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.: Anima Mundi :.

User ImageMagnificent torches greet you, four on each side, in a long hallway as you step onto the welcoming, purple carpet. As you leave the marble archways of the entrance hall behind, you follow the carpet into an enormous, marble chamber. In the center of the room and the end of the carpet sits a desk made of the same stone as the structure itself.

Behind the desk sits a thin woman in purple, her brown hair draped over her piercing, green eyes. She gives you a brilliant smile, and her voice resonates through the chamber as she speaks to you. "Welcome, Gaian, to the 5th Annual GAIA Ball. I am your hostess, Leyna; let me know if I can help you in any way. Up the stairs behind me you will find portals to all of the different rooms we have to offer you this year. Mind your limbs as you step through them!"

The portals the hostess indicated suddenly appear behind her: which will you choose?

///// Room Description written by TKid

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::: Rooms and Hosts :.

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Garden of Eden - Liefizul
Museum of atlantis - Astera_Renata
Blazing Combustion Room - Fleeples
Elegant Tempest Room - [albert wesker]
Artificial Room - System Virus
Dark Room - ~Mog~_v2.0
Light Room - Freaksrus
Chaos Room - Elindranyth

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::: Rules :.

User ImageJust follow the Terms of Service and the Rules & Guidelines and everything should be fine.

Flaming and Drama isn't welcome here. If you're just posting to bash on another user, take it to someone who'll care. And by the way, it ain't me.

Cyberz is a BIG no-no. So keep it in your e-pants.

No BUMPing. That may work in most threads, but this a sticky. It's got the ULTIMATE bump.

No spam either. As much as I'd love to see a torrent of nonsense flood from your post, i don't think other users who are chatting and hanging out would appreciate it.

No Trolling. If you're gonna be an a** monkey, just no. No.

But most importantly: Have fun, live long, and prosper.

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::: Posting Etiquette :.

User ImageTo keep things a but easier to read for some people who may be a bit blinder then the rest of us.

Keep your font colours to darker tones. The lighter the colour, the harder it can be to see.

Try and keep your fonts to size 9 and above. Anything smaller and no one will be able to read it. And if your font size is 10 or below; don't bold it. I myself have a hard time reading that.

That being said, it would not be a good idea to have your font size above size 18. Bigger isn't always better folks.

Don't post text or pictures that will stretch the page. Over all it just makes things harder to read.

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::: Menu :.

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. razz ost 1 ::: Intro ::: Room and Host List ::: Rules

. razz ost 2 ::: Thank You! ::: Auction Winners

. razz ost 3 ::: FAQ

. razz ost 4 ::: Contest Winners

. razz ost 5 ::: Memories
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.: Thank You :.

Just a quick thanks to everyone who attended this wouldn't have been such a success without you. And for those of you interested in helping out for next year there's a 6th Annual Ball Guild. Again, Thank you and see you hopefully next year!

and a BIIIIIIIG Thank you to Dri who's had to put up with my crazy ramblings and requests!!!

Now... Go Home! It's over xd

I appreciate the great support we've gotten from the community! Without any of you this definitely wouldn't be such a hit.

User ImageAnd thank you to everyone who's worked on this not only our hosts, but everyone who has been contributing ideas and advertising for us from the beginning and helping us with our graphics and contest ideas!

User ImageAnd those who helped make these wonderful banners for the rooms and our signatures!

Ali The Dairy Queen
Angel Of Inveigle
Cube B

E m o-L o v e-S t o r y

General Tso


User ImageI want to thank the guilds who sponsored/advertised for the ball! And you should check them out too.

.:Guilds Sponsering Us:

United Forums of Gaia
Beltane Fire

Aged Gaians Guild

User Image
::: Donators :.

[The Archer]

Acid Tea

Angel Of Inveigle


Joshua S.

Lord Duke


Renee the Rabid Squirrel

Semi Lionhart

Serenity Alure

Tai Naito
Trix Starlight
Tseta C. Aito


Dark messengerr

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::: Auction Winners :.

User ImageThe winner of the profile auction who contributed about 400K


User ImageAnd the amazing artist who's work was being auctioned:

Futo Maki

User ImageHere's the list of the winners (who contributed over 900K to this ball) who made bids in the Mod Undie Auction.

Dante San


Isaviel Beckett
Jonas Albrecht
Kiodie Raventree


Siin Adonai

User ImageAlso a HUGE thank you to all the mods who donated their underoos to the ball and made the auction such a success!

Anathema Device

Barbie slave

Lluvia Maya


Pandora Box

Seth Darkheart

The Iconoclast

Xiahou Dun

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.: F. A. Q. :.

User ImageThe Qestions were taken from a F.A.Q. written by Razumi Yazura two years ago. They withstand the test of time, so might as well take my own spin at them.

Ball F.A.Q.

User ImageQ)What is the Annual Gaian Ball?

The Annual Gaian Ball is an event made by and for the users of Gaia Online. It's about hanging out and having fun, RPing a bit and getting to know the other users in this huge community we call Gaia.

In 2003, Misao made the first ever Annual Ball. The admins were so impressed with what she'd done that they released the red rose corsage and black bow tie for her ball. Note that these were the first non-store items on Gaia ever!

In 2004, Misao refused to make the next annual ball convinced that the greed on Gaia was far too much to yield it. In light of that challenge, Setzer appeared. He made a topic in QnF calling for people to help out and make the 2nd Annual Ball. This year, instead of one host there were many each with their own distinct rooms (which i myself was a part of). It gained so much popularity amongst the users that Setzer decided to ask for our own forum to party in. As some of you know, the answer was yes. This was the first time Gaia had ever opened a Forum up for a user run event. Really this ball is extraordinary. Not only that, but again the admins seemed to be impressed and decided to release the G-pins (much to everyone's surprise since we (the hosts) didn't think there would be ANY items involved. I personally wear that G-Pin with pride.

In 2005, it was that time again. Setzer passed the torch onto Razumi Yazura to host the third annual ball since Setz thought that it would be best to change the main hosts every year (a very wise decision i think). That year we developed a theme which was planetary. All the rooms were based off of planets, but they each had their own underlying themes. Again the ball gained popularity and of course we asked for a forum. But this time we were getting the mansion! This of course was the first and last time the mansion was going to be opened for a User event. No items this year, but it was still a HUGE success!

In 2006, The fourth annual ball was hosted in a guild since the admins didn't want to open up the mansion any more for the ball. Needless to say it was a quiet year that year, but it was the first ball that had a plot totally made by the users! Quiet but still a success and fun!

And now my friends it's 2007. I was waiting around to hear any word of the 5th Annual Ball but there was none. I was getting so worried that this treasure of Gaian history would be long forgotten, so in desperation and a bit of pride i decided to take up the job as Main host and call on the community to help me make this one of the best! As you can see we've managed to get a forum for this year and with your help, this will be one to remember!

User ImageQ) Is this an official event?

This isn't an official event from Gaia as it is user-run. We are merely supported by the admins (ie. the forums).

And for the LAST time. This is not the anniversary ball, that's in February and is an actual Gaia Online admin-run event.

User ImageQ) Will I get a free item?

That is a tricky question to answer since the first two years yielded items, yet the last two years didn't.

BUT it is safe to say that NO you will most likely not be getting items. The choice to give out items for this ball is purely up to the administration and we have no say in that (as far as I know).

There are contests and tons of items (already in existence) that were donated to us that you could win though, so don't be too dismayed!

User ImageQ)What have the past Balls been like?

The first annual ball, at the time were the Gaia population was tiny compared to what it is now, was held in Barton town and treated like a typical role playing ball thread. Then there was the surprised of the red rose corsage and the black bow ties!

The second year was much different, not only did we have our own forum, but multiple threads/rooms to hang out in each with a different atmosphere. This ensured that EVERYONE had at least one room they felt at home in. And then Gino decided to pass around G-pins, another huge surprise!

The third year was much like the second, multiple rooms and such. But this year had a theme that was planetary, but each of the rooms still had their own type of atmosphere.

The fourth year was held in a Guild, so it wasn't quite as busy and hectic as it is with the balls that had their own forums. It also had a story line that had you on the edge of your seat the whole way through!

User ImageQ)What is this years theme?

Our theme is elemental.

User ImageQ) What are the elements?
Each element is as listed along with their own atmospheres:

Anima Mundi - You're in this room already. It's the spirit of all the elements and is a sort of entry way into all of them.

The Garden of Eden - This represents the element of earth. It's theme is nature.

Museum of Atlantis - This represents the element of water. It has an art museum theme.

Elegant Tempest - This represents the element of wind. It has a formal theme.

Blazing Combustion Room - This represents the element of fire. It has a wild party theme.

Artificial Room - This represents the element of metal. It has a robotic theme.

Dark Room - This represents the element of darkness. It has a nitemare theme.

Light - This represents the element of light. It has an angelic theme.

and last but not least...

Chaos - This represents the element of Chaos. It's theme is random.

User ImageQ) Who are the hosts?

Spirit - Main Host: Leyna

Earth - Host: Liefizul
----------Co-Host: ChobitsLover
----------Co-Host: Cube B

Water - Host: Astera_Renata
----------Co-Host: ThePhantomDork

Wind - Host: [Albert Wesker]
----------Co-Host: TKid

Fire - Host: Fleeples
----------Co-Host: [Elske]-[XXIX]
----------Co-Host: color=limegreen (who sadly couldn't be with us today)

metal - Host: System Virus
----------Co-Host: Semi Leonhart

Dark - Host: ~Mog~ v 2.0
----------Co-Host: Pchui
----------Co-Host: PLiR

Light - Host: Freaksrus
----------Co-Host: Lynz

Chaos - Host: Elindraynth
----------Co-Host: Josh S.
----------Co-Host: reddy2bplayd
----------Co-Host: Axmanian

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.: Contest Winners :.

Mr. and Ms. Eden Contest

User ImageUser Image

cutecomicguy and Arshtat Falenas

Mr. and Ms. Combustion Contest

User ImageUser Image

KaiserFlame and Totalfreakshow

Mr. and Ms. Chaos Contest

User ImageUser Image

ChinoMahouTsukai and Hitomi Katsumi


Mr. and Ms. Dark Room Contest

User ImageUser Image

[Leggo-My-Eggo] and Necrowitch

Mr. and Ms. Elegant Tempest

User ImageUser Image

Aegis-Eishiki and Coolkat753


Mr. and Ms. Light Room Contest

User ImageUser Image

King-Of-Nobody and HelloKitty88


Mr. and Ms. Artificial Room

User ImageUser Image

Garurumon6 and `Aion

Mr. and Ms. Museum of Atlantis

User ImageUser Image

By saniariya
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Uhhh. Thanks for the welcome!
Hello. This should prove to be an interesting event.
Hello. This should prove to be an interesting event.

Even [NPC] Cow attended. O:
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Yes, Even Celebrities attend the World Famous Gaia Annual Ball, and if years past are any indication, there will be no shortage of surprises!
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Bad Muppet
Hello. This should prove to be an interesting event.

Even [NPC] Cow attended. O:
NPC cow is where it's at.
This shall be fun. heart
Looks great so far, good job! smile
so wait this is it this is the ball ( omg i expected something better ) have fun now

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The Ball looks like fun, I hope it will be as much fun as it was Last Year.

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