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Alright. Nevermind then. ^^

I don't know.
He was angry...
but why he gets angry is sometimes really complicated to me. @_@ He'll try explaining it once and awhile...

I don't think he's angry now... I think he's just deeply hurt...


... I might go to sleep soon.
He grinned, "I do that to alot of people...I warp reality...it's sort of fun.." He chuckled. "It's sort of early to be walking through walls, though. I'm sort of tired..." He shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well."
... Can I bite you, Quiaxz?
I am usually up early, although last night I was up rather late so I was real tired. I ended up not waking up until ten this morning. I'm usually up around six or seven.
He opened one eye sleepily. "Why in the world would you want to?" He reached up and poked his neck. "I don't know if I have a taste...or blood for that matter." He rolled his neck slowly. "Although if I tried hard enough I could probably get my skin to taste like bananas or something...might change the color though..."
*bites him*

surprised Now I'm going to go to sleepy. surprised Mandy, phone me when the avians get on...
... or don't.

xD I don't care. I just need to sleep.
Er, alright?

-sighs- Sheesh. Now...what to do? ._.'
"Good night then!" He said with a grin. "I think I'll stay here for awhile...or until Father tells me I have to be leaving...It's his birthday party today..." Q smiled. "I like it here; it's fancy." He sighed contently, as he had gotten plenty of sleep and relaxed against the wall.
Trust me. Once the others come it won't be so fancy.
His ears perked gently. "Why do you say that? Is a brawl going to be perpetrated or something? Because if there's going to be a melee, I might as well cut out now...I've never fought a day in my life before. Father told me never to fight unless I absolutely had to..."
No, that isn't it. It's more or less just...
..everything isn't as proper as it seems around here. xD
"Mrrr...." He muttered gently. "Then I might as well dash now..." He shook his head. "I detest two things--usually I'm a happy fellow....really, really happy--but there's two things I can't stand: attitude and a foul mouth." He shrugged, "I like to stand by my principals, that's all."
Well, could you stay for now, perhaps? They won't be coming until much later.
[[What's everyone up to? xd ]]

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