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Shades or Colours?

+o1 Shades 0.5 50.0% [ 30 ]
+o1 Colour 0.5 50.0% [ 30 ]
Total Votes:[ 60 ]
This poll closed on June 12, 2007.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Green.. umm.. he doesnt go on gaia much.. at all.. ;A;

sweet.. xDD
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Hey, look its my name xd
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    Damn Sock, you're whole bottom half is pretty much my avvie.
    talk2hand rofl

    Black belt, pocketwatch, shorts, leggings.

    Lol, it should be ChrisKicksAss.
I once knew a band called they nobodies.
they were awesome
Chriskicksass would be awesome cus its true. 3nodding
Or ChrisNeedsMoreAss.

That'd be true too.
o wow rofl
But it's okay for know, I'd still hit that.
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Omnipresent Prophet

Screw ju all. This whole moving thing and backreading, gad. I'm bored of it. I think I need to cross stitch today.

Oh and I'm sorry I wasn't on at all. xD Part and then a recital for my sis.
I'll upload doodle etc. tomorrow.

Anyways, so, what chu all talking bout? And did anyone need me/ask me about something in the other thread?

Yay! Doodles!

I'm really...not sure if there's any conversation, since basically no one is here, and no, I don't think so.

Recital? What does she do/play?
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Omnipresent Prophet

Pfft, I guess I'll start getting stuff up now and prepare so I can do it all eventually....nrgh.

I need to get all my doodle, a picture of my last school day outfit (for myself only, mwahahaha!) the third boyfriend/me picture, the 12 panel boyfriend/me comic, the two ceramics project pictures, and, I think that's it.
So, I'll just finish coloring my comic for now.

That boyfriend of yours really is getting alot of attention...

I want to see the outfit. Aww. I like knowing what Stingie's fashion style is.

Ah, piano. I play piano too, and violin, if you didn't already know. But I think I'm better at piano...I love playing the piano and it's more fun than playing violin.
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Omnipresent Prophet

Cause I'm a hopeless, desperate, crushing girl who just draws a random guy to feel bettter. xD
that and I have so many good ideas with a girl/guy

Alright, fine, I'll upload it god.
I had a whole plenta lot of me-pictures hidden away. xD

I know, a part of a song on the piano, I played violen for a little over two years, but didn't like a the school program, and I lvoe drawing too much, not enough time so I quit
Yeah I know, you draw the cutest poses.


Do I get to see them...tonight?

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