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Shades or Colours?

+o1 Shades 0.5 50.0% [ 30 ]
+o1 Colour 0.5 50.0% [ 30 ]
Total Votes:[ 60 ]
This poll closed on June 12, 2007.
No longer accepting new votes.
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panopticism's avatar

Omnipresent Prophet

Aww, thanks. xD but don't compliment me/

If, I work at it. @.@ And stay up a little late

Im gonna try to stay up till 1am.. Owo
i just saw Pan's Labyrinth.. btw.. i shed a tear.. xDD
shut up!! >///<;;

oooooo.... arts<33
hehe.. my doll.. is like nothing yet.. only the hair is shaded(new style.. le gasp!!)
the boy.. ish nakie.. so don't think im a perv.. xDD
ill post it in a sec.. :'P
panopticism's avatar

Omnipresent Prophet

Me too, atleast. xD
I bet i cna stay up later! domokun

nu uhh.. -shakes head-
>ww< O//o

hehehe... =m=

edit:i realy ******** up on the hair.. D':
I stayed up all night with my freind and fell asleep in my chair while I was playing halo2 xd
panopticism's avatar

Omnipresent Prophet

Heh, that's pretty cute Sockie!

thanks.. x3
Awww thats ubber cute!!!! Awsome base xDD
panopticism's avatar

Omnipresent Prophet

Wow. My head hurts.

im gonna pass out on the computer.. :'P

thanks.. >ww<
yeah.. when i first saw it.. i freaked.. it was all yoai~ish O//o.. but the base gave alternatives<33

my eyes kill.. D':
Hah, and you guys are tired already? I could stay on for a few more hours. But I've gotta go since my mom's all ..rawr, study. Thats seriously all thats she's letting me do.
school is over for you?


Hello there. How is everyone's... um, ball going?
My ball is going great thank you very much. Apperently some of it is on fire xDD
That just sounds a tad weird.

It is but I still have finals and my mom's going all a**l on me.

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