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Would you like me to make more quizzes after the ball is over?

Yes- I loved this one 0.73661670235546 73.7% [ 344 ]
Yes- I didn't really like this one 0.077087794432548 7.7% [ 36 ]
No- But I still liked this one 0.094218415417559 9.4% [ 44 ]
No- I didn't really like this one 0.092077087794433 9.2% [ 43 ]
Total Votes:[ 467 ]
(14.) What time period do you think you should have been born in? this one i guess... cuz it has all my wudderful friends in it! >w<
(15.) What is the name of your best friend? amy
(16.) Do you have any obsessions right now? nutin much. unless u count manga & anime as something...
(17.) Have you been to Disney world? no DUH! its like going to paris and not visiting the eiffel tower! O.o
(18.) What is your favorite place in the world? my local barnes and nobles biggrin
(19.) Do you like coffee? i like coffee flavored ice-cream and coffee-filled chocolate. does that answer ur question?
20.) Favorite fast food chain? mcdonalds biggrin
(21.) How many pillows do you sleep with? 2. the one i rest my head on and my froggy pillow! 3nodding
(22.) Favorite book? maximum ride. ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xd
(23.) Favorite Ice cream flavor? probably chocolate chip cookie dough icecream heart
(1.) How much gold do you have right now? 13586
(2.) What is your favorite color?black and white
(24.) What color would you like to dye your hair right now? (real life and gaia) well, i have black hair, so i'd like to get a orange highlight (one) on my bangs... or normal brown highlights XP
(24.) What color would you like to dye your hair right now? (real life and gaia) the same as my av

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