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"Tired and bored. Yourself?" Ariaziane smiled at her and patted the seat on the couch beside her. "Have a seat, rest your feet." She spoke in a sing song voice, rhyming somewhat incoherently with a giggle.
MD sat down next to Aria. "I just returned from dinner and I thought it would be nice to come relax here."
"Ah I see. Relexation sounds... Bleh. I want excitement and adventure! But sadly at this time of night excitement and adventure are the ones relaxing." Aria sighed and leaned her head back on the couch to look at the ceiling silently.
"That's so true. But I don't think there will be any excitement here anymore."
"In this era or the ball in general?... I still can't decide if I should shut this place down or just let people continue until the moderators close the forum... Probably the latter though."
"Here and the ball. It's really up to you about closing this place down, but maybe you should give people some closure before they come back and can't post. I'm sure they can find you some other way and we can start a chat again."
[[Sorry for taking so long, I was showing my sister a funny video.]]

"True... I will have to close it eventually (xD) I'm so insanely tired."
Maybe you should go to bed, silly!
No way, I like being up heh. And talking to you is fun Tiz/Mag.
I should probably go to bed, but I really don't want to.
Exactly the way I'm feeling xD
I am logging off for the night. I repeat, as always... Feel free to continue roleplaying, obey the rules, yatta yatta, have fun... I will stop by sometime in the morning... The exact closing time of the ball is still unknown. Good night all!
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(( Hi, I just came to say toodles because I'm going to New York for a while. So, have fun. Unfortunately there is no internet connection there. So, yeah. Toodles.))
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((Also, by the time you people wake up it'll be like 1 and that's when I'm leaving. crying ))

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