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Lost and dejected, you slowly look up and down the dark alley as dusk overwhelms the clear sky. A forgotten morning newspaper lay carelessly in front of you. You pick it up and read the headline "New Orleans Times, July 18th, 1927" The main story, a telepathic horse named Lady Wonder, as well as a brief mentioning of the ban of alcohal law's most frequent change. Click, snap. Click snap. You look up suddenly at the sound and notice a couple standing closely and looking at you mischeviously, dropping the newspaper in shock. The couple's slick black dress shoes tapped against the crumbling asphalt beneath them, echoing into the night as they strode quickly down the alley. Both kept their heads down, only for the short exception where one would glance over their shoulder suspicously.

The woman stops in front of you, though you have hidden yourself well in the shadows and speaks without even facing you "Are you lost?... or ossified hun?" She turns and her short black hair, fashioned in a bob flicks in the wind "You look like you need the speakeasy more then I do." She beckons to you with two fingers and a kind smile. "Come on, hoofer." The male shakes his head at the girl dissaprovingly and whispers into her ear barely loud enough for you to hear "Why do enjoy picking on every bluenose you see?" She pushes him playfully in the chest and they both begin walking again, without giving you another passing glance. You follow slowly, watching the couple nervously. The man is back to his comftorable stride, watching the woman carefully "Its quiet." She smirks at him "Unusual for New Orleans." They both chuckled half heartedly and suddenly stop again, their gaze drawn to a red door, the bright color sticking out in the dark alley. She returns her soft gaze to you, yawning, before loosening her long coat as another gust of wind blew in through the side street, revealing her flapper style clothing beneath. She fluffed her hair and gestured for you to enter as the man opened the door. "Welcome to my favorite place in town. Oh, and by the way hun, I'm Ariaziane." She pointed lazily at her companion. "And this is Teragen."

Another dark figure stepped out of the red door before you had the chance to enter, another cute flapper, her dress stunningly short. "Ah, there you are!" The two flappers hug briefly, and Ariaziane motions to the girl "This is Koneko Mitsuki. And we are, shall we say, your lovely hosts for the evening." They push you lightly in and pull off your coat, Koneko Mitsuki tosses it onto a bulging coat rack and shoves you out of the way to lean up into a small black box hanging from the door and whisper a strange and untelligable word to a deep voiced man on the opposite side."Welcome to the best gin mill in town." The threesome grins at you and you are jossled into the large room, full of rowdy people dancing and mingling.

A jazz band plays quietly in the corner, and a small bar is bustling with people to the left. The group surrounding you slowly begins to disperse, each of them leaving to speak with their familiars. Ariaziane hesitates and speaks one last time before leaving you to decide your evenings fate "If you need somethin', find one of us." She smiles and waves at you briskly before dashing off to find Teragen once more.

Since some of those words are not currently being used in this time and age, please visit the "Information" section to properly understand the slang of the 1920's.

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A large man in a black suit stands near the door, eyeing you with obvious humor at your stunned expression. He slowly takes one large step towards you and makes a sweeping gesture in the direction of excitement. "I'm guessing your new. Well kid, before you join the party you might want to know, there are a few rules in this joint." He smiles at you in encouragement and places one hand on your shoulder "I'm the Bouncer, and no I won't hurt you. Unless you break a rule." He speaks with little enthusiasm, as though he doesn't care that he might have to break skulls some time in the night, and continues on with his speech.

We do not have the right or ability to ban you from the thread, if you are caught breaking a rule by one of the host's you will have no warning. If the offense is considered serious enough you will be named on the banishments, you will be unable to enter any contests or be listed on the affiliates or thanks.

1. Respect the Terms of Service.

2. Do not steal art, quotes, pictures, etc. or else we will consider taking you out back, into the dark foreboding alley.

3. Romance is suggested, though stay PG-13.

4. Do NOT spam or bump, this is offensive and annoying.

5. No quoting the first page or stretching pages, this is a waste of space and time.

6. Listen to your host's and respect their wishes! If they are in a good mood they (Might) remind you of certain rules.

7. The host's have the right to add rules as needed.

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Taking a step into the midst of the room, you hear a booming voice, boasting with the knowledge and secrets of your friends from the alley. You turn and see the Bartender, trying to whisper, though its coming out louder and louder as a crowd gathers. He speaks with chagrin, as though each word is a secret.

Person of interest: Ariaziane
Position: Host(ess)
Drum roll please: I'm a really outgoing, silly person, and I am extremely social. I love role playing with a passion and I am so excited to be a part of the ball this year, it has been a huge influence on me.
The real me: I'm about 5'7 with incredibly long brunette hair (Don't let my Flapper girl bob fool you).

Person of interest: Teragen
Position: Co-host
Drum roll please: I'm a dork, but in a good way. I'm also pretty hyper and I love drawing. Role playing is my favorite thing to do here on Gaia, but I also like to change my profile and stare at Ariaziane’s avi.
The real me: Roughly 5'9, I have short dark brown hair.

Person of interest: Koneko Mitsuki
Position: Co-host
Drum roll please: Thoughtful and curious, I'm probably the craziest chick here.
The real me: Mid-length Brunette hair, I'm the shorty coming it at around 4'10.

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Your eyes drift about the room, and notice an old cork board on the wall beside you, filled with colorful papers stating past events and information. A deep red roster catch's your attention, and you read the small hand printed list.

The specifications to join each contest are listed below. Do not post your entrees here or they will be ignored and/or deleted.

You may only join one contest at a time and this is first come first serve, ergo we will not wait up for you if we have others waiting to be in the same contest.

Mr. & Mrs. Ritzy
Info: King and Queen of the Roaring 20's, arrange your avatar to look like a character with style from the era. We will take ten (SUITABLE) entries, if we believe you look nothing like our definition you may not be cut out for this contest.
Prize: 10,000 Gold (Each)
Post your entree in Flapper Jane's journal, journal entree title will be the name of the contest.


jetpilot55 && The Indecisive Color

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Draw the speakeasy
(The 1920's room that we are currently residing.)
Info: Be original, don't steal. Only taking ten entrees then we will have a vote on the winner!!
Prize: 8,000 Gold
Post your entree in Flapper Jane's journal, journal entree title will be the name of the contest.

Story contest
Info: Write a short story. We have three categories, 1. A day in the life of a flapper/gangster, 2. News broadcast of the 1920's (Preferably humorous), 3. A guide to bootlegging.
No longer then one hundred sentence's max. No min.
Prize: 5,000 Gold (Per Categorie)
Post your entree in Flapper Jane's journal, journal entree title will be the name of the contest.

Draw the hosts
Info: Draw us in our 1920's costume, group pictures are appreciated. We will take three drawings for each of us, and then three of us as a group, to be voted on for a winner of each.
Prize: 5,000 Gold (Per Categorie)
Post your entree in Flapper Jane's journal, journal entree title will be the name of the contest.

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You notice the music die down momentarily and look up as a short chubby figure steps up onto the small makeshift stage, taking his place in front of the microphone. "And here our some of the fabulous darbs that helped pay for our giggle water!" The man raises a hand to silence a rowdy cheer coming from the drunken men in the corner and begins reciting the short list of establishments.

If you would like to have your shop, guild, thread, or any such nonsense involved here please PM Flapper Jane for more information.

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Something shiny catches your attention, and you center your gaze onto a small black plaque resting on the wall beside the information board. The small gold writing indicates the plaque states the names of helpful people...

Here is where we honor people who have donated or helped immensely in this thread or in the 6th Annual Ball Planning Guild.

Special thanks from Ariaziane;

Freaksrus (Event coordinator): For everything.

Teragen and Koneko Mitsuki: For being so enthusiastic in helping me with running this thread.

~Mog~_v2.0: For inspiring me through the Dark room to begin helping with the whole Ball Set-up.

General Tso: For the awesome ID cards!!

MykaToriyama: For help on thread and forum issue's.


1. Blue-pup2; donated 3000 gold

2. Black-Of-Heart-And-Deed; donated 2489 gold

3. ToXiC_kInKy_OrGaSm; donated 1500 gold

To donate please begin a trade with Ariaziane titled "1920's".

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You notice another sign beside the "Honors" though this one seems to be more blunt then kind.

You must do something incredibly stupid to be named in this list of terrible misfortunes. Don't be one of those people.

Thankfully nobody has received this utter doom yet, and I hope no one will through the time of the ball.

If you are listed here you are NOT forbidden to post, only from entering contests, or being listed in the "Affiliates" or "Honors".

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With a closer listen to the conversations bubbling around you, there are many strange words being used and even invented as you hear the crowd mingle and laugh.

You overhear a brief conversation between Ariaziane and Teragen, and she speaks about the origination for some of these unfamiliar words.

Here is some information on the 1920's. My very favorite part, the slang. The 1920's slang was quoted directly from this website. For future reference, a lot of these words were used in the opening introduction, so if you didn't understand me whatsoever, here is where you can grasp the meanings. Though we cannot be sure how accurate some of the words and meanings may be, this is a fun and interesting way to begin a conversation while role playing.

All Wet - Describes an erroneous idea or individual, as in, "he's all wet."
Bee's Knees - An extraordinary person, thing, idea; the ultimate.
Berries - That which is attractive or pleasing; similar to bee's knees, As in "It's the berries."
Bluenose - An excessively puritanical person, a prude, Creator of "the Blue Nozzle Curse."
Bump Off - To murder, To kill.
Cake-Eater - An effete ladies' man, or someone who attends tea parties.
Cat's Meow - Something splendid or stylish; similar to bee's knees; The best or greatest, wonderful.
Cheaters - Eyeglasses.
Darb - An excellent person or thing (as in "the Darb" - a person with money who can be relied on to pay the check).
Drugstore Cowboy - a guy that hangs around on a street corner trying to pick up girls
Dumb Dora - a stupid female.
Fall Guy - Victim of a frame.
Flapper - A stylish, brash, hedonistic young woman with short skirts and shorter hair.
Flat Tire - A dull witted, insipid, disappointing date. Same as pill, pickle, drag, rag, oilcan.
Gams - A woman's legs.
Giggle Water - An intoxicating beverage; alcohol.
Gin Mill - An establishment where hard liquor is sold; bar.
Hard Boiled - a tough, strong guy.
Heebie-Jeebies - The jitters.
High-Hat - To snub.
Hooch - To bootleg liquor
Hoofer - Dancer.
Horse feathers - an explative.
Hotsy-Totsy - Pleasing.
Jake - OK, as in, "Everything is Jake."
Jalopy - Old car.
Lounge Lizard - a guy that is sexually active.
Moll - A gangster's girl.
Neck - Kissing with passion.
Ossified - a drunk person.
Pet - Same as neck, but more so.
Pinch - To arrest.
Ritzy - Elegant (from the hotel).
Sheba - A woman with sex appeal (from the move Queen of Sheba) or (e.g. Clara Bow).
Sheik - A man with sex appeal (from the Valentino movies).
Speakeasy - An illicit bar selling bootleg liquor.
Struggle Buggy - the backseat of a car. A parent's worst nightmare.
Swanky - Ritzy.
Torpedo - A hired gun.

And yes, some of the meanings and sayings are quite silly. I also took a few out since some of the words used in the past are actually still being used to this day.

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A very tall, slim man strides quickly around the bar area, holding a pile of ruffled papers and shoving them into the hands of unsuspecting stander by. He stops beside you and hands you one, less forcefully then the others and murmurs "This might be helpful."

April 15th: Serious brainstorming for the 1920's room begins.

June 5th: The thread is started.

June 20th: Major updates.

July 11th: Finishing touches.

July 12th: The Ball begins!!




Something interesting has been happening at the Speakeasy as a sly figure entered earlier this evening. Possible mysterious "Agents" suddenly entering the atmosphere?

You didn't hear it from us, but me thinks the GiB and T-Corp are up to something.
Awesome, I don't even have to change clothes! xD heart
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