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A Quatro, Tilty, and friends art freebie thread!

Welcome, welcome, one and all to another grand event! Well, maybe not so grand but enough to draw out a few of us artist-types in the spirit of things, ne? If you like having a grand ol' time, possibly getting free art, and don't mind the crazy-ness that is this bunch...feel free to join us as we celebrate R&C style. <3

Intro: You Are Here
Post 2: Quatro's Goodies
Post 3: Tilty's Goodies
Post 4: Guest Artists
Post 5: Pickup
Post 6: Extraaaa...<
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Ballsy Freebies

Come get your Quatro-art! Completed freebies also found in Tilty's post below!
Quatro Pick ups

Bunny Pantsu
Damio Roncartica
PhaeriTorAna & Quatro


Le Lang
Drejan Vith
Katamari Pantsu

TEKTEK CHALLENGE!: Aekea inspired look
Winner is Zombiemmy!

Wanna gamble further for a freebie? Tektek me! If I love your look, not only will I wear it, but you'll get arts! 3nodding
Required items:
Oculus magica
Shadowform (usually looks like THIS or THIS). Good luck! User Image
DEADLINE-(depending on number of entries & length of Ball event) Midnight July 16th


Phaeri TorAna
Dreamer Zephan
Siin Adonai
Martyn Omega
Notorious Betty Paige

Abe Sapien By Phaeri
Abe Sapien (female) by Laili
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~*Tilteh's Shizz*~

Allo, allo, fantastic peepolz. My freebies are very, very random. I'll be using OpenCanvas for mah doodles and the quality depends on my mood. Stick around and I might randomly pick you for my victim. <3

Sampulz, ZOMG!
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Our buddies like to draw, too, yoz. If you're good, maybe one of them will join in on the art givings. <3

Lending their talents we have...
Yaneci DeNovi
Andrae Spektor
Moon-lit Rose-bud
Le Lang

And more to come. <3

If you are an artist buddy of our's and wanna get in on the action, PM Tilty with a link to samples and I'll toss ya up.
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All finished works in this thread will be posted here so keep an eye out, yoz.

Quatro By Andrae Spektor
Madame Cowie By Yaneci DeNovi
Katamari Pantsu By Quatro
TorAna By Affinitas
Kei Asaki By Yaneci
mmariep2 By Tilty
TorAna by Quatro
Elec Fishyyy By Tilty
Tilty By Chiriashi
Drejan Vith By Tilty
Quatro and Error By AirConditioning
Error by Marie
Tilty By Momoka
Drejan Vith By Quatro
Twist By Momoka
TRex and Momoka By Momoka
Marie by Moon
Marie by Momoka
Explosive By Quatro
Pinkmeansevil By Quatro
Fishy By Quatro
Error By Quatro
Langy By Quatro
Katapants By Momoka
Katapants By Affinitas
Chamo By Affinitas
Fishy By Dessu
Moon By Explosive
Tryp By Dessu
Langy By Yaneci
Phae By Langy
Quatro By Langy
Zarq By Langy
Rex By Langy
Quatro By Yane
Langy By Moon
Quatro By Pink
Quatro And TorAna By Quatro
Coreona By Momoka
CBunny By Momoka
Pocky By Momoka
IMarius By Quatro
Quatro By Affinitas
Livia By Momoka
Death By Momoka
TRex By Momoka
Pink By Momoka
Livia By Iris
Quatro By Momoka
IMarius By Momoka
Purple By Iris
Momoka By Yane
Lestat By Momoka
Quatro By Purple
Phae By Quatro
Quatro And Tilty By Moon
Purple By Affinitas
Tilty By Affinitas
IMarius By Tilty
Quatro and Damio By Quatro
Rex By Affinitas
Quatro/Phae By Quatro
Quatro By Tilty
Kata BUNNY By Quatro
Tilty By Langy
Langy By Tilty
Phae By Langy
Quatro By JustPlainJoe
Fishy By Langy
Kiyo By Tilty
Rex By Tilty
Moon By Momoka
Phae By Momoka
Kitsu By Momoka
Riona and Tilty By Katapants
Quatro By Kitsu
Victar By Fishy
Dessu By Asi
Betty By Asi
Rex By Asi
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This post is for extra junkssss. Possibly contests? O:

Or art for US? Because...y'know...we love art, too. ZOMGDRAWME! *flails*
is it okay to post yet? ill delete mine if it isnt.
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Yeah, it's cool, post away. <3
YAY!!! Jenn and Quatro ROCK!!!
heart heart heart
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*breaks in with the rest of the people waiting* gahhhhh! @____@ *tumbles in*
So Ladiiiiies.
what is up?
Uh oh a victim!*Legasp*
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*shimmies on down doing the Charleston* whee
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User ImageAfternoon...

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