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Shades or Colours?

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+o1 Colour 0.5 50.0% [ 30 ]
Total Votes:[ 60 ]
This poll closed on June 12, 2007.
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jk, jk
-also nosebleeds- jkjk
lol.. >w<

ninja heart
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Omnipresent Prophet

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Heehee! I ended up doing 4 arts when I went to the freebies forum today [THIS is why I should NOT go in there.]

But that thing up there, I got that, for free. xD Anyways, It's Kylie and Myself in Hell's Keepers, the completely orginal manga I'm writing. xD

So from now on, I'm going to either ask for art of my avi, or those two, cause I love seeing em drawn. >w<

that looks soo KEWL.. xDD
lol.. your hair spazzed out... x]

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Omnipresent Prophet

I know right? xD
Now I'm addicted to seeing us drawn together all bad a**. xD
I swear I can't get enough of our outfits >w<

But, if it ever becomes famous...we'll get tons of art of ourself.
-greedy twinkle-
Maybe that's why all my stories have me in them, me jsut being hopeful. xd

I'm a loser~ -prances around-

To me, you already are pretty well-known in Gaia.

Oh wow, I am totally in love with how that art was drawn.

I love the hell keepers outfits, with all the belt-ish/bands all around. I want to try drawing them in chibi form.
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Omnipresent Prophet

Who-whose well know?

Me too no?
It's hawt. xD

Teehee >w< Intoxicating.
And teh script is even TRE better. I can't wait to see it in manga form.
Sepaking of which, I'll be starting the third episode later this week Sock. n.n

>ww< cant wait then.. :'D


Yuri. lol.. i hope it turns out well..
D': it'll probly be one of my best pictures sofar.. ;D

edit: tired.. D:
-rubbs eyes- :[
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Omnipresent Prophet

I'm headin to bed soon so I cna wake up early...

Guess what?
I have an entire closet clean. xD
It took two whole garbage bags to cotain the trash, in one, closet, with barely anything in it except stuff hidden within stuff. -twitch-

stuff hidden within stuff.. xDD
lol.. sounds like my room.. x3


edit: GO TO OTHER THREAD.. cant post anymore.. D:

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