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The Nameless Clown is an object of intellectual pleasure. No matter how you might try to upset her, she'll always be in her normal, sweet and gentle mood.

Her name, at least, her fake name, is Anika, an official and full-fledged Nameless.

The Nameless Clowns do not look like their carnival kin or their circus cousins; they actually seem to go unnoticed. This one has seem to have taken up her place in the very large gazebo outside, where she sits and plays her lute in peace. She hopes that others will stop by, ask for a riddle or two, or maybe she could dance for them as she usually did for others.

Delicate fingers fluttering over the strings like butterflies over sweet nectar.

Welcome, and enjoy your visit with the Nameless Clown!
Hello hello, and welcome! This is a place for literate folk to gather and join into some memory-making Ball RPing, and hopefully the Nameless Clown that has been provided can serve you well.

She is a professional at what she does, so please, ask her questions. Though she is already promised a very fortunate man, feel free to be a bit more than kind to her. Money will be excepted, but not expected of you... just know that the Nameless does not beg or scrounge for little monies when she could make money from entertainment!
bonjour i'd love a riddle if you would please
She perks, eyes bright and intensive.

"How hard would you like tis riddle to be?" she asks, smiling.
"It seems as I have lost my first customer..." she says, looking sad again. She wonders dully if anyone would come to see her.
"Um i wanna try easy and work my way up"
"Wonderful!" she exclaims, no longer sad looking.

"Let's see... oh! I have a good one: It walks all day around on its head. What is it?" she asks, looking cheerful.
She smiles seeing the girls now happy nature. The she faults "Cruds umm let me think" Looking a little dumbfounded
The Nameless sat back, letting the other think.
"While you're thinking, might I interest you in a bit of song?" she asks, looking a little calmer now. She puts her wooden flute to her lips again, and then begins to play a soothing, sweet tune. The air seems to feel lighter around the area.
The girl smiled and listened to the song. The song helped her calm down and her thoughts came more clearly "A nail in a horse-shoe?"
A sudden cheerful tune floated from the flute! She stopped playing, looking at the other with bright eyes.

"Wonderful! You answered correctly! Though, I have no money to pay you..." she said, a sudden change in mood. Her eyes downcast, she seemed sad.

"What else might I interest you in? My second riddle is harder." she says, a daring tone in her voice.
The girl smiled cheerfully as Nameless said she was right. "its ok i do not wish for money but only to practice and learn" the girl smiled "umm ok i'll try it but i can't promise i'll get it right again"
She thought a moment....

"Alright! What has a mouth but can't chew?" she asks.
Des found herself intrigued by the riddle-teller and approached as the clown asked the mouth question.

"I think I know, but it's your riddle," she told Shipiro.
The girl stood there and blurted out "an aligator and crocadile have a mouth but they swallow whole"
The girl covered her mouth and blushed "um thats not the correct answer i know that so let me think some more"

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