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Do you like to dance?

Yes 0.86871508379888 86.9% [ 933 ]
No 0.13128491620112 13.1% [ 141 ]
Total Votes:[ 1074 ]
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Today begins Gaia's 6th Anual Ball!
So everyone dress up and dance!
If this were really a ball, and we could all dress up with our gaia clothes...What would we do?
Who would we dance with? And what would of happened?
It's all up to you!
So come up and dance!
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Wonderful idea, luv. :3
Looks like fun.

Thanks! Enjoy!

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Proxy Borg

sounds like fun even though i'm not rlly dressed up or anything lol
Doesn't matter. The point is to enjoy the event as much as possible!
Ill go get changed. (avi)

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Proxy Borg

Arias The Night Rose
Doesn't matter. The point is to enjoy the event as much as possible!
ya guess ur right though i still think i should change into something more formal lol
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Finally, some people on the brighter side of things..
I've been going from topic to topic trying to find a place where everyone isn't moping and groaning about how they're so disappointed about how the ball turned out because it isn't what they expected...
Anyways, how is it going, people?
Would you say it's time to bust a move..?

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Yeah you could...
Nice avi Informity!
And yes you are totally right.
I wouldn't mind dancing at all.
And thank you, it is going well. How about you?
At least some of us are trying to have fun. ^_^ Here's to good spirit!
edit: And thank you, Arias. Yours is nice, too.

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