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As you step out of the portal, your eyes slowly adjust to blinding light of the sun. Despite the sun, it wasn't very hot at all. Instead, it was cool and breezy. You take a deep breath and let the salty sea air fill your nostrils. In a distance you saw what looks like a little fishing village. It looks abandoned except for the tents and stalls that were set up along its dirt streets.

"Looks like fun", you said to yourself."But....what is this place?"

As if like magic, your question was immediately answered by amour clad warrior. "Kyoshin..." He whispered through his helmet and pointed towards the village.

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Instinctively your head tilted to the direction he was pointing. But when you turned back. The warrior was gone.

A little creeped out, you simply shrugged it off and continued towards the village.

Just before stepping into the village, you came upon a statue of a warrior dress in full battle armor riding on a similarly armored wolf. It stood at a massive 10 feet tall including the pedestal that held it. Taking a closer look at the pedestal you notice writing on it.

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Hayato Nakamura
Warrior, Guardian, Lord of Kyoshin
May his spirit live forever

Somehow the warrior riding the wolf seemed very familiar, but its not possible. Judging from the text, the lordship has been dead for several decades. Could the warrior you saw earlier be his ghost? Ghosts don't exist. Or do they?
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Ignoring the fact that you may have had an encounter with the paranormal... you marvel at fine craftsmanship of the statue. Surely such a fine piece of work must cost a fortune. As you crane you neck to see the top of the statue, your eyes caught the sight of an enormous Castle in the distance. Hastily you rush towards it leaving the statue behind. The castle loomed before you as it grew larger with every step. Eagerly you ran up the step towards its large iron doors... only to be stopped by an elderly guard.

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No one enters the Lordships castle....

He then pointed to worn sign post written in several different languages.

The Code of Do

+ Do follow the act of Goodness, by abiding the ToS, wavering from this path will result in bad karma.
+ Do not repeat oneself unless needed to, Quote only if needed. Quote towers will be dealt with swift Justice.
+ Do not elongate ones speech, page stretching ruins order and Order is something we all strive to achieve.
+ Do not fill ones mouth with nonsense, Spamming will only result in lowering ones mental state.
+ Do Respect ones Elders, the Host and Co-hosts are here to make sure everything go smoothly.
+ Do love others as you love yourself, just don't be mean! Keep it clean and be nice to others.

As you read the last of the commandments, you spot a hand written entry at the bottom.

"If anything else happens, Yoshi has the final say"

Yoshi?" you asked. The elderly guard coughed as you finished your question.
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You were about to ask Yoshi why the sign and everything else is written in several languages when a bespectacled young man approached you.

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I give you special price, Thirty-five fifty!

"Ah, a new arrival. Where are you from?" He asked, checking out your strange and unfamiliar attire. You started to stutter as you were unsure what to tell him. But before you were given a chance to do so, the young man dragged you along. Leaving the elderly guard to his lonesome.

"No matter, Kyoshin home to many many people. From many many places. I from China, come to Kyoshin to set up Buddhist Shrine. Come Come we go to Shrine, I tell you more about Kyoshin."

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Once there, the man shoved a thick book in your face. "Here! Write in book first, new arrivals have to write in it. Everyone does!" He said cheerfully.

"Okay..." you said as you gingerly flipped through the pages.

~+Village Elders+~


User Image TsukiRisa
Hostess of Ancient Asia

Tsuki is currently...offline

Hi everyone! I'm TsukiRisa but you guys can call me Tsuki. I've been on Gaia for almost a year now. (My Gaiaversary is in a few days.) I'm honored to be able to host this room this year. Especially since I'm extremely proud to be Asian. I'm Chinese by race but I'm currently living in the Philippines. (Don't try to speak to me in Tagalog. I'm a nub at the language. I can speak fluent mandarin though. So if you wanna practice your Mandarin, feel free to drop me a PM.) I hope you guys enjoy the ball and win prizes from the contests. :3

Thyme Traveller

User Image Thyme Traveler
Co-Hostess of Ancient Asia

Thyme is currently...offline

Irasshai! I will be one of your co-hostesses on this festive occasion. *bows*
I'm an amateur artist/writer and Japanese major. I can be found mostly in the the Charity forums- where some of the nicest people hang out- or drooling over art in the art forums...xD
Feel free to chat with me about anything under the sun- I'm quite friendly- but I'm also a mod here, so break the rules at 2 in the morning and you shall feel my wrath! >3

Vheela Schmidt

User Image Vheela Schmidt
Co-Hostess of Ancient Asia

Vheela is currently...online

Heya Vheela here, the primary contributor to the thread. I do sprites, arts, animation and all sorts of artsy fartsy stuff. I'm an Indian, I speak several languages English, Malay, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic and German. Strangely I can't speak my own mother tongue ;__; but what the heck. I like Fantasy and spend most of my time playing Fantasy-ish games like Wow, GW, RO, Neverwinter Nights and what not. Anyways I'll be the resident artist here so be sure to order some and last but not least. Enjoy the thread! We've put in soo much effort in it. T__T

~+The Village Folk+~

User Image Yoshi
Palace Guard
Country of Origin JAPAN

Yoshi guards palace for Lord Nakamura. So does Yoshi's father and Yoshi's father's father as well as Yoshi's father's father's father and father's father's father's father....

User Image Digi-To
Country of Origin CHINA

I like numbers! 542746345643476834766543457347543456234459 87 I like them so much! 235234926347263480263 hahahaha I like them so much, oh dear.....now I know why my wife left me...I love numbers too much .....oh woes is me.....23424

User Image Akiko
Tea house Owner
Country of Origin INDIA

Hey there, Akiko here. Akiko isn't my real name but thats what everyone here calls me maybe thats because my Indian name is too hard to pronounce. Anyways be sure to drop by the teahouse for a drink or some company.~

Swami Rajasammy
User Image Swami Rajasammy
Fortune Teller
Country of Origin INDIA

I see that you have come to read my entry in the big book of answers, how do I know this? Ah..I have seen it, the future Yes.... I see you...and you and you oh yes...I see you in the back too. You too the one thats reading this....I see you tooo!

User Image Chang
Shrine Monk
Country of Origin CHINA

Great Republic of China ruled by great Emperor greets you! I am Chang from China. Monk of Buddhism. Buddhism from India, but it now everywhere! Glorious indeed!

User Image Yu
Country of Origin CHINA

Hey there Yu... What? not you I'm talking about me, Yu! I'm not you...I'm me! I mean Yu! Thats my name You! Yu! ergh....just call me the fish guy... seriously its not funny Yu... You..>__<

User Image Sakuya
Riceball Stall Owner
Country of Origin JAPAN

Do you like rice? I know I do! Did you know they're Asia's staple food source? I'm sure you do! I'm Sakuya the Rice expert! along with my friend the kappa. Signing out~ <3

User Image Lakshmi
Henna Tattooist
Country of Origin JAPAN

Greetings to you. I am Lakshmi. My parents hail from India and China, yet I was born here. How the world works sometimes astound me, hence I scribe them on an immortal paper the human skin itself. It may be morbid to some but tattoos serve as eternal reminders. My twin sister thinks it odd hence she draws on paper.

Li Min
User Image Li Min
Oil Painter
Country of Origin JAPAN

Hi hi, I'm Li Min. I like to draw and paint. My twin sister's quite a painter herself but she prefers bodies as her canvas. My dad's from China and my mum's from India. Me? I'm born in Japan....so I guess that makes a Chinedianpanese? xD

You gasped as you noticed that most of the people weren't really Japanese. Could it be? Multi-Racial Asian Community! Astounding!

Excitedly you wrote down your name and country of origin. Breathing heavily you continued flipping through the pages, eagar to find out more about the village's history.

"Err....You don't look so good" The monk said as tugged you away from the book. "CHANG!" you shouted suddenly, throwing the monk off his feet.
"Aiya...that my name! How you know?" he said as he got back to his feet.

You pointed to the book and smiled. Chang the monk frowned and pulled you away from the book and threw you out of the Shrine and onto the beach.
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The sweet ocean breeze greeted you as you stepped on the warm sand. Some how you feel that much is going to happen here.

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Primarch Sanguinius

People who won't leave (Whenever I flip around the posts I keep seeing you guys xD)

Gothic Panda_San
Yuna Kagezaki
Shauna Ianhart
Lucian Klevier

Hearing a commotion coming from the far side of the beach you walk towards it.
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As you step towards the stalls, you were greeted by a lively festival setting. The Sakura trees swayed in slow breeze and little children ran past wearing colorful clothes. Though not all Japanese, some were seen to be Indian and also Chinese. Your eyes lit up as you see the different kinds of games and foods that line the streets. Right in the middle is a large stage where some of the people were performing their own cultural dances. In the corner is old and worn tea house run by a middle aged woman whom you assumed to be the one running the show. Finally having found what Asia really is you happily joined the festivities.

~+The Center Stage+~

+The Emperor and Empress (for a day) of Ancient Asia

Think you got what it takes to be the prom king and queen of Ancient Asia?Submit a tektek which best represents the spirit of Ancient Asia.
- PM all TekTek entries to TsukiRisa.
- TekTeks MUST be related in someway to an Ancient Asian civilization. (Don't forget that Arab countries are also part of Asia!) See Wikipedia for a list of Asian countries.
- The title of your PM MUST say Emperor or Emperess Ancient Asia. Also include the civilization that your tektek is representing.
- The deadline for submitting entries will be on the 14th, 12:00 PM PST.


Representing Japan by tobi-is-a-good-boy666

User Image

Representing India by Yuna Kagezaki

User Image

Thank-you to all the participants in this contest! <33

~+The Teahouse+~

The tea house serves tea and snacks. If you're looking for a place to chat. This is the place to be. Though some say the place is haunted by ancient spirits. But hey nobody believes in ghosts right?

The tea house owner, Akiko, isn't that conventional. Some say she's a a bit kooky or even crazy. But we all know that she's in charge. If you have any questions or worries, approach her and she'll try to help. Just don't ask her for age... she's a little sensitive on the issue.

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Is there anything I can do for you? Anything at all?

The Stalls

+Guess how many rice balls the kappa ate! ENDED! Ivory_Rose wins with her guess of 55 rice balls! Do not send anymore PMs for this game
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Did you know that the Japanese called riceballs Onigiri?

Sakuya has made some rice balls for the festival. She arranged them neatly onto her plate and left it by the counter. Several minutes later a kappa came along and ate them all! Well.... most of it actually. Sakuya broke down and sobbed at her demise. The little kappa felt sorry for her and promised to pay her back. So the crafty little kappa proposed a challenge to whomever dares. "Guess how many rice balls I ate and I shall be loyal to you forever! But first you must buy a rice ball!" He cried. People came from all over the village to try their luck at guessing, hoping to get a pet kappa. Sakuya on the other hand got her money back thanks to the kappa.

Just pick a number between 1 to 100 and PM it to Mistress Akiko. First one to pick the correct number wins the kappa. Please title your PM Riceball to be eligible for this contest.

+Fishing, Ancient Asia Style!

User Image
HOMG WHERE DID MAH FISH GO? Sorry guys, all the fish hast gone. Untill we restock, why not try the sudoku?
Remember the times you lazily wait by the river/lake/pond/toxic waste dump for a bite? Now armed with a this rice paper net and bowl, your job is to catch as many fish as you can without breaking the paper. This is an actual game played by the Japanese during the summer festival. Think you're good enough go on, give it a shot.

Rules: Roll two dice, a 6 sided one and a 100 sided one. Only roll the 100 sided dice if you have managed to pick up a fish with your first roll!!!!

The first one determines if you get a fish. If you roll an even number (2, 4 or 6) You win a fish! But if you roll an odd number (1, 3 or 5), you lose.

The second determines how valuable the fish you get is. Rolling between 0 - 34 and 76 - 100 will get you a common fish, 35 - 45 and 66 - 75 will net you a better fish and 45 -65 will get you a valuable fish.

To claim your prize:
- PM Mistress Akiko with the page of your winning roll and the page with the roll which determines which fish you have won.
- Failing to PM both within the same PM will result in your roll not being counted.
- PMs should be entitled Fish Game. All winning rolls WILL be verified.
- Each participant can win a maximum of 3 fish each.

+Sudoku! Are you Game?

User Image
Numbers are my ultimate love, next to cheese.

Good with figures? Put your brainpower to the test with a game of Japanese Sudoku! Sound impossible? Let's make a deal then, shall we? Be the first person to solve the puzzle, and Digi-to will give you something shinny.

Rules: Just fill each row, column and 3x3 box in the square provided with numbers from 1-9. Sound easy? Well, here's the catch- no single digit can appear twice in any row, column or 3x3 box- which means each must contain all of the numbers from 1-9 with NO repeating numbers.

- 3 puzzles of different difficulties will be posted each day of the ball.
- Each puzzle will have 1 winner each.
- The first to complete each puzzle and PM TsukiRisa the answers will receive a prize.

Easy Puzzle:
User Image

Medium Puzzle:
User Image

Hard Puzzle:
User Image

+Fortunes! Dare you to look into your own future?

User Image
Dr bombay? Never heard of him... but I know he's gonna be big!

Swami Rajasammy has got the gift, he claims that he can see into the future. Well, thats what he thinks. We don't take him seriously even though he says his skills are totally legit. So have a little chat with him and see what he has to say.

The swami likes the go around spouting prophecies at the fair so he may not be at his booth sometimes. If you do catch him wandering aeound aimlessly, be sure to listen. He might provide some clues to whats going on.

[Current Status] The Doctor is IN

+Oil paintings, fancy yourself painted or painted on?
User Image
Get inked, Old school...Really old... I mean REALLY REALLY OLD

The twins Li Min and Lakshmi are a talented bunch. Buy art and henna tattoos from them.

Price of each art piece is different and special hence each and everyone is unique. Fret not, they come cheap during this time of year. Lineart will cost around 500g, having them inked will cost more.

The henna tattoos are actually the tattoos from the Skin Tyte, but since we're in such a festive mood. they're going for below store price.

Lastly, the twins also like collecting art. If you're an artist yourself, why not draw them or any of the other colorful character here at the fair. They just might reward you if your art is good enough.


User Image
Say thanks to The Stalking Fairy

Demonic-Ousei Haimaru made us art! Check out the ratemydrawing vid here!

User Image

User Image

XD Li Min was here! Check out Li Min's inks!
User Image

User Image

If you wish to be listed, throw us a couple of links~

We are accepting links for other events and/or charities, no personal quests, thank-you! <3
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[TsukiRisa] First of all, I would like to thank Freaksrus for giving me this chance to take part in such a wonderful event. I'm honored to have been able to help out.

I would also like to thank my 2 co-hosts, Vheela and Thyme. You both have been wonderful. This room wouldn't be alive at all without the both of you. *glomps the two of you* Thanks so much!

I also thank everyone who has donated to the room so we can continually afford prizes. XD Your donations are greatly appreciated! biggrin


Images used for the event are to be only used in thread and nowhere else. Images and sprites used are acquired from Google Image Search, Gaia and Tektek.org. All rights belong to their respective owners and in no way what so ever these things belong to any of the elders, TsukiRisa, Vheela Schmidt and Thyme Traveler unless stated.

Other than that, thats all we got to say. So just enjoy yourselves and we hope that we can do this again next year! Cheers!
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Welcome to my room everyone! biggrin
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Woot! We're open~
Irasshai people ...xD
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All of you need to comment in my profile!

idk if buddha even relates to this topic
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hope every one has fun
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