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You walk down a set over stairs into a dark dim hallway. You walk forward, going forward, then you find a white door decorated with red and gold dragons and sea nymphs. You open the door and see a lake. And just a lake, no land. The water was glowing making the walls look like it was shimmering. You glance to the left and you see lamps on the walls, then table with food and drinks set up. Then you look over at the right, all you see is a line of chairs. Thne you look back at the middle and you see me standing in the middle. You wonder if I was levitating or not. Yuo walk forwards onto the water. You look down, you didn't fall. Then you look closer, you were standing on glass.
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1. roleplay form please.
2. no cybering....* i can't understand cybering *
3. have fun
4. no fights please
5. try and keep at a pg-13 level, kk?
6. thats it, have fun!!!!
*Stares for a moment back at you once I notice that Im on glass*
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She slipped inside. Glancing around, she seemed slightly nervous of stepping onto the glass lake. Instead, she walked over and sat in a chair at the very end of the line.
Itachi stares at the new comers," Welcome." Itachi bows and looks up, smiling. He steps forward, offering a hand to neverstar.

ooc: neverstar-chan. Roleplay form please.
(Oh. Ok. Thats the way most people rp in this forum so I got kinda used to it... I am usually a semi-literate person though)

Never took his hand with a smile on her face. "Thank you. You can call me Never, what can I call you?"
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She looked up as Itachi spoke, and smiled, before dropping her gaze back to the glass lake. Her reflection looked back at her with a mixture of puzzlement and fear. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat.
" Nice name, Never....Itachi." he said, standing up straight. He looked over at Alpha. He made some signs and created a clone and walked over to her.

" Hello, how are you?" he bowed slightly and offered a hand.
"If your so good a Ninjutsu then why do we have glass on the lake?" Never asked with an eyebrow raised, but still maintained her smile.
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Alpha looked up at him, and smiled gently smiled, taking his hand. "Alpha is good." she said, speaking quietly and shyly.
" Because....so that the everyone can walk on the water too. "he said, smiling at her.

" Alright, Alpha. I'm Itachi...." he said, smiling at her too. He bent down and kissed her hand.
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She blushed deeply, and felt herself grow shy once again. "Hello, Itachi."
"So your really an Uchiha huh? Cool. Its hard to find someone who is like you- let alone talk to them." Never smiled as she talked. Yes- She knew who Uchiha Itachi was. But she beleived that maybe he wasnt such a bad guy after all. "Would you like to dance?" Never asked. She was differant from other girls, usually others would wait until a guys asked them. But not Never.
" Sure" he grabbed her hand and but his other hand on her waist." Woul you like me to lead?" he asked, looking into her eyes.

" Would you like to dance, Alpha-chan?" Itachi 2 asked.

ooc: origionaly, itachi is evil and awesome, but I feel all good guy and stuff right now! Sorry!
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Blinking, Alpha smiled, and nodded. "Sure."

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