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((I actually have to get going, I may be back, but if I get back and they decide to end the Ball before my return, I do hope that you all have a great rest of your day.))

((Ah, okay then! You, too! 8D))
Master Arikido
Master Arikido
Master Arikido

Guard not your words my love. Something is on your mind.

Its difficult to say *turns her back not wanting to see the reaction from his face as she told him* I have to take her place...I am her heir and... and that means that they will be after me next, and they know i am not as skilled as she, so doing away with me will be much simpler than with my mistress!

They will not lay their hands on you. They shall have to get through me first...I am worried for you, but I will be at your side in the Lone Islands, no matter what.
*smiles a bit* their forces are mighty, but we shall fend them off together *nods*

*He sheathed his blade and kissed her* druid magic is stronger when you've got someone to protect, and if you're around someone you love...I'd be two for two should they come for you.

*laughing at his last sentence* Your even a poet!.....But i do wonder...what will become of us when the war is over?

*He shruged* If one looks to far ahead, they may lose sight of who they are now...we'll worry about the future when we get there.
-Lady Alison walks back in, and looks around before sighing softly and heading outside with a soft smile and settles herself down on the grass, spreading her skirts out around her, and sighs softly, fanning herself-
((I decided to come back as I got what I needed to get done, done -smiles-))

Silver walks out to the balcony, somewhat saddened by the lack of company. Suddenly, however, she hears something ruffling the grass below. She looks intently, but sees nothing at first.

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