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Do you like to dance?

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No 0.13128491620112 13.1% [ 141 ]
Total Votes:[ 1074 ]
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Arias The Night Rose

Bree made her way over to a deserted table and sat down with her drink.

'I wonder how long this will last.', she pondered.

"Hello miss, how do you do?" Arias surprised her from behind. "I noticed you just entered and you were looking sort of bored. May I assist you with something?"

Bree twirled around at the voice behind her.

"Hello. No I think Im good, thank you."
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Proxy Borg

((Jesse.. I only went to one.. and it was boring enough to send me back here..where there is actually something going on..))
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Shane nodded when Jenn thanked him for the rose. As he started to introduce himself, he gently took Jenn's left hand with his right hand. Softly kissing the back of her hand, like they did in older times, he stated his first name. "Shane, but you can call me what ever you want.." ... "..and what might your name be.."
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ya well alot of the other threads i saw were ones complaining bout how tere were no items and stuff then there were alot of contest ones to i think
Gets up to get more punch but instead is interested in other beverages. She gets a cold glass of soda.
"Always good to try new things" she thought to herself.
Jenn blushed again as Shane took her hand. "I'm Jenn," she said with a smile. She then nodded and said, "Shane. That's a nice name."
Nick smiled, and accepted the drink. "Oh, thank you." he nodded. "I was starting to get a little light-headed."
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Arias The Night Rose
Arias The Night Rose

"Why, thank you. It would be nothing if it weren't for the wonderful guests." she gave a light bow at the wave. "I am very glad you are enjoying yourself."

Imigine returned her bow with a curtsy. "I glad that you are enjoying this as much as your guests are. I'm Imigine. May I ask your name, miss?"

"Yes you may. My name is Arias, what is yours?" she asked politely.

"My name is Imigine. But you can call me Imi for short. It's probably easier." Imigine glanced around at her fellow guests. People were continuing to arrive. "It was a great pleasure to meet you, Arias. But I feel selfish keeping you here talking with me. I ought to mingle, as well." She gave another curtsy to the girl who had so graciously come and spoken with her.

Bree turned back to the boy.

"So, uh, my name is Brianna but people just call me Bree. What might your name be?"

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Proxy Borg

Nick smiled, and accepted the drink. "Oh, thank you." he nodded. "I was starting to get a little light-headed."
ya then it's good i came by, i'm Jessica by the way
oh boy! a dance! i hope someone will dance with me! n_n
Jasper Cullen-Hale
Jasper Cullen-Hale

Bree looked at the sights around her.

'Well,' she thought, 'I suppose I'll get a drink.'


Bree looked up, almost startled.

"Oh! Hello." She replied shyly.

Jasper smiled and saw Arias appear and continued to smile but also got a drink.

"So we meet again.." Arias said with a smile eying his drink. She had just realized she had not drunk or ate anything since while back. "Excuse me..." she said to a waiter passing by. "Would you mind a Margarita please?" she said with a smile and waiter nodded. "Without salt please." she reminded him.
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Proxy Borg

srry guys i have to go but i'll try to come back later. bye everyone
Pokette pushes the beverage to the side and decides to draw for a little bit.
((Sorry it took me so long to post last time... I got lost in a daze...))
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Smiling at the compliment, Shane said "well, thank you.. He still held Jenn's hand.. "I like your name as well.."
He motioned towards the dance floor and raised an eyebrow.
Would you..like to dance?"

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"Well thank you again, Jessica." he smiled once more, before turning to gaze up at the ceiling with a content look on his face.
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Imigine moved to sit next to Pokette. "What're you drawing?"

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