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Dr. CHAMBERS: *sigh* I suppose I’ll have to apologize to the GIB…
[a GIB member emerges from the shadows. He wears a suit and dark glasses]

GIB: That won’t be necessary. We have detected a new disturbance which must be repaired before any such… formalities.

[GIB types on the keyboard]

GIB: See for yourself.

[A futuristic scene is displayed on the screen, starting with a silhouetted figure laughing maniacally atop a hill in front of a vast army, also silhouettes.]


[Close up of FRIEDRICH’s face, laughing half-crazed, arms to the sky, dressed in futuristic overlord attire]

DR. CHAMBERS: But...how?

GIB: Irrelevant. We require the use of your retemporation facilities to take action. Will you assist us?

DR. CHAMBERS: … Yes. Yes, of course.

[Caption above this panel: Earlier]

FRIEDRICH: Hmph. This company’s circling the drain. I’d better start checking into..

[The prototype PRD clacks across the floor]

FRIEDRICH: What’s this? Ah. The little rodent’s prototype. Wait… He wouldn’t have put in those pesky restraints we used on the sniveling ball guests… I wonder….

[FRIEDRICH’s silhouette is shown grinning and holding the prototype]

[DR. CHAMBERS is at another press conference]

DR CHAMBERS: …technical malfunctions. Therefore, we at T-Corp hereby formally apologize to the GIB. The timeline has been restored. That is all.

DR. CHAMBERS(thinking): That should take care of the masses. Come on, GIB. It’s up to you now.

[Caption: “Meanwhile,” in the future…]

[a large number of GIB members is shown fighting the Overlord’s robotic minions with high-tech weaponry. A volcano smolders in the background.]

[Present Time…]

[JEAN wakes up in a bed near a computer terminal.]

JEAN: *sigh* I know Dr. Chambers said everything’s fine, but.. I have a bad feeling about all this…

[JEAN looks at the computer]

JEAN: Just a quick scan.

[JEAN types]

[JEAN’s eyes go wide]

No.. this is.. It’s all my fault!

[JEAN runs out the door, a determined look on his face]

[The following lines are delivered in separate panels showing the GIB members firing their weapons in an off-panel direction]

GIB1: It’s no use! There’s too many!

GIB2: We have to keep trying! It can’t end this way!

GIB(from the previous comic): All teams! Regroup!

[FRIEDRICH stands on the rim of the volcano]

FRIEDRICH: Yes! YES! Show the worms their place! My past may have come back to haunt me, but my future is unstoppable!

VOICE FROM OFF-PANEL: A bully to the very end, aren’t you, Kamf?

[FRIEDRICH turns to see JEAN dressed up in cargo pants, a large futuristic belt, a headband, no shirt, and wielding a beam sword.]

[JEAN brandishes his weapon]

JEAN: This is the end, Kamf.

[FRIEDRICH laughs]

[FRIEDRICH pulls forth his own beam sword]

FRIEDRICH: How cute. The little pup thinks he can play with the big boys.

[FRIEDRICH and JEAN jump towards each other, swords raised]

JEAN and FRIEDRICH: This ends here!

[Several shots of blades crossing, alternating between FRIEDRICH and JEAN appearing the victor]

JEAN: This has gone on for long enough!

[JEAN strikes a mighty blow, knocking FRIEDRICH over the edge]

[A shot of FRIEDRICH falling]

[FRIEDRICH catches onto the edge and hangs above the lava]

[JEAN runs over]

JEAN: Friedrich! Hold on!

[JEAN grabs FRIEDRICH’s arm and begins to pull him up]

FRIEDRICH: Get your filthy hands off of me!

[FRIEDRICH knocks jean’s hand away and falls into the lava]

FRIEDRICH: No… this can’t be the end… I am.. invincible….

[FRIEDRICH is shown, face contorted in pain. The lava has covered him except for his face and one arm, reaching up in defiance]


[JEAN leans over the edge]

JEAN: Oh, Friedrich…

[JEAN stands and looks over the battle scene]

[The robots are shown falling over, shut down]

[The GIB agents cheer in unison]

[JEAN smiles]

JEAN: It’s finally over.

[Gaians are shown partying in the various time periods]

[DR. CHAMBERS, JEAN, the CAPTAIN, the GIB agent, MY BOY LOLLIPOP, and THEI are shown raising drinks and wearing party hats in front of a big banner that reads: THE END]

The End
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Thank you Boss. I'm so glad it's over...
Hooray! blaugh

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Now that's awesome....Great job all you people that helped do this!
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Nice. ^___^

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