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"Have a nice trip," the lady at the time machine has said. You stare at the massive iron door; it's almost overwhelming and impossible: going to the future. Still, you decide to step into the machine, and you see that it's more like a massive room branching with hallways leading to different times. As you walk past the time shift beams in the hallway marked "The Future," you feel a sudden chill come over you; immediately, you see a door made with a substance that is completely alien to you. As you open the door, the sunlight blinds you, so you immediately close your eyes and step out into this new world.

You cautiously open one eye to see a being of average height clad in black and red with gruesome skin and more than two beady, red, fish eyes. In an effort to back away from this somewhat alarming creature, you spin around quickly and fall to the ground. A gloved hand reaches out to you, and a toneless voice greets you, "I am sorry to have caught you by surprise young traveler. I am
DCB and this," DCB gestures towards a skyline of tall rounded buildings, surrounded with an almost florescent light, from a metallic sun. "is The Future, and I am your host." Flying objects, ranging from what a modern Gaian would call an U.F.O, to what looks like a Mini Cooper with booster engines bustle about the sky, in between the buildings.

You take in the sight, only to be interrupted by two more beings rushing over. A tall slender woman with black hair pulled into a low messy bun, clad in black and ivory speaks first, "Why hello there," she says in a sweet voice, "
DCB, who is your friend?" Before DCB can answer, she speaks again, "I am Indigo, one of your co-hosts, and this," she pauses gesturing to an elven woman, with two curly pigtails, dressed in a skirt made of natural material, and a shirt of a golden fabric, "is your other co-host Kitty."

Kitty waves hello, "Welcome to The Future. If you want to find your way around, you are going to need these." She hands you a pair of specks. "When you put them on," she presses a small button on the side, and a map pops up in front of your eyes. "You see several buildings marked with a blinking dot, that corresponds to a location name."


    *Entrance Square- This is where you entered The Future. The portal to the rest of the ball is here. You are here.
    *Authorities Avenue and Guidelines Street- A complete list of the rules can be found here.
    *The Contest Corner- This is the place to be for neat competitions and games, that could result in GREAT prizes for you.
    *Storyboard Square- Storytelling goes back to the beginning of time. Here in the future, we tell stories of our long lost past, otherwise known as your modern times. Help us write these stories, to share with our future generations.

DCB smiles and speaks once more, but this time his voice has an eerily metallic echo to it; still, it's obvious he is not as scary as he sounds or looks because you can detect happiness in his voice as he tells you, "Go out and enjoy yourself. The Future is waiting for you."

Kitty and Indi wave and usher you off to join the others. "Have fun!"
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Your wonderful hosts -

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Indigo Oblivion
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    *Obey Gaia's ToS: Here in the future world of Gaia, we still use the ancient ToS that was created. Therefore, we request that you respect and obey them.

    *No flaming: We're all here to be friendly, so there's no need for any flaming. Besides, some of our robots are a bit flammable; we'd all love for them to be safe.

    *Respect your hosts and everybody else: We hosts have put a lot of effort into making your stay in the future fun and enjoyable; we respect you. Therefore, we ask that you respect us as well. Remember to respect anyone you meet in these futuristic streets, too.

    *Do not spam our inboxes, including the mule's inbox: If you have any questions about anything, then just post them here in the thread. Only PM one of us (i.e., me, Indigo, Kitty, or the mule) if you are told to do so.
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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this fabulous part of the future. I assure you that all screams, shots, etc. are all simulated and fake. I must inform you that every single game will have a few simple rules:

    *First come, first served; I won't reserve any spots.
    *You may only join TWO games or contests at a time.
    EXAMPLE: Meaning if you are in the current Mr and Mrs Contest, you can enter one of the Art contests as well!
    *PM all entries to TheFutureBallRoom -- unless specifically told otherwise.

I'm sure you're wondering what amazing games we have! Well, folks, here they are!

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Welcome, all, to the storyboard square. Legend has it that back in the ancient times of 2008, people would tell stories to each other from all throughout the streets; these stories were nicknamed Gossip. We've decided to gather in a contained area to tell a story. Come join us; here's what you need to know:

*10 sentences max; 4 sentences min.
*Post "Continuing Story" if you decide to join in on this.
*Keep it PG-13.

Use this code:

[size=18][b][color=darkblue]CONTINUING THE STORY[/color][/b][/size]

[size=11]-story content goes here-[/size]

Here's what we've got so far:

(Teh DCB)"Look at her," the storyteller demanded in a soothing, hypnotic tone as he pointed at the moon -- at which the buildings in the distance reached out to touch it, looking like a thousand fingers. He continued, "Look at how she sits there, gazing at us as we gaze at her."

The storyteller almost seemed to yearn for the moon as if it was his lover. Nobody really knew the
storyteller; nobody really cared about the storyteller. After all, who cares about a crummy, old storyteller and his crazy tall-tales? These were exactly the thoughts of Helen, a middle-aged woman with nothing better to do than go to the things she hated -- just so she could constantly criticize them in her mind.

(Mirrii) And please note 'in her mind' only since she would never have the guts to actually say something so blunt to anyone, even if it were only a ranting old man. Apparantly though, while she lacked that courage - or rudeness? - someone else didn't. So it was only to her astonishment when a female teenager that looked hardly thirteen walked in to the scene and bopped the storyteller on the head with the back of her hand, an annoyed grin forced upon her face.

"Oi. The moon is a freakin moon. It doesn't watch
us, and definetly doesn't sit and gaze," she complained to the equally annoyed fortune teller. Helen said nothing until the girl turned on her. "Why are you listening to this guy anyways? Don't you have anything else better to do?"

Helen went for the lie; "Yes. I was just passing - "

"Che!" the girl broke in, her features dark again, as if she'd just lost a potential victim, "Whatever."

(Wolfwum) But, there was some truth to the outrageos personfication the man had given the moon. Not a decade ago, NASA had made yet another movement toward the moon. Oh, they cited the 1969 moon landings, the return back in 2015, and how "We have yet to fully explore our moon." Their fallacies worked on the weak human minds, and so NASA was given full rights and properties to the silver orb in the sky.

They named a new mission, Artemis, to rove the moon. What was never revealed to the public, however, was that Nigel Raidrem, new commander of NASA, meant to stay on the moon. He meant to pilot the shift from Earth to the exciting new reaches of outer space. He meant to gain more than he needed in one lifetime.

With ever-changing whims, humans-- and whatever else had joined them-- were sure to jump at the chance at an adventure. The preparations were almost done, the new line of space jets ready for the reveal, and Helen, lowly meteorologist at Houston, had no idea what to think of this once prestigious etablishment.

(Demonic Paine) As Helen walked away slowly to support her lie, she glanced back at the old storyteller. He continued to be in a trance with the moon's gaze. He snapped his gaze towards Helen and asked her "Have you ever gazed upon something so beautiful?"
Helen, startled, shook her head no as she walked back towards the storyteller.
"She's a bute al'right."

"Indeed," Helen replied.
"You know, I know plenty of tales about the moon, ranging from the first time we landed on her to the civilization of people on the moon."
"You do?" Helen asks, taken back at the astonishment.
"Yes, but alas, people merely think them tall-tales."

(Starblade77) The stillness of the night was broken by the sound of an engine. Turning to look, she notices a sleek sports car. There is something familiar about that car thinks Helen to herself. The car turns a corner then screeches to a halt close to her, with the beams dazzling her eyes. A door opens, and a silhouette steps out.
"Helen I have been looking for you"

(Teh DCB) Helen knew who it was when the car first showed up. She and Royal were good friends, and it just happened that she would be saved from the long, boring story that was about to take place by the storyteller. Helen found it droll -- actually -- how Royal somehow knew her friend was in trouble, as if they had a psychic connection like the aliens who came from Heli -- a planet largely composed of helium.

"Thank you, Royal. How did you know that I needed an excuse to get out of there? That old man was so boring!"

Royal just stood there, looking baffled; her long heart face was staring at Helen, but her eyes were affixed behind where Helen was standing. The storyteller was still there, and he stepped up to the lady to whom he was about to tell a story.

"You...You...You b***h! At least have the decency to say that to my face," he demanded, punching Helen and storming off into the crowded streets.

No one in those streets offered even a glance
at the situation.

The blow landed on her shoulder, and Helen stumbled back a few steps, running into Royal.

Past Contest Winners:

Deisgn a Futuristic Item Advertisment Contest:

The winner of a Rock Puppy and a Smashing Cities is [i-talk-with-a-lisp]! Congrats! This was the most difficult contest to judge, there were so many we loved and would have bought!

Mr. And Mrs. Future Contest:

Thank you to all who entered this contest! We had fun looking through all of the submissions and choosing our favorites, but in the end it was up to the people of Gaia, and the Gaians have chosen the winners:

Mr Future and the winner of 30k is Trigger Unit Zero! Congratualtions!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Mrs Future and the winner of 30k is Owkk! Congratulations!

User Image
An alien species discovered when Humans began exploring space

Design a UFO Contest:

The winner of a Mini UFO is bit.butt.panda! Thank you to all who entered, they were all wonderful!

Design a Contest:

The winner of 3k is Christa_Rox_137!

design the descovery of a new kind of life form. (alien). Be creative. don't use the aleins we are used to seeing. make something new! different! A kind of specimen (sp?) never seen before!! Have it be a tiny little cute one, to a huge ferocious (sp?) monster! BE CREATIVE! yuo can use any program.

Artistic Future Contest:

The winner of a Plasma Gear is Mirrii! Trust me, this one was very difficult to judge, thank you all for entering!

"Look a building! Buy me one when we get to China on the next level :]"

"After I get some dog ear implants, hun :3 People say they hear bettah than kitty ears o:"

Elevator transportation, Nya~ :3

Each floor, a different city~ o:

Wanna go to war? Just get your daggahs and go up a floor to Europe!~ Then again, life's so awesome-making, that there's really no point of beating up those people who're probably your friends by then =.=; Plus, Europe specializes in angel wing transplants and everyone wants those!

Just remember; You are all loved <33

Design a New Lifeform Contest:

The winner of a Black Ops Gear is vita grotesk!

vita grotesk
This is a Muckrose. The live in the marshy parts of swamps, and eat anything that falls in and decays. They smell like old hamburger and rotting pumpkins. Yummy!
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These wonderful people from the Modern Times want you to go see them. As someone from the future, We know a lot about cool places, and these places are definitely worth checking out!:

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

Special Thanks:

People who chose who would be the hosts for the rooms; Allowing me to be a host!
Indigo Oblivion. Getting all these affiliates, writing such a great introduction, and helping to format the thread.
Mslbkitty. Volunteering to be the first co-host and helping me with this thread, giving such great ideas, making the wonderful banners you see now, and helping to format the thread.
rrradTASTIC. Originally made some great banners. Unfortunately, they had to be removed in order to make room for kitty's wonderful banners. (sorry, rad. wink )
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Plot Updates

From me and the rest of us in the future, enjoy your stay!

But please be careful and try not to get eaten or killed!

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Yay, we are live!
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*gets the weapons ready*
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*I'm loacked and loaded... ready*

I've never really participated in the Annual Ball.

How long did it take to organize?
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Incorrect. Try again. Don't give up!

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