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So coool!
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Lets have fun ! :]
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so do we get anything from this ball?
Yay my first ever ball!
Hello,good to see another ball.
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Cheer up and dry your damp eyes and tell me when it rains
And I’ll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins

[{[I've been waiting for this for three hours now its here. <333]}]

Cuz your heart has a lack of color and we should’ve known
That we’d grow up sooner or later cuz we wasted all our free time alone

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Welcome one and all to the Ball!
I am your Host, Freaksrus!
I am here to monitor events and make sure you have a fun and non time changing Event.
T- Corp has provided us with their latest Time gadgets.

Intro from Mog

Mog sighed and grumbled to herself, smoothing out her rather tacky lab coat. “Stupid Mrs. Chambers… Why in the world would she make us work today?” She made her way to one of the portals, a special plasma tool in one hand, key in the other. Mog continued to grumble as she worked “I could look fantastic in a pretty dress right now, mingling with all these people we worked to hard to entertain, but nooo…”
“Talking to yourself?” Freaksrus said, making Mog jump and hit her head.
“Oh, its you. You scared me.”
“Bummer we have to work, right?” Freaksrus said with a sigh.
“Yea. You would think we could at least have some decorations around here!” Mog spread her arms wide, as if to add to the effect. The room where the portals were kept was off the main science building owned by Mrs. Chambers. This particular room was normally for seminars to be held or for the rare office parties because of its large space. It, like most of the building, was painted a very muted color; this one happened to be a grayish-blue. There were a few white leather lounge chairs on the dark hardwood floor, but they were more for show than sitting. There was a huge suggestion machine sitting on a large round corner desk that a receptionist would normally sit at. The only decoration in here were some feeble streamers and a “Welcome to The Ball!” banner hung up behind the portals.
Voices came from Freaksrus’s earpiece. “Oh. I gotta go, looks like there is someone missing a toe in the future… must be the portal not calibrating the molecules right.” She gave Mog a hearty slap on the back, almost knocking the wind out of her. “Ahh, the price of running a giant party spread through time!” Freaksrus chuckled and walked off. Mog sighed once again and went back to work on her portal.

There are several places in time you can go to:

Ancient World --Poyudi Hytori
Ancient Asia - Tsukirisa
Medieval Times - [ color=limegreen ]
Victorian Age - AGCourtney
The Wild Wild West- dolly14
1920s --Ariaziane
1950s --Indigo Oblivion
1960s/70s --Your_Dying_Wish123
Modern Times --unfamiliar flying objects
Da Future --Teh DCB

Once you have chosen your place to party, you'll need equipment.
So, Everyone please don this neat little bracelet/watch.

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And step into the portal.
heya freaks i knew you would get this ball rEADY!
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...This thread is going to move awfully fast now. neutral
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T Corp!? D:< Whatever happened to G Corp huh? >> We're watching you...

Just kidding. XP Great idea...

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vegasshopgirl rolled 5 20-sided dice: 18, 8, 6, 9, 8 Total: 49 (5-100)

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What a nice thing to do for Gaians.

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