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Psh. Taryn's apologized, she just hasn't admited I'm right yet.

I'll never admit that she's right, or apologize for that matter. surprised

I've got no reason to.

Ten years with the kid and you'd understand why I do what I do. Kharras knows why! surprised

Well, I have to go in five minutes here. >D
Plus, me getting bitchy with her before was just me being bored. Little of that was true about the hair. The only parts that were true was the fact that I didn't want her to have it, that I don't want to look like her, that I saw the advertisment before her, and also the little part about me being bored... heart

I know I'm supposed to be following that whole "Got nothing nice to say, then don't say it" rule, well... I can't. surprised It just isn't me. whee
Later! heart
Consider it a sort of punishment. Sort of like being grounded which you've never been in your life. ^^"

Yeah, when I was younger I got grounded all the time.
My mom just stopped grounding me in like....grade 4.

What was your grounding? Stay in your room?

Even as a kid you had all the luxery's you do now. Your groundings weren't actual groundings.

You're more spoiled then you may be led to believe, kiddo. <--not meant as insult.

Parent's always find it harder to shop for people our age so they always feel less loved, and less included, which is highly impossible.

and your spoiled then her. Dont think you got it the worst cause you sure as hell dont!

and Laken didnt do anything and you have no right whatsoever to take her account.

as for Taryn... you beating the s**t out of her when she does the littlest thing wrong really is a good friend?
I didn't take Laken's account, Tee did.

I don't beat the s**t out of Taryn, and it's not like she dosen't hit me back.

And I'm not more spolied then her. She gets pretty much everything she wants. I'm the one who has constant disapline, and I don't get anything that I ask for. Taryn's parents do whatever Taryn wants. It's sort of sad.

Edit:: Taryn makes every little thing sound so much more dramatic then it really is. I've only ever given her two bruises. She was just saying the other say "I never get bruises or cuts from you, but I do from others."
Well, I lost my blankets to the cats. YAY FOR FREEZING TONIGHT! Tch. Not.

Later.... xDDD
Oh, and one last thing before you start acussing me of that too...

...I didn't take Taryn's account as she claims. I got it back to her and am giving her her info tomorrow at school.

... *sigh*
... I don't know what to do about this anymore.

I'm sick of the fighting.

I need to wake Gabriel... DX
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((Is anybody here? I'm bored...and lonely))
((Nnykachu at your service!))
He appears behind Autumn, his golden eyes holding a hint of sorrow in them.
"She has left us, hasn't she? And I came from my rest just to meet the young maiden." Despite the appearance of his golden eyes, a faint smile played on the pink lips of the raven-haired male.
"Tis quite alright, I suppose. It is not as if there is never the chance for us to meet upon another day."
As he shrugged off the feeling of rejection, he faded into the mists, only to appear before Autumn. "How have you been today? I do realize that I have not been here all that much, and what I was here for was not the most glorious sites to behold, but have things improved?"
"Indeed . . ."

Sighing, Shard took form within the mists and strode forward as they parted to admit him. He bowed as he neared the two, moonlight seeming to sparkle upon his circlet even though most of the silver light was diffused by the etheral haze.

"Good evening and welcome to you, Gabriel. Perhaps it is not my place to make inquiry, but I have wondered if you fare any better to-night . . . ?"
"Thank you for your warm welcome, Lord Shard. It is so very much appreciated." He gave a low bow in respect to the High Prince.
"I do, indeed, fare better than I have in these past few nights. I thank you for your concern. May I ask how you are upon this night?"
She totally jumps on Gabriel's back.
"Cheer the hell up!! God, you're totally faking it."
The Prince of Ice had reached out as Gabriel spoke, setting his pale hand on the other's shoulder in a simple gesture of support and reassurance. He had removed it as he finished, lifting the same to brush back his long hair, and then smiled as inquiry was made of him in turn.

"I am also well, if somewhat weary. I have not thought of rest, these past few nights; my attention has been in too great of demand upon other things and in too many locales to have permitted much more than a small nap." He laughed quietly and regarded Gabriel with shining crimson eyes. "But I feel that it has been well worth it."

Shard paused a moment, and then continued in a slightly lower voice, as if the sheer earnesty in his words had caused it to drop in pitch. "I am glad that you have seen improvement, Gabriel. We had worried for you."

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