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Greetings. biggrin
Dancing Mia
so...anyone up for trying explore around the ruins?
^^ Should we start a little group?
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dude, why is the roman ordering me around? >.>

* takes out an hourglass *
order em around one more time, you ain't gonna like wha thappenes.
We are oft to blame in this-- 'Tis too much proved that with devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar o'er the devil himself.
i'm up for some spulunking
Shana Tsukichi
Rawr , so what's going to happen? smile
hey baby XD
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Nox Riqis Acheron

Yeah that would be good. since it would be like having your boss come in naked to work.

Always Remember My Name.....

True, and unless your boss is hot, it's very creepy.

.....Poyudi Hytori.

*pant* No time to change...

Wait for me!
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What are the proper cloths to wear?
Shinkirou Densetsu
O_O Oh dear.
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im not sure how 2 dress 4 these things... sweatdrop
How fun!

Who wants to go into the restricted ruins with me! xD

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