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Gift giving.

post what you are questing for then give a gift to the poster above you.
you may not get your quest but a gift is always very nice. use it to get gold fro your quest or keep it because it is a nice gift.

I am questing a Nightmare scarf!
Mini quest ink

you CAN post more then once as long as you keep giveing as well
exclaim Edit: exclaim you CAN gift anyone but you HAVE to gift the poster above you
I like gifts too if you would like to gift me for starting this up you can
NO MORE PM FOR NOW I CAN"T HANdlE all of them if you message i will just delete it
1.if you post you HAVE TO give somthing
2. do not be mean
3. follow Gaia TOs
4. no complaining about your gift
5.If you got your quest item or something over 10k let me know who gave it to you

MINI game

Do to stupidity and many players not reading the rules mini games are closed
White list:
MischieviousAndDemented-(first post)
That ONE Boss---multiple quest gifts
Alexander The Rad --------Gave Cee 5k
GreatWizzardess----- Gave 5k!!!
aznweirdoboi3 donated a wild things
Grace of Aphrodite from Aulora
crescenticey donated a 2nd gen death whisper
wabblywaldo donated a black veil
shihai_mujutsu gave GO headphones
zackiekins" a frostbite blade

Black list:
vampyie- not giving gifts
Goh Girl- not gifting
Death Angel From Hell- not gifting
cassie_girl199612--- not gifting
angelbaby740.------not gifting

Death Angle of Hell.
Loki Ziering
MischieviousAndDemented's avatar

Friendly Foe

sounds like fun whee
What's the difference between questing & wanting?
Ceeshnia's avatar

Omnipresent Phantom

questing elemental hair....

um...what is the person above
Cee questing?

getting you the present 3nodding
Alruna Rose 3rd Gen.
se faire belle
What's the difference between questing & wanting?

how much you want the item/if you are saving just for it or not
Yea, I'll do it! blaugh <- That doesn't mean laughing in my way. It means big smile.
enchantedsleeper's avatar

Eloquent Explorer

I predict a lot of junk-giving xD But it's still a good idea; I'm up for it.

I'm questing a Masterpiece for one of my mule accounts.
Grace of aphrodite... xd
(my post)
Nightmare scarf quest <----- join date MC
Anythink pink.
The Carrot Shuffle's avatar

Wheezing Smoker

-Hello everyone!-

I'm questing Coco The Plushie Kitty!

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