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'Lo, crotchFist. xD
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+ Floria says...

Me=leaving because I can't stand the speed of these posts!!! DDX

...And flys away -
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They have a Jack Sparrow knuffel now?
*flaps her wings*

Anyone care to dance in mid-air?

*flaps tiny wings gains a little hight and falls down* O.O i need to change my wing span , but i can dance with you if you want x3 ??
I will not abandon this topic! She can correct me as much as she likes.

*stands firm*

Want a cookie Midnight *trying to bribe her*?

*gasp* did you... did you just call me a she?!?!?!

You're not a she? sweatdrop

gonk you should have read my profile before you went around making gender accusations!!!
Ooh~ Fun! I didn't mean to be wearing white when I came here! How is everyone?! =3
Oh, I just go by avvy gender unless otherwise stated, ^^;;

Jathak rolled 1 12-sided dice: 4 Total: 4 (1-12)

I really want 1000 gold, so I'm rolling again
Wow, this room is pretty neat! Never really hung out at one of the balls before.

I hope my attire is up to par.

Penguin Kaiser generated a random number between 1 and 100 ... 83!



Oh, forgot my random number...

@Glimmer - That's alright; it's not like anyone can assume a gender from pixelness. <3 No one's insulted. xD And it's not like you're required to read a profile.
==Samkyeobeorin nunmuri (Yeoja). User Image
i dont know how you win but i feel like im gonna lose...=/
Chi! Chii says hi to everyone. :3

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