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*sparkle eyes* Oh, let me join! I just wanna throw on sumthin' nice! wink
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I have been waiting for a theme like this!
It'll bee the bee's-knees, y'know?
I'm such a sheikah, I've got to throw an outfit together.

*saunters off to inventory*
"Ahh. I am glad to have so many fans of the era. How are you all doing this morning?" Ariaziane beams to her visitors and twists her blue and black feathers together with her pointer finger. "Pumped for the ball?"

" Very " Diisco Magic Looks Around The Room " Very Much Indeed "
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Sparkly Fairy

" This Room Is Most Definately The Bee's Knees "
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Demonic Smoker

-puts on some nice clothes-
-walks in-
Hello everybody!
crying i just lost everything in the depression but go '20s
Diisco Magic
" This Room Is Most Definately The Bee's Knees "
The bee's knees huh? Never heard that one before.
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Very bee's knees.
"Why hello fellow party goers"
This place is the cat's meow!
I Love a good party! This is the first I've been to though sweatdrop
Missed the Prom and haven't been on long enough to go to any of the other balls
Aria grins mischeviously at Diisco Magic "Good, thats what I want to hear." She raises a glass to her lips and sips while taking in the view of people stumbling, leaping, striding and walking into the speakeasy. "Any of you hoofers ready to dance?"

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