank you Roi-chan for making this wonderful art of Namid.
User Image

As you walk around town, familiarizing yourself with the town, you notice one building you'd yet to visit before. When you walk in, you hear a booming voice, "Howdy there! Whatcha doing here? If you're here to visit, visiting hours was a while ago. Hold on a sec miss/sir."

You start to speak, but someone else walks into the room dragging behind him a person gagged and hands tied behind his back. "Caught another one," he said as her shuffled through his keys.

"Just throw him with the others," the one that first spoke to you told him before speaking back to you. "Okay as, I was saying, visiting times are over."

As he shuffles you out the door you try to speak up, but find that the door is closing just as you find your voice. Better just stay away from there, you don't wanna be caught in that place again.

User Image

Don't get yourself caught here, or else you won't be doing no participating in any events or winning any prizes.

Those that have been caught:

None~Keep it this way.
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Our affiliates are placed here. If you'd like to be an affiliate just send a message with your link and picture to the host or co-host and you'll be placed here. Small images are preferred.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

We'd love it, if you'd link us and drag more people into our room. Here are some images for you to place in your signature or other places.

User Image

User Image

This post has officially been branded.
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Our guild will open once the ball is ovr but you may join ow if you wish:

here is the link: welcome to the wild west

please join. we need artists and recruiters and soon people to help in mod duties
hola chico!


First on the first.
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Dangerous Prophet

If the apocalypse comes...
people of the villains army please come here.
... i will fight
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The wild west is now open? Yippie! blaugh
We're open for real this time~! 4laugh

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