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Desdemona Winchcombe
Des found herself intrigued by the riddle-teller and approached as the clown asked the mouth question.

"I think I know, but it's your riddle," she told Shipiro.

Shipiro blushed "its ok i don't know it so you can answer it" she said to des
The Nameless smiled and began to play a soothing tone on her flute again, letting the others work it out.
"It's a river, isn't it?" Des crossed her arms and grinned eagerly.
Shipiro sat not to far from Nameless looking at her.
Turning to des she says "hey that makes sense..alot more than mine did at least"
The Nameless smiled, her cheeks a little pink from all the attention.

"Correct! Here's another: I am taken into a dark room, then set on fire. If I begin to weep, you cut my head off. What am I?"
The girl sat intensely thinking "um it might me wrong but a candle?"
The Nameless looked intensely pleased!

"Oh how wonderful!" she says. "Correct! Here's another: What stinks when living but smells good when dead?"
"That, I have no idea," Des scratched her head.
The girl shook her head "i don't know either it sounds like a flower though"
"Flowers don't smell good dead!" said the Nameless, then sat back. "No, a pig. When it's dead, you get bacon, which smells nice!" she said, giggling.

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