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Feuer BonBon
Feuer BonBon
Me? :3

That gif in your sig was really cute to watch until I realized that the girl had hideous bumps on her body.
Poodles in leotards though, very cute. :3

LOL That's the reason why I put it up. xD
And it's creepy. o.o
She looks like a poodle. D:< There is an excersize video for it, go look in my profile comments. A friends sent it to me xD

I got that she was a poodle, but for a second she reminded me of Popeye the Sailor. XD

I never looked at it that way. XD!!
Nice. :3
I was looking up "Scary Lady" On photobucket, and she popped up.
Nevrotic_Cookie's avatar

Assimilated Prophet

oooo! very very Intresting style! Must watch u!
Your art ish so sexy! =o <333 I would love it if you check out any of my OCs! ;DD CLICK BABEH!
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Tipsy Fatcat

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Am I too bright?
Or too peppy?
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    Superb art.
    I'm envious. :)

[ Ἀ φ ρ ο δ ί τ η ]
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Aged Genius

Kind of you to do free art heart
User Image
S ♥ u ♥ m ♥ m ♥ e ♥ r is ~H♦E♦R♦E~

My avatar's not exactly y right now... User Image

User Image
and we're living freeUser Image
hello there peoples of earth!

User Image

Thanks for all the wonderful comments you guys. <3
o r g a s m i c hobo
o r g a s m i c hobo

I absolutely adore your avatar.
The colors are amazing.

Thanks. :]
Took forever to design this. o.o

I love how yours has that neck thingy and the cage looking mask.
It looks like you have a huge cage on that you cant take off. X3

It's adorable!! x3

I bet! Matching those colors must have been a pain in the a**.
Aw gee thanks.
Mines kind of just me looking through items and going
"Ooo! that's hot" and throwing it on there. xD
But I'm glade you like it. <33

Oh yeah. @.@;;
You welcome. ;D
ROFLMAO That's awesome. xD
I love it. =o
Atrocious Nothing

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Hey hun! ;D -Huggles-
User Image
.::.You’ve never been so divine in accepting your defeat,
and I’ve never been more scared to be alone.::.

A freebie thread eh? Oooo heres my change to capture an authentic Atrocious Nothing atrs!

Consider the Choco Kitty?

Jesus: OMG! It's Jesus! Holy Christ!

-bursts into flames-


.::.If Since love is not enough to put my enemies to sleep,
then Now I’m putting out the lantern, find your own way back home.::.
I would love to be drawn ^_^
Guess I'm not dark enough D:
User Image

I need cookies!!!

Hello peoples.

...and ink!!!

User Image
I would like to be drawn if you like my avatar

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