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YEA 0.44143247948272 44.1% [ 1775 ]
NO 0.27256901268341 27.3% [ 1096 ]
CHICKEN!!! 0.28599850783387 28.6% [ 1150 ]
Total Votes:[ 4021 ]
87. YES! It was so fun!
29. Do you own your own computer??
well kinda but if i get in trouble my mom can TECHNICALLY take it away. i didnt pay for it so i guess SHE owns it.
258Mudvayne: don’t know any
88. ...No. I don't like frogs.
30. do you own your own phone??
well i guess its under my own name.. but my mom pays for it so TECHNICALLY yes and no.
259Did you know a lot of those bands? yes
Meh scared to attempt =P.

89. No. I was actually looking for leprachauns. I thought they would eat me in my sleep, or turn me into a bunch of gold.
31. Do you have cable/digital cable/satellite in your room??
not yet. im moving.
32. how many vhs movies do you own??
i dunno i dont count my freakin movies.. who does tht??
90. No, but I have some pretty good ideas.
33. How many DVDs do you own??
again i dont count any movies.. its lame.
34. how many cds do you own??
DONT COUNT. get it??
91. I didn't write a book!
35. Do you still have cassette tapes??
I think so..

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