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Nilla thought over his words, thinking that she should speak with her brothers once back home. Blinking up at him, she nodded once. "Feel free to ask what you wish, m'lord. I have no grounds to refuse you an answer. And to be honest, if I hadn't spoken to you in the first place, I would have spent my night alone in a corner merely watching others."
* Shard laughed again.

Then I am glad to have spared you from such a fate! A lovely young ladywolf such as yourself ought not to be sentenced to spend the evening alone, and I am particularly honoured to have had the opportunity to enjoy your company for as long as I have.

* He sobered only slightly, and folded his hands loosely behind his back, gazing at her with the faint traces of laughter yet playing in his eyes.

Twice to-night you have said that it has been your pleasure to have 'finally' met me. I have only wondered why you have said 'finally' quite so firmly; were we to have met before now? Have I somehow kept you waiting, my lady? If so, I assure you that it has been purely unintentional, and I do crave your pardon for it.

* The Prince of Ice inclined his head so far as to send his blue hair cascading over his shoulders, and he bowed low before her.
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A pink tinge crossed Nilla's cheeks at the confrontation. "Oh, I...Whatever I happened to have said was purely accidental if it somehow offended you. However when I said 'finally' I...Well my mother told me of you, when I was a tiny pup. And after that, I had a...a bit of a child-hood dream of..." Here she drifted off, a bit embarrassed at continuing. She pressed on, her voice much softer than it had been. "...a dream of becoming your princess when I grew older..."
* Shard smiled at that . . . and although it was difficult to tell beneath the shadow of his blue forelock, the faintest trace of a light lavender blush was licking along his pale cheeks in silent response to her words.

. . . is this so? I must admit that I am very deeply flattered, then; I did not know that I held any such regard among the wolf clan.

* He bowed his head toward her again, still smiling.

You have committed no offense, dear lady. None at all. Rather, I apologise if I have caused you any unwarranted discomfiture in having placed my question to you.

* Shard reached out with one hand as if to indicate the rose hue that was fading from Vanilla's cheek where she had blushed, but as he did so, his slender fingers brushed a lock of her hair. The Prince blinked, startled by his slip, and seemed as if he would beg pardon . . . and then suddenly seemed to change his mind, and he allowed his fingers to complete the trek started, reaching to tuck the same lock of hair gently away behind her ear.

. . . thank you for having shared your answer . . . and your company . . . with me.

* He withdrew his hand and folded it in the small of his back again.

Mayhap, if it is to your liking, we might speak again some day . . . ?
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Nilla nodded, chancing meeting his eyes again as she looked up. "You're welcome, m'lord...and I would like that..." She caught sight of the eastern sky and gasped, seeing the lightening horizon. "I am sorry, I need to go! My brothers..." Quickly giving him a respectful curtsey, Nilla turned and fled. "Good-bye, m'lord!"

((alas, I need to be going as well. I can see the sun through my kitchen window and I need sleep desperately. I hope we may continue this on or something of the sort sometime. Feel free to PM me if you ever want too. Good-night, and thank you for the time!))
* Shard smiled, gazing after her with a wistful expression in his dark eyes.

Good-night, dear lady . . . but I shall hope that it shall not be good-bye for long. Gods speed to you . . . and good luck.

(( But of course. I too am in need of rest; I will admit that you have proved quite the distraction! Ah, but I thank you for your time as well, and I should also like to make a continuation of this passage. Good-night to you, and rest well. ))
Sorry, but I ain't the type for fancy entrances. So, when you guys come back...

..yo! ^^
Heh... can I have your muffin? Sheese.
Heh... can I have your muffin? Sheese.

My muffin?
Yush! j00r muffin! surprised
Hey, Autumm, have you noticed that when I'm being scolded by Shard, or when he lashes out and he mentions me...
..that that's the only time he uses my real name, as if it's some sort of insult?

-laughs- Otherwise I just get called Atoshi by him. I think he's only ever called me Ember once. :p
... Perhaps...
and I might just be thinking too deeply into this...
... but perhaps it's because you've become "Ember" because it's a sign of your and Kharras' bond... and he doesn't like to even acknowledge that it's there.

surprised But that's just a total guess.
I've tried to cross dress for you, pookie.
*snuggles* I'm not going to change my hair, though.
Yeah. That's entirely possible! surprised I guess he's just worried 'bout me is all.

Yeah, I woke up this morning to my mom coming in and going "Wake up, you phonemonster!" I just looked at her and started laughing. I was going to get grounded from the computer but my dad must of taken his happy pills and was leanent with me and just said "You know better!" xD

Yeah, so basically what happened was when my dad came home he noticed my bedroom light was on and he walked around, looked into my window and say me chatting on the phone.

What did you guys talk about once I left?

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