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do u like miley cyrus?

HELLO NO SHE A BITCHY HORE 0.76923076923077 76.9% [ 20 ]
YEA I RLLY ADMIRE HER SHE ROCKS 0.038461538461538 3.8% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 26 ]
i dont like miley but i made this to see how much haters she has..
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no i dont like her.......... razz
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me no likey miley... lol, shes such a whoe
i hate miley cyrus she gave a lap dance to a 44 year old u can say yuck
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Miley Cyrus doesnt realize that little girls look up to her as a role model. shes my age and i dont even do that kinda crap that shes doing. can you say, mini lohan much?
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i dont like the way she acts but i adore her muisc paarty in the usa 7 things when i look at u and cant be tamed among the few i love. so for her music 5 heart stars for the way she acts 0 evil stars
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what a hoe...
No now gtfo. This forum is a waste of time seeing how the people above cant spell worth a s**t.
She's a whore that doesnt deserve our attention.
At first she was okay but she just went down hill as she grew older. She is a bad role model basically telling little kids that love Hannah that it is okay to dress like that and swear. And I think she goes through relationships so quickly. So the answer is NOOOO!!!!!!!
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well i liked some of her songs but after her song can't be tamed i think she's gone wako and that's not like her
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Greedy Bloodsucker

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I never liked her voice.

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