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Shades or Colours?

+o1 Shades 0.5 50.0% [ 30 ]
+o1 Colour 0.5 50.0% [ 30 ]
Total Votes:[ 60 ]
This poll closed on June 12, 2007.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Tell me about it. I have a project I'll be working on until Tuesday morning, so I won't be too active in the ball this year. ^_^; I actually didn't expect a ball; it seemed to pop out of nowhere...

Anyway, goodnight. Enjoy the ball! xd
Im good.. :'D

oh.. hehe.. my parents arnt so harsh on me.. >ww<
i don't need alot of studying anyways.. :'P
i have selective memory.. so.. im all good for some parts.. xDD


edit:my mum wants me off the computer.. =A=;;
bye.. -glomps all of yous-
Byes -glomps-

I have almost photographic memory if I read something enough times.

Bleh, I had a project not too long ago too

Really, byes now!
panopticism's avatar

Omnipresent Prophet

Heh, well, journal number 1 of 2 of them is done.
Whoo, it's the picture one anyways!
Doodles/art through the year comes tomorrow I guess...

But heck, I'm still saying up.

awsome.. lol

Whitescarver's avatar

Aekea Sentai

~walks in innocently~ Hey Socks, how yah doin'? wink
wink im good..

i wont be on much today.. =A=
homework/project... ill fail gym if i dont finish it.. :'P


plus im drawing.. so im a little busy~ish. hehe
*bumps teh loveleh thread*
thanks.. x3
panopticism's avatar

Omnipresent Prophet

We will-sleep in until 11~

My dad literally like was betting on how late I'd sleep I think...when I woke up I heard him screaming you lose, it's almost eleven...
Twas odd. xD

i cant sleep until 11am.. unless i stayed up for really long.. x3

Hah, I acutaly woke but like an hour ago ^^
I WOULD of slept until 11, but my parents woke me up at 8:50 by letting my dog upstairs so we could go to the beach, then after the beach we went to eat and went to the mall.

I got more tan.

Is my avvie more intesting with the yellow?
Whitescarver's avatar

Aekea Sentai

Sebby has been ignored!! I shall never though a slider again!! ~protects my Whitecastle ammo~

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