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Rin lost attention, letting her eyes gaze emptily around. She wandered abit.

elocee took advantage of her lowered guard xd
-walks in and looks around-
So many hidden people.. Vampires..
-shows fangs and sits on table-
Come all normal people, we wont bite.. -smiles, showing fangs-
*still hiding*

"hi!" *looks behind her to see if yippe is back yet*"how are you?"
Lord Atomsk-Pirate King
"The real vamp is here"

*drops dates hand*"hey, yippemeloco, go talk to the guys real quick."*turns toward you* "whats up?"
"not much, just soaking up the darkness"
um do i have to send a character to someone or have an existing RP character!
if not can i join?
Lila naively wondered in a darkened room... "Ummm okay? Why is it so dark." she continued to look around

"because we are vampires, light isnt good" *puzzled, she scents her blood trying to know if she was mortal or truely a vampire*

Yes. But we don't have to be in total darkened rooms, I mean what fun is that sweatdrop And trust me i'm a vampire. lila then showed her fangs. Yet i'm total "veg"
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*he comes in, holding a orante silver glass, containing a red liquid.* What? No one for a drink?
so u r all vampires huh?
Rin wanders toward the other side of the room, finding a dusty old chair to perch herself upon. She takes a seat, crossing her pale legs daintily. Her right hand fiddles aimlessly with the silver dogtags that hang around her neck. Her cold, empty blue eyes gaze out at the few people that wander about.
Happy Gaia Ball... so where are all the Strigoi mort are we it so far?
*Enters with caution, unsure if the other members in the room are friend or foe*
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*walks in* hellu
Lord Atomsk-Pirate King
"The real vamp is here"

really it seems like it
Sadow fades in out of the shadows, the silver chain on her dress jingling slight as she smoothes out a couple wrinkles.
Lord Atomsk-Pirate King
"The real vamp is here"

really it seems like it
"I'm still a vamp from when the sisters bit me"

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