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Hello there! I'm looking for a couple neat avatars to draw!

To all of those who desperately want my art, I'll say this once and only once, do NOT try to bribe me or commission me. My prices are too high for their own good, and I don't want anyone harassing me about it.

I tend not to like:

Cluttered Avatars/OCs.
Colourful [to an extent].
Muscular men.
Drawing ugly hats/glasses.
Furries [ears and a tail are fine though].
[This will probably get updated when I'm a bit more awake]

I love drawing "dark" characters, and I mean OC's and avatars [Yes! You can post your OC on here if you want too! If you do, please post a picture of your OC as well]. And I make alllllll the people I draw pale. That doesn't mean I won't give it a purple tint to it, I just dislike giving people normal skin colours.

You may PM me, but please don't keep bothering me, asking if your avatar is good enough. If it is, I'll be posting your username on the second post! [Don't worry, I make sure I go through every page].

So! Here's some samples!

User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image


User Image


None yet! ;O
my avatar is the opposite of dark D:
try anyways? splash some blood in there? maybe change her skin to grey? ninja
Sariah-Forestgirl's avatar

Dapper Explorer

I dun have a boyfriend for you to draw ;>>

But my avatar is sexy! I hope ;>> I think it is...
Sexily-evil x3

But your drawings are gorgeous!
My avatar is not technically dark..
But it is uber sexy.
Care to draw?

You can add dark touches to it! :33
Strawberry Strudel's avatar


or do I have to take off more clothes?

I like your drawing style :3
FAGATRON 3000's avatar

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Let me just say right now, your drawings are orgasmic.
Seriously. O.O
Teefie's avatar

Fanatical Flatterer

Imma have to watch you on dA. <333
I would love some art in your style, I can't ever come close to that dark of art
[Nothing is good or bad...]

That's quite a unique art style. Very nice work!

I am interested to see what gaians you select as your muses. ninja

[...but thinking makes it so.]
User Image

`Teh Endless Sky w a a nn t s ;;
Q u e s t i n g ;; My Nitemare Scarfuuu {{ Buying Game Items! }}
Donate and make Sky Happy ;3

I remember you, I bid on one of your last auctions x]
Anyway, My avie is thoo cutie for your art D;

`T h e E n d l e s s - S k y <33 ;;

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