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Do you like to dance?

Yes 0.86871508379888 86.9% [ 933 ]
No 0.13128491620112 13.1% [ 141 ]
Total Votes:[ 1074 ]
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Finally, some people on the brighter side of things..
I've been going from topic to topic trying to find a place where everyone isn't moping and groaning about how they're so disappointed about how the ball turned out because it isn't what they expected...
Anyways, how is it going, people?
Would you say it's time to bust a move..?

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that is so true but come on the event just started today theres still chance they'll release something so we should just stop moping and start having some fun
Anyone care to dance with me...?
Arias walks into a round room filled with people. She waves her black dress and bows with respect to all who are looking. "How are you all today?"
lol i just been lookin for a place that looks like fun t
and this one dose ^^
comes in and bows sorry am I interrupting? *looks at the music and dances to one I know* am I spamming?
Take me for what I am, who I was meant to be...

Lirael spun her way into the one room that actually seemed to be enjoying the ball. "Hello all! How are all of you this fine day?" She asked as her spin slowed to a stop.

And if you give a damn, take me baby. Or leave me.
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Proxy Borg

anyone care to dance?
I suck at dancing but I enjoy watching.
*curtsies in return* Just fine, ma'am, and how might you bee on this fine evening?
Nick sighed and scanned the room. Everyone seemed to be pretty happy. "I can't remember the last time I was at something like this.." he said to himself, with a slight smile.
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Proxy Borg

I suck at dancing but I enjoy watching.
lol don't worry i'm a horrible dancer as well and ur right it is nice to watch people to
I suck at dancing but I enjoy watching.

same here, i trip and fall everywhere
Arias spotted Nick and saw him alone. She walked gracefully and bowed. "How do you do?"
I suck at dancing but I enjoy watching.

same here, i trip and fall everywhere

I am a pretty good dancer, besides it is so much fun!
Glancing over at the girl, he grinned and nodded. "Ah, hello. Who might you be?"

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