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Intellectual Shapeshifter

Cookie Lord
Nice uh duckyness.

You need a MC <3
Haha. I don't have one that would go with this outfit.
Opera Phantomess
Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in to the harmony which dreams alone can write...

hikaruxkaoru8293: I really like yours! It is well balances in terms of color and items both on top and on the bottom.

iExpletive: I think you could use more red on the bottom and could take away the boxers. I like the rest though. smile

...and listen to the Music of the Night...

Haha I would but I hate using shoes and the boxers are my red on the bottom

Cattysnap- I never thought of that I'll go check tektek biggrin
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Awsome colour scheme, not very cluttered nor plain, and it's original~
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Romantic Vampire

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@Opera Phantomess: Don`t like the hat... 7/10

i like your colors!
User Image
 I'm gonna hold you for the l a s t time
I'm gonna c r y but afraid not to let it show
This is the H A R D E S T way to say goodbye
'Cause as you walk away I'm feeling so a l o n e

@ iExpletive: 10/10
I just love that theme.
But try and get more red in teh bottom =D
Rate 1-10?!?
Do The Diamonds Take Away From The Avi?!?!
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l3 l u e b e r r i
My avvie- 1/10 blaugh

Your avi is pretty cute. Usually the brown hair would bug me since it doesn't match with anything else but somehow it matches...i make no sense sweatdrop
I would say remove the angel wings on your head. The color stands out a lot. Otherwise I like it. Everything blends 8/10
(oh and maybe change the dress to the sparkly blue dress...can't remember the name. And remove the bunbun. those all stick out a lot too)
@Gurei cool stuff but way too cluterd 6

@hikaruxkaoru8293: 9 awsome

I dont like the word "Bump"
So im going to change it
I say "Pumb" now =.=
... It sounds worse dosnt it xD
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Heroic Pirate

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Cookie Lord: Awesome. 10/10
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Shirtless Elder

Is this for real...

User Image

_____ - - - _____- - - _____- - - _____- - - _____- - - _____- - - _____

joyinfree: 7/10
I really like it so far. Add more to it!!

_____ - - - _____- - - _____- - - _____- - - _____- - - _____- - - _____

It's hard to tell...
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Romantic Vampire

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come rate me *please*
Rikku: I dun like the gift of the goddess, or that blue wind stuff on your avatar. It's too weird a blue..
Grey Raine- Thanks To be honest i just threw this avi together when I bought this hat. The avi looks pretty good with the Bone helm too.
I can't find any read like bracelets and stuff on tektek. D:

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