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Tipsy Bloodsucker

Just roleplay.

Vampires own the mansion, and have opened their doors to humans and other races. They are hidden deep in the woods to snare lost travelers.

The layout: There is a fireplace against the east wall. The dance floor covers most of the main room, where a disco ball and other lights shine down onto the floor all night, and sometimes during the day. Against the west wall is a bar, where almost all drinks are served. There is a DJ in the corner, where he has music from most Era's [[He's a vampire. What do you expect?]]. Stairs lead to the upper floor where the bedrooms are kept.

- No extreme swearing
- I am god
- Don't worry about posting a profile
- No killing unless okay with the victim
- [[]] for OOC
- do not use ** for actions. Use " " for speech
- speak in third person
- NO chatspeak
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Tipsy Bloodsucker

Blaze walked down the stairs slowly, looking around her mansion. "So quiet here today." she muttered to herself as she landed on the first floor of the mansion. She walked over to her chair and sat down regally, looking into the fire.
"So this is a place for every one? Vampire and human a like?" Looks at as she walks into room looking around slowly. Ears glow red and black feathered wings show.
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Runs around like a maniac.

enters "it is silent in here..so abandoned" bears fangs
lol. "Well that's one way to get noticed. If you call me anything here I guess you can call me Dark Angel or Midnight Rose. It's what my friends call me." Settles self into chair.
walks up to the house and knocks innocently on the large door
"It will be louder when more people come. For now I'm finding me a room to stay in and be back to talk sometime tomorrow." Straighten wings and flies off in search of a room.
"i wonder how would this be defined as..a ball or a dark mansion with no life in ti"rests in a chair in a shadowed corner
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Hello all. Pm me to rp, please? I can't keep up in threads, even though this one seems rather dead.. But anyway, no chat speak, and preferably male, but I don't care. Just NO chat speak. Thank you!
rings door bell and listens intently for any signs of life
There is a thumping noise on the roof, and before anyone begins to investigate the sound, a creature drops through a nearby open window. The creature catches itself in its descent with its four wings. "I smell blue bloods... and red bloods..." the creature hisses. "I think I'll like it here..." The creature finally lands, and it becomes apparent that the creature is female, and looks only vaguely human.
rings door bell and listens intently for any signs of life

gets up from chair... opens the door "yes? the door was open."
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Walking into the abode with the upmost grace and class, Rhiannon took in the scenes around her. "A lovely evening for a the grandeur of breeds"

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