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Shades or Colours?

+o1 Shades 0.5 50.0% [ 30 ]
+o1 Colour 0.5 50.0% [ 30 ]
Total Votes:[ 60 ]
This poll closed on June 12, 2007.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Uh.. Sebby? You make no sense. Hah

Lucky seaweed..
yeah it does.. :'D
yellow.. <3

hows were you ignored?

hehe.. i got the Urbz:Sims in the City for my DS.. xDD
it was shipped from KY.. x] not like you needed to know that.. x3
but its fun.. and sometimes i get really pissed off at it.. =A=

edit:i typed 400+ words on my project sofar.. <33
one week thursday.. EXAMS... soo ill be online eairly.. :3
Seaweed should be capitalized, or else...I get confused.

Because it's like...I'm a common noun and you could be talking about actual seaweed, and not me.
panopticism's avatar

Omnipresent Prophet

Ha. xD

Eh, since journal 1 of the two summerness is done, that's means I have to do doodles and art next, better finish coloring this little comic thing first

Whitescarver's avatar

Aekea Sentai

Uh.. Sebby? You make no sense. Hah

Lucky seaweed..

Miss Kiwi ignored the Sebby! crying AIM ~shakes fist~ I love it.
hey babe! heart
Aww I love your avi Kiwi!
And I'll capitalize Seaweed next time haha

Haha sounds fun Sock, I'm like the only person who hasen't played sims.

And why would I be talking about seawed the thing??

Color Cori Color!

Oh... well I'm pretty sure she didn't mean it.
And glad you like AIM??
you should play it.. xDD

panopticism's avatar

Omnipresent Prophet

I'm too lazy sorry. xD

PFft.....doodles. No one looks at em all anyways cept, maybe Sock, and Kiwi does..

doodles.. :'D

Psh, I look at them too

I so should
panopticism's avatar

Omnipresent Prophet

Hmm, maybe later today....no comments on the other journal yet though. xD
But those are all like, caramics stuff and all...
And Kiwi wanted my last day picture of me so that's there..
And my Luffy thing -dies in love-

Suuure you do Shy,-rolls eyes- I know ju do! Course I do gosh! xD

Yay! I like it alot myself, I just wish I had my angelic microphone on my main account.

It'd be perfect.

I've had urbz on the...umm...xbox? I didn't like it. I have Sims 2 and Sims 2 pets on Xbox and Ps2, and basically all the Sims games on computer. Me and Chris have alot of fun playing Sims 2 on Xbox. Hehe...


I looked at the joural entry already.

The AIM thing is already resolved.

Miss Kiwi. Mmm I like the sound of that.

I'm just saying Shy, it makes me feel...lowercase'd.

I'm actually LOOKING FOWARD for you to scan the doodles, I almost feel...excited. Haha.
panopticism's avatar

Omnipresent Prophet

I just get the ones for the computer, the one son the game stations aren't as fun in my opinion.

You did? And yet you shan't comment? ;o; That's heartless!
-cracks up=


Wieerrd....maybe, wait, you on drugs?

-pokes stingies journal-
hehe.. i left a big comment.. xDD (ISH)


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