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imma happy peanut short and stout.

here is.....yeah i dont know where im goin with this

when are trades going back up???
q domokun q domokun q domokun q domokun q domokun q domokun q domokun
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Hey everyone.

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theres no 'everyone'....its just me
he wakes up in the morning
does his teeth bite to eat and he's rolling
never changes a thing
the week ends the week begins
she thinks, we look at each other
wondering what the other is thinking
but we never say a thing
and these crimes between us grow deeper
take these chances
place them in a box until a quieter time
lights down, you up and die
goes to visit his mommy
she feeds him well his concerns he forgets them
and remembers being small
playing under the table and dreaming
driving along on this highway
all these cars and upon the sidewalk
people in every direction
no words exchanged, no time to exchange and when
all the little ants are marching
red and black antennae waving
they all do it the same
they all do it the same way
candyman tempting the thoughts of a
sweet tooth tortured by weight loss
program cutting the corners
loose end, loose end cut cut
on the fence, not to offend
cut cut cut cut
take these chances
place them in a box until a quieter time
lights down you up and die
lights down you up and die

~Ants marching~ dave matthews
dave matthews satellite

satellite in my eyes
like a diamond in the sky
how i wonder
satellite strung from the moon
and the world your balloon
peeping tom for the mother station
winter's cold spring erases
and the calm away by the storm is chasen
everything good needs replacing
look up, look down all around, hey satellite
satellite headlines read
someone's secrets you've seen
eyes and ears have been
satellite dish in my yard
tell me more, tell me more
who's the king of your satellite castle?
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I have lots of ink
winter's cold spring erases
rest high above the cloud; no restriction
television we bounce 'round the world
and while i spend these hours five senses reeling
i laugh about this weatherman's satellite eyes

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