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this room has a nice name i love it angels are my favrit im trying to get an angel bow but sniff sniff its hard

I believe this is the room I'm looking for.

yaoilicious generated a random number between 1 and 100 ... 52!

Raikou Oni Anubis
Raikou Oni Anubis
Raikou Oni Anubis

^///////^ Hearing that makes me so happy! Same to you, angel-y wife! <33
Yush! Alot of B's and that's the truth.
*tampers with the light bulbs* Eee...

HUBBY!! ;w; I luffle you...<333 LUFFLE.<33333
>w<;; BBBBBBB... Like an average report card. o.o
*the lights dim a bit*

I luffle you too! ^o^ <3
Heehee...Not like my report card....>w<;; Though I wish it was!
*squeaks at the lights dimming*
I....I didn't do it!
*shifts eyes*

User Image

Of course not luffly hubby!!!!!<3333333
You couldn't have done it. owo<3333333333333
>w>;;...<w<;;... I don't think anyone else noticed!<3333
I heard from Eli that you were really smart in school!

*steals lightbulb in memory of the Gaian Ball*
I have sticky fingers...Anywhere I go...I must have a souveiner...
Of course he'd say that...He copied off of me!

User Image

He copied off of you? owo??<333
>w<;; silleh Eliiiii... -w-
*steals sparkly air*
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*eats angel cake and begins hissing as food of the angels burns me* burning_eyes I shouldn't be eating this! I'm a demon for crying out loud! Oh well, it's so yummy!

Here, have some of my blackberries. They might soothe the burns.
I almost forgot! *Takes out brownies* Who wants one? 4laugh
ooo oo me mee
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Who wants cupcake? biggrin

mmm, cupcakes! Thank you so much :: chooses a white cupcake with cream cheese frosting and rainbow sprinkles ::
yayy ^^ congrats SquidCakes!

LordMithras generated a random number between 1 and 100 ... 73!

*generates number*
He wears his heart safety-pinned to his backpack
his backpack is all that he knows...
Shot down by strangers whose glances can cripple
the heart and devour the soul...
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Rogan moves to the center of the practically empty floor shyly. Closing her eyes she stretched her arms out and started to dance to the slow music. Raising her leg in front of her she turned with her other foot, her dress was changing into a gown. A smile spread across her dark green lips as she lowered her leg and moved her arms gracefully, moving on her toes around the middle of the dance floor. She had her eyes closed but she didn't seem to be bumping into anything. Her brown hair waved out as she moved gracefully. She needed to blow some steam without harming anything, and she was to energized to meditate.
*sigh* Let's just float in the light like little butterflies~! heart
I almost forgot! *Takes out brownies* Who wants one? 4laugh

What kind of brownies?

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